Why use high performance ring die wood sawdust pelletizing machine for biomass fuel pellets making?


It is inevitable to take advantage of fuel that could provide heating and electricity inside our country, particularly in northern regions of China. Typically, people will be based on the fossil energy for instance coal and oil to keep people energy needs. So hunting for a kind of neat and new energy is very necessary and important. Recommending for everyone the wood pellets, that's superb utilizing their convenience to produce, pack, store and transport.

China best price biomass wood pellet machine

1.Hot sale easy operation ring die wood pellet mill making machine

Professional ring die wood pellets maker made by Richi Machinery will be the latest progression of energy-saving while using efforts of all technical experts', which have applied high-tech from the same pellet mills in domestic and worldwide market with merits of top quality, stable operation and safety etc. Most significantly, the clients can select various diameter, shape and compression rate as needed to wish the most effective technical and economic benefits.

300-400kg/h professional design biomass wood pellet making machine

500-700kg/h wood sawdust biomass wood pellet mill

hot sale 1-1.2 ton per hour sawdust pellet milling machine

2.0-2.5 ton per hour ce certificated wood pellet making machine for biomass pellets

2.5-4 ton per hour good ce wood pellets fuel making machine

3-4.5 ton per hour ce agriculture waste biomass wood pellet mill machine

hot products 5 ton per hour biomass wood pellet machine on the market

2.Tips for operating good bio-fule wood pellet machine with ce

Sharing our customers' feedback and experiences, there are some tips to help you operate ring die wood sawdust pelletizer machine:

◆ Location requirements without shock and far from dust

◆ Environmental temperature 5℃-10℃

◆ Moisture 5%-90%; the altitude below 1000m

◆ The delivery and storage avoid rain and temperature is 25℃ to 50℃, max.70℃

◆ The time of delivery and storage is over 24 hours, which should be provided some ways to prevent damage from humidity, vibration and shock.

Our ce good stability wood pelletizing machine is indispensible for scientific feeding to foddering processing by looking into making optimum utilization of natural assets, especially it's relevant for either the masters of aquaculture and fodder processing factory. Before using hot selling good quality wood pellet mill sawdust pellet machine, you have to see the summary of have the ability to make use of the on line support wood pellet mill, improve production efficiency and make certain work safety and repair existence.

commissioning and training after sales service provided biomass wood pellet mill machine

3. What happens to the wood pellet machine indicates that it is time to change the abrasive?

Under what circumstances does the ring die wood pelletizer equipment need to change the abrasive? Everyone knows that the abrasive tool of the wood pellet machine is a vulnerable part, and it is also the most easily replaced and vulnerable part in the production cost. How to reduce the production cost and understand the situation of the biomass wood fuel pelletizing equipment when it is necessary to replace the abrasive tool.

①After the ring die of the wood pellet machine has been working for a period of time, the inner wall of the forming die hole is worn and the hole diameter becomes larger, and the formed fuel produced is deformed more severely;

②The feeding inclined surface of the forming die hole of the wood pellet manufacturing machine ring die is ground off, the amount of biomass material squeezed into the die hole is reduced, the squeezing force is reduced, and the forming die hole is easy to block, resulting in failure of the ring die, lower output, and energy Consumption increases naturally;

③After the inner wall of the ring die of the biomass sawdust fuel pelletizer machine is worn out, the inner surface is uneven, which obstructs the flow of biomass materials and reduces the discharge rate sharply;

④After the inner hole of the ring die of the high efficiency wood pelleting machine is worn out, the wall thickness between the adjacent dies L becomes thinner, so the structural strength of the ring die is reduced, and cracks are likely to appear in the most dangerous section. As a result, the ring die breaks.

In order to maximize the production efficiency, the abrasive tools of the wood pellet maker equipment should not be replaced as long as the output and quality are not affected. If there is a sharp drop in output, there are too many powders, fractures, cracks and other factors that affect the quality of wood pellets, it is very necessary to consider replacing the abrasive tools.

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