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Best price China professional ce electric ring die wood sawdust pellet mill machine for sale

2020-12-04 Back to List

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1.Introduction of China professional ce electric ring die wood sawdust pellet making machine

There are many different kinds of electric ring die wood pelletizer machines in design and driven engines. But today, we will recommend horizontal ring die electric wood pelleting mill machine. An electric wood sawdust pelletizing equipment is a type of on selling good quallity pellet product line wood pellet machine which runs by electric motor. It has taken over from the diesel pellet mill today. The reason is that not its functionality but the features involved. Ring die electric wood pellet mill with electric motors are designed with the most recent technology and why they can produce more pellets than diesel counterparts.The good electric bio-fule wood pellet machine with ce can run as long as there still have power. There is few things to worry about making them better for mass production of pellets.

However just like any other ce good stability wood waste pelletizing machines designed by us, in order to get higher returns from new design wood waste pellet makers, there are some rules and regulations which define production in terms of pellets quality. The suggested rules that should be observed when using an electric low consumption biomass wood pellet machine are dependent on the material and moisture content respectively. For instance, it is believed that keeping the moisture content at 15%, you are destined for admirable results.

china wood pellet production line suppliers

(1)Technical Parameters of CE Certificate Ring Die Biomass Fuel Wood Pellet Manufacturing Machine with Electric Motor

Type:MZLH type ring die wood pellets fuel making machine for sale




Package size(mm):2200*900*1300-3500*1600*2180

While this better applies if you are using different categories of materials. Temperature regulation on the other hand should be kept constant at the rate of 90/90. If you have some doubts, you can always try to consult from the manual that ship with your electric biomass wood pellet press with ce. If you have to use various kinds of raw materials, it is primary that the materials are used on the suggested parts and those may include the templates and the rollers respectively. Note that following these rules not only helps you produce very nice pellets, but it also helps you ensure that your China professional factory offered high quality wood pellet machine lasts longer.

(2)Hot sale super quality ring die automatic wood sawdust biomass pellet machine price

China professional factory offered reasonable design ce high quality wood pelletizer machine price is usually between 10000USD-90000USD.

5 ton per hour commercial wood pellet mill price

2. For biomass wood fuel pelletizer machines with the same shape, the price may vary greatly

Many wood sawdust pelleting machines look the same in appearance, why are the prices different?

First of all, there is no free lunch in the world, you can buy one for every penny. Many friends are confused when they buy, and they must have this question: Why is the price difference so big? Today, the mechanical engineer of RICHI will give you the secret of why the price of biomass wood waste pellet processing machines with the same shape is so different.

(1) Transmission mode of China best price biomass wood pellet machine

①The reducer is the most accurate and stable transmission mode. The general transmission mode for heavy industrial applications is the reducer transmission. Therefore, if you want to buy a durable wood pellet machine, you must first choose the transmission mode of the reducer.

②Individual manufacturers use belt pulleys to drive counterweight wheels as a transmission method, and seal this part, so the transmission method cannot be seen from the appearance.

③Because of the belt drive, the cost is extremely low, and then they, selling the price of the reducer drive, can be described as huge profits.

④ Even if it is a reducer drive, it is divided into brand reducers and small factory reducers.

⑤Subdivided, the reducer is also divided into: K series reducer and HB heavy industrial reducer, the price is very different.

⑥The same reducer model is also divided into spline output and flat key output, the same price difference is 1,000 yuan(Estimated based on the China market). RICHI Machinery adopts spline output with high output efficiency.

⑦The model of the reducer, most small wood pellet making machine factories will choose a standard reducer with a smaller model to configure the wood pellet manufacturing equipment in order to reduce costs and increase their price competitiveness. Regardless of the saving of more than one thousand yuan, the maintenance costs will increase in the later period. Of course, the unscrupulous merchants who sell the wood pelletizer equipment and do not give it to the after-sales service are excluded.

5 ton per hour wood pellet production line manufacturer in the us

(2) Power

Power means that the price of the motor and the brand of the motor are very different, and the motor of a small wood pellet mill manufacturer can only reach the power of a smaller model.

(3) The shell of the ce ring die biomass wood pellet press machine lies flat.

①Many small wood pellet processing equipment manufacturers will omit the laying process of the motor base and the bottom of the bearing seat due to production conditions, resulting in a large work difference after the motor reducer is installed, increasing the torque of the motor, and the laying of the bottom of the bearing seat affects the output The torsion of the shaft reduces the force originally used to drive the pelletizing of the pressing roller, which can easily cause low output, which is not the case with RICHI's wood pressing equipment.

②The cost will be reduced by 500-800 yuan after the elimination of lying flat, so they will use manual disconnection to minimize the labor difference. But the error will be much larger than lying flat.

(4) Selection of seals.

The wood pellets fuel making machine seal is used as a sealing device to seal the bearing on the wood pellet processing equipment . The quality of the seal is directly related to the service life and replacement frequency of the wood pellet machine bearing.

Most wood pellet machine manufacturers use black inferior sealing rings, because the service life of the bearings is not covered by the warranty, so they can save while saving. The seal used by Richi Machinery is the best fluorine rubber seal. Although the price is nearly 3 times different from the ordinary seal, the life of the bearing can be increased by one third when the customer uses it.

(5) The choice of hot selling good quality electric wood pellet processor does not depend on the scale of the wood pelletizing equipment manufacturers, because the popularity of the wood pellet machine industry has caused many companies to switch industries. In the past, they may have made steel frames, tower cranes, cement machinery, glass equipment, etc. . Why change career? Because the previous industry can't do it anymore. Can a few technicians be able to make a wood fuel pelleting machine after switching over? Impossible, because the technical personnel enterprises proficient in the industry attach great importance to them and cannot be easily poached. Therefore, it is necessary to find a professional manufacturer to buy reliable wood pellet processing equipment.

RICHI is a professional china ce high quality ring diewood pellet making machine manufacturer,if you have product requirements, please feel free to contact us. RICHI's hundreds of hot products electric ring die biomass wood pellet machine on the market in dozens of countries are our best proof.

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