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How to make high output poultry chicken feed for large-scale laying hens farm?

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21 weeks to 72 weeks of laying hens are regarded as a laying period, which is generally divided into pre-laying period, peak laying period and post-laying period. During the laying period, the change of laying rate and egg weight shows a certain regularity.

Pre-laying period means the period from the beginning to the peak of laying (21-26 weeks). During this period, the rate of laying eggs increases rapidly, with a weekly increase of 12% to 20%, while the weight of hens and eggs also increase. Hens weight gain is 4-5g per day, egg weight gain is about 1g per week.

Egg-laying rate is usually more than 85% at the peak period of laying, and more than 90% at the age of 28 weeks. Normally, the peak period of laying can be maintained for 3-4 months. During this period, the egg weight does not change much and the weight of hens increases slightly.

In the post-laying period, the laying rate decreases gradually, about 0.5% per week. The weight of eggs is relatively large and the hens weight increases. Until the age of 72 weeks, the laying rate drops to 65%-70%.

According to the laying law of laying hens, in order to increase the annual egg production, we should make efforts to accelerate the early emergence of the peak laying period and extend the duration of the peak laying period as far as possible. Richi Machinery collects various data, and explains how to adjust the chicken feeding formula from various angles, combining with the experience of laying hens diet formulation production in the past twenty years.

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1.Stage feeding

Stage feeding is to divide the laying period into several stages according to the laying rate and week age of laying hens. Different stages use diets of different nutritional levels. On the basis of research and development of products and according to practical experience, Richi Machinery has developed a "fine feeding mode" for laying hens, which not only meets the nutritional needs, but also avoids wasting feed.

(1)Brooding period(0-60 days)

Improve the immunity of laying hens. Scientific and balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio can ensure the healthy growth of chicken bones.

(2)Breeding period(61-110 days)

Body weight and shape should reach the standard, secondary sexual characteristics of reproductive system should well develop. Adjust uniformity to more than 90.

(3)Transition period(111-180 days)

Rapid gonadal development lays a good foundation for the production of chickens.

(4)Peak period(181-400 days)

Producing high-quality eggs, the peak period of laying eggs lasts for a long time.

(5)Late peak period(401 days-elimination)

Maximize the production performance of laying hens. It has good egg quality, low dead and elimination rate.

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2.Adjustment of feeding

The adjustment of feeding is to adjust the contents of various nutrients in feed formulation in time according to the changes of environmental conditions and the status of chicken flocks, so that chicken flocks can better adapt to the needs of physiology and laying eggs. Adjustment of feeding is more in line with the actual needs of laying hens farming. It is an effective measure to ensure that the chicken flocks give full play to their genetic potential, have a healthy and high yield, reduce costs and increase economic benefits.

(1)Adjust feeding according to laying curve

Adjusting the nutritional levels of protein and other nutrients in the diet of laying hens according to the laying law.Richi Machinery can adjust the diet formula according to the nutritional level of laying hens in time.

(2)Adjust feeding according to seasonal temperature change

Seasonal and environmental temperature have great influence on the feed intake and egg production level of chickens. Richi Machinery changes the intake of nutrients according to the changes of temperature between summer and winter. Adjust the diet formula in time to ensure the nutritional intake and stabilize the laying level of laying hens.

(3)Adjust feeding according to the status of chicken flocks

When some management measures are taken to the chickens or when the chickens are abnormal, it is necessary to adjust the feeding. When adjusting the feed formula, Richi Machinery maintains the relative stability of the chicken feed formula on the basis of feeding standards, and pays attention to observing the effect of the adjustment.

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3.How to make chicken feed for layers?

(1)If you want to make mash feed, the chicken feed manufacturing process for layers: Cleaning -- Crushing -- Mixing -- Packing

Generally,we can divide the raw materials into two parts:one need to be crushed,the other need not.So when we feed material to the feed production line,we will first separately feed them to different channels: particle materials go through feeding port to the chicken feed grinding machine,mash materials go through feeding port to the feed mixer directly.Usually,there are impurities in the particle material,so they will first be put into the pre-cleaner to remove the stones,clods and ropes etc. from them,and the go to the permanent magnetic tube to remove the iron part.The Cleaning system will help you to get the clean material and ensure that there's no unexpected impurities to damage the following feed equipment.All cleaned materials will be stored and discharged in the bin for the corn grinder for chicken feed.

(2)As the chicken feed hammer mill grinder is the key machine of crushing system.Evenly mix different materials into complete chicken mash feed.

(3)All materials are mixed together in the chicken feed mixer.Usually the volume of the bin for chicken feed mixer,chicken feed mixing machine and the buffer bin are all the same to ensure the mixer can work continuously batch after batch.Please note that the you must make sure the materials every batch in the mixer are accurate to your formula(so you have to weigh the material every batch before feed them to the feeding port.).If it is OK for your budget,you can change for automatic poultry chicken feed production line to let the computers do this. Chicken premix feed are delivered into the mixer directly because of the small quantity and accurate requirement.Mash chicken feed(or chicken powder feed) after mixing can be called complete feed now.If you want only to make mash feed,you can send them to the product bin to be packed.

(4)If you want to make pellet feed, the chicken feed manufacturing process for layers: Cleaning -- Crushing -- Mixing -- Pelleting -- Cooling -- Packing

For chicken pellet feed,the chicken mash feed will go to the following poultry chicken feed pellet making machine.CE certificate animal poultry chicken feed pellet mill will form the mash feed into chicken pellet feed.Usually we use ring die chicken feed pellet milling machine for poultry chicken feed mill production line,by changing different ring dies of the chicken feed pellet processing machine we can make pellets of different sizes for different animals.

(5)As we have add steam to the poultry feed pellet manufacturing equipment,the pellet out from the chicken feed pelletizer machine will be about 80℃,moisture 15%-16%,not suitable to pack,so we need to cool them.Fan,cyclone,airlock and necessary pipes form a system to provide airflow for the counter-flow cooler,chicken pellet feed will be cooled in the cooler and discharged. After cooling,the temperature of the pellet will be about 2-3℃ above the room temperature and with 13% moisture more or less.

(6)Usually we will add pellet crumbler under the cooler.If we are to make small pellet,directly making it from the chicken feeds pellet makers will reduce the capacity of the whole chicken feed pellet making plant and cost more energy,we can first make bigger pellet and then send it to crumble to make it smaller.

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