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What makes your 10t/h poultry chicken feed mill plant equipment output gradually decline?

2020-11-06 Back to List

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Poultry chicken feed grinder machine, poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine and so on are the most commonly used poultry feed processing equipment in 10 ton per hour chicken feed mill factories. Their output directly determines the production efficiency and productivity of 10tph animal chicken poultry feed mills. There are many factors affecting the output of animal feed processing equipment. In addition to equipment assembly, debugging, or maintenance in the operation process, there are mainly the following aspects.

10t/h animal poultry chicken sheep cattle feed alfalfa pellet production plant

1.Several factors causing low output of 10 ton per hour poultry chicken feed pellet making machine

(1) Ring die

①The horn mouth of ring die surface is calendered, it need re-chamfer.

②Improper selection of ring die compression ratio. The suitable compression ratio: livestock and poultry feed 9-13, fish feed 12-15, shrimp feed 20-25, heat-sensitive feed 5-9, forage grass and straw feed 6-9.

③The die hole is blocked. Clout the blocked hole from the outside to the inside of the ring die to remove impurities.

④The low opening rate of ring die leads to low output.

(2) Roller

①The roller shell is worn out and needs to be replaced in time.

②The combination of new ring die and old roller, new roller and old ring die may result in low output. A new ring die with a new roller shell should be used for pelleting so that the contact clearance between roller and ring die is consistent to achieve uniform wear.

(3)Conditioner blade

Blade wear may affect material conditioning, causing poor effect of material mixing and steam absorption. Material softening of conditioner is bad, affecting the particle pulverization rate and output.

(4)Conditioning temperature

If the conditioning temperature is too low, the reasonable temperature should be controlled at: livestock and poultry feed 70-88℃; fish feed 82-95℃; shrimp feed 90-105℃; heat-sensitive feed 45-69℃.

(5)Steam quality

The steam pressure of cylinder should be more than 0.6 Mpa, the steam pressure after decompression should be 0.1-0.3 Mpa, and the trap should work normally to ensure that the steam is saturated steam without condensation water.

boiler chicken poultry feed making machinery

2.Several factors causing low output of animal poultry chicken food hammer mill machine for 10t/h chicken feed manufacturing line

①Whether the material has been crushed at the first crushing section or not.

②Whether the material is added oil at the secondary mixing section or not.

③Whether silkworm chrysalis and other raw materials have been added to the formula or not.

④Whether the direction of steering board and the main engine is consistent or not.

⑤Whether the solenoid valve of the dust remover jets normally and whether the hop-pocket is blocked.

⑥The fan configuration of dust remover is wrong, and the fan steering is wrong.

⑦The gap between hammer and sieve is unsuitable, and the hammer is worn out.

⑧The pressure sieve plate is worn out.

⑨The holes of sieve are not arranged in the right way, and the opening rate is too low.

⑩The air compensating vent of impeller feeder is not opened or the opening degree is not appropriate.

⑪The moisture content of raw materials is too high.

⑫Sieve aperture does not meet the requirements, resulting in excessive crushing of materials.

⑬Whether the smooth surface and the rough surface of sieve are installed correctly.

⑭The settling chamber leaks seriously.

3.Customized solution for 10t/h poultry chicken feed pellet production machine line

Final Product: Pellet or Powder feed.

Pellet Size:2.0-4.0 mm.

Dosing System:Manual or Automatic.

Bagging System: Manual or Automatic.

According to customer different feed types, different output configuration can be customized. We devote ourselves to undertaking all chicken feed production line 1-100T/H and to providing more value added service to all the customers.

(1)Determine the 10t/h chicken feed making process and recommend good quality chicken feed machine.

(2)Control mode selection.

(3)10TPH complete poultry chicken feed manufacturing plant structure selection.

(4)Planning the general drawing of 10 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant site.

4.10T/H poultry feed plant manufacturing process flow chart

automatic chicken feed processing line plant for sale

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