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What chicken pellet feed do layer hens like to eat?

2020-07-02 Back to List

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1. Selective feeding of laying hens

Laying hen feed is generally a mixture of large pellet feed and small pellet feed. Chickens tend to eat large pellet feed. These large pellets are mainly broken corn, which mainly provides energy. The small pellets mainly contain some amino acids, phosphorus, vitamins and minerals. Vitamin and mineral premixes are usually small pellets. Laying hens who consume too much large pellet feed tends to consume too much energy, and some nutrients such as vitamins A, D, riboflavin, sodium, lysine, and methionine are not. Most of the decline in egg production and eggshell quality problems are caused by uneven nutrition intake.

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Too many feeding times or too large feeding amounts are not conducive to chickens eating small pellets. If not managed properly, small particles will deposit in the trough. Noon empty feed for 2-4 hours is conducive to the feeding of small pellet feed, allowing chickens to clean the feed in the feed trough during this time. The breeder should observe the feeding situation in real time and determine the appropriate feeding frequency and feeding amount to make the chickens feed large and small pellets reasonable every day.

The daily intake of large pellets and small pellets for the chicken flock is beneficial to its nutritional balance.

2. How to mix the laying hen feed? Pay attention to these points, basically the same

For laying hens, feed is one of their most important aspects, how to effectively save costs, and allow chickens to lay more eggs, they have been working hard for this perfect formula. In fact, it is the deployment of laying hen feed. Everyone may have their own experience. The specific situation is not too complicated. As long as you pay attention to a few points, then basically it is almost the same. If you don’t know how to mix the feed, you can take a look with us, I hope these things we said will help you, and make some changes in the future when raising chickens.

(1) Pay attention to the influence of the season. Because in each season, they eat different things. The weather determines the temperature, and the temperature changes. Naturally, the nutrients required by the chickens are different. If you want to make a good preparation, then you must adjust the temperature according to the temperature, so as to make some cost adjustments. Many people do not do this well enough, because they give chickens an ingredient feed for a long time, so long-term implementation, you will find eggs will appear soft-shelled eggs, some eggs are born bad eggs, all because of It is caused by the different deployment in different seasons. In addition to the temperature season, chickens of different ages eat different things, which is the basis for us to call out the correct feed formula.

(2) Add trace elements. Many people know that adding trace elements in feed can help layer growth, but if they add too much, it is not a good situation, and it may sometimes have a counterproductive effect. Let’s not talk about how much the cost will cost. It will affect the absorption of other substances by our layers, and they can’t absorb nutrients, so their growth will naturally slow down, and their production will also become lower. This is all we need to pay attention to thing. In the general feed formulation, there are some trace elements. We also need to add some missing ones according to the specific situation, so as to ensure the normal growth of chickens and allow them to lay more eggs.

(3) Add protein. There is also an important thing called protein in the formulation of feed, which everyone may know. Many people pay special attention to the matching of protein when they are mixing, because this is necessary for chickens to lay eggs. But this thing also pays attention to the right amount. If you put too much, they will be converted into uric acid, which may cause chicken gout. This is definitely not scaring you. This may happen. The preparation of feed is about a variety of combinations. Like the trace elements we introduced above, they need but cannot be given too much. Protein is also suitable for this theory. We only need to ensure that they are physically needed, without giving too much.

turn-key poultry chicken feed production line machinery

Nowadays, it is actually quite convenient to mix feed, because there are a lot of things purchased outside that can meet our requirements, but if you want to have better results than others, you should fill in some of our own small ingredients, This will be more helpful to the egg production of chickens. When our layer chickens are brooding, we may choose to give them some full-price feed, but this time we can also add some green feed to allow them to absorb better, so that they will grow faster. At the peak of production capacity, some people like to give concentrated feed, if you can add some grains, it is also very helpful to them, there will be a better yield. However, these feeds must be remembered, and they must be fresh and hygienic. If you use moldy feeds, there is no effect, and there are many toxins.

The preparation of layer feed is actually very simple. Many people are in the process of groping. A lot of experience has also been summed up, you can also go to their farms to see if they can tell you. Generally everyone is very willing to communicate, because your things may also help him. Everyone's chicken farming situation is not the same, we also have to think about it, maybe some of his things are not suitable for you, but I know it is still very good. Raising chickens is basically the same thing. If you eat chickens and rest well, you will naturally have higher yields. Everyone pays more attention. I believe there is definitely no problem.

Laying hens are also chickens, but their egg production is what we want to pursue, so we will work hard on this aspect of eating. The life-time consumption of laying hens is very serious. If we can't prepare them for feed, their output will decrease and their lifespan will be very short. This is a very unfavorable situation for cost control. As long as everyone has learned something and knows how to deploy it, the current varieties are generally quite good, which can definitely meet our requirements of low consumption and high income.

How to mix the feed for laying hens was introduced here today. If you don’t understand anything, you can communicate with us a lot. I believe you will also sum up a set of your own things.

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