Professional design of fully automatic 5 ton per hour animal feed line for poultry chicken feed pell


How about starting a poultry feed mill business?Today's article is about "Professional design of fully automatic 5 ton per hour animal feed line for poultry chicken feed pellets", I think the content will be very helpful to you.

turn-key poultry chicken feed production line machinery

1.RICHI—A professional animal feed production line supplier from China

With the development of economy and the change of market demand, now many farmers have found the importance of poultry chicken pellet feed processing equipment, animal feed pellet mill equipment is more and more familiar.Richi Machinery is a top manufacturer of chicken poultry feed production line, this article we will introduce poultry feed production machines for 5t/h chicken feed making in detail.

2.Best solution design of full automatic 5t/h chicken feed pellet production machine line for poultry feed

(1)Complete 5 ton per hour chicken poultry feed mill manufacturing process flow chart

t/h capacity animal poultry chicken broiler feed processing line machine manufacturers

(2)5 Ton per hour poultry chicken feed pellet making plant manufacturing process

The pellet made by the 5t/h automatic poultry pellet feed production plant is of high hardness, smooth surface and sufficient internal ripening degree, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrition and kill the pathogenic microorganisms and other bacteria, and is suitable for raising rabbits, fish, ducks and experimental animals.

The 5 ton capacity poultry feedstuff powder pellet feed processing unit line is divided into crushing, mixing, pelleting, drying, cooling, screnning, packaging.

①Crushing System: Raw materials are sorted and selected, and each raw material is selected in a separate cleaning system and picking system, and then crushed to the fineness required by expansion molding.

②Mixing System: After various raw materials are selected and crushed respectively, they are put into a mixing machine for centralized mixing, stirring evenly, and adjusting the moisture content and humidity required for expansion.

③Pelletizing: After precuring the powdery materials in the biaxial conditioning device, the feed pellets are formed by using the animal feed mill, with smooth and fine surfaces and even puffing.

④Drying System: The pelletized pellets need to be dried as soon as possible. The special continuous drying box for expanded pellets with multi-layer mesh belt, increase the drying effect with hot air circulation. The drying box can be divided into electric heating, oil and gas heating, steam boiler heating and so on. According to the customer's actual requirements for equipment configuration.

⑤Cooling System: Initial cooling of the pellet surface.

⑥Screening System: Fully automatic seasoning system, integrated with oil and powder spraying. After drying the feed pellets in the drying box, the spraying system will spray grease on the surface of the pellets. After spraying, the following process is an automatic spraying (powder spraying) system.

⑦Packaging System: Automatic weighing, semi-automatic manual packaging.

220v chicken feed pellet mill machine 6mm electric feed device for high producer animal feed

(3)Equipments needed to start a 5t/h chicken poultry feed mill plant

Machine for grinding chicken feed(also named hammer mill for grinding poultry feeds)

Poultry chicken feed mixing machine for sale

High quality CE ISO approved 5 ton per hour chicken poultry feed pellet making machine

Pellet cooling equipment

Pellet crumbler machine

Bagging machine

3.Complete automatic 5 ton per hour poultry chicken feed pellet manufacturing plant cost

Investment cost of automatic chicken animal feed pellet making plant 5 ton per hour capacity is usually between 50000USD-300000USD.

4.Advantages of ce turnkey customized 5 ton per hour poultry chicken feed pelletizing production line

(1)The poultry feed mill production process flow is continuous and reasonable, and each machine has good performance.

(2)The unit has a compact structure, relatively small occupation area, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.

(3)Compact structure and automatic transmission connection., suitable for people who is a new starter to set up poultry feed mill business in rural areas to use, easy maintenance, safe and reliable, less investment and quick effect.

Richi Machinery is a professional poultry chicken feed mill factory equipment supplier, in order to meet the requirement of the customer, we not only provide a full set of 5 ton per hour automatic complete poultry feed pellet line machines with reasonable price but also provide a single feed line processing machine in each production process of manufacturing plant for animal feed.

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