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How to make animal horse manure pellets by animal manure organic fertilizer pellet machine?

2020-10-22 Back to List

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1.Something you need to know about horse manure

Horse manure contains high cellulose content, loose and porous source, water is easy to evaporate, and water content is small; meanwhile, manure contains more high-temperature cellulose decomposing bacteria. Therefore, it decomposes quickly and generates a large amount of heat, so horse manure is a thermal fertilizer. It has a good effect on improving the sticky soil. In addition, horse manure can be used as raw material for high-temperature compost and hotbed brewing in addition to being directly used as fertilizer.

Horse manure is horse dung. To give full play to the role of horse manure, you must first understand the characteristics of horse manure, and ferment horse manure scientifically. Horse manure can be made into fertilizer. However, if horse manure is used alone, it will not have the same quality as pig manure. There is little urine. Horses do not move in the pen during the day. The manure and urine are relatively small. The horse manure and pig manure must be mixed together for retting. The heat of the horse manure during the storage process is large, which can promote the pig manure to fully decompose and improve Organic fertilizer quality. Mixing proper horse manure into high-temperature compost. The high-temperature fiber-decomposing bacteria in horse manure can accelerate the decay of the compost, increase the temperature of the compost and the harmful bacteria and parasite eggs in the manure. Therefore, farmers are cultivating vegetables when raising seedlings. The seedlings must be made a hotbed first, and the bottom fertilizer of the hotbed is generally made of horse manure as a heating material.

A horse defecates 8 times a day on average, and the total weight of the dung ball is about 22kg, which is more than 8 tons of dung in a year! If the manure is not cleaned up in time, a large amount of ammonia gas will accumulate in the stable (ammonia gas will stimulate the respiratory system of horses), and the manure pile will also breed bacteria, mold, parasites and rodents. Horse manure is mainly composed of undigested forage fiber, shed cells, fat, water, sand, etc. It may also include undigested grains and grass seeds. About 3/4 of the weight of horse manure comes from moisture.

2.Animal horse manure fertilizer pellets manufacturing process

Fertilizer pellets can be obtained by compressing any one of many different materials. We are often asked questions about the use of waste materials for producing organic fertilizer pellets. It is true that most waste materials can be used for this purpose, but only some of them result in a good fertilizerl. Horse manure and horse stable waste are among those few.

A drying system generally uses a good quality drying machine to reduce moisture which is in turn used in drying the horse manure. The manure generally has to be dried to a moisture level below 15% to be suitable for use; before the drying process, its moisture level is typically about 40%.

The horse manure material gets into a biomass hammer mill machine equipped with a large screen, after passing through the first auger. This serves to enhance the drying process by sending more particles down. After having passed through the second auger and having completed the drying process, the material passes through a 5 mm-hammer mill screen, after which it can be taken to the horse manure fertilizer pellet making machine . This drying process is very important because, without it, the hammer mill would simply be blocked by the wet material passing through it. Fertilizer pellets of sizes 6mm and 8mm for boilers and stoves, can be obtained from these tiny particles of dry horse manure.

Horse manure pellets are highly promising for local production, since they generate a high BTU and produce only small quantities of ash and emission fuel.

machine for making horse manureorganic fertilizer granules price

3.Animal manure fertilizer pellet mill machine is suitable for manufacturing horse manure pellets

Actually, when burning the pellets made from horse manure or horse bedding wastes, there is no urine smell. This is because that the manure or wastes are dried before pelletizing. The smell is gone. Besides, the heat during the pelletizing process encapsulates the pellet. With the right preprocessing and quality biomass pelleting machine, you can made premium fuel pellets from horse manure and horse barn wastes, which smells like common wood pellets when burning.

Since it is often costly to properly dispose of these types of manure, the producer who chooses to compress them into fertilizer pellets often using a biomass pelleting machine is actually killing two birds with a single stone. As concerns dry horse manure, the base bedding material will most often be either shavings, straw, hay or even wood pellets. To be suitable for pellet production, bedding and horse manure which are ready for disposal must first be dried.

4. How to ferment horse manure into organic fertilizer?

(1) Mix the starter. Add 2 kilograms of Haowonong Organic Fertilizer starter bacteria liquid to 1 cubic material. When using, add water to the fermentation liquid to absorb 50-100 times, and then evenly spray it on the material.

(2) Adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio. The carbon to nitrogen ratio of fermented fertilizer should be maintained at 25-35:1, and the pH should be adjusted to 6-8 (ph). The carbon to nitrogen ratio of horse manure is 12.7, and the ratio of wheat straw is 97. Some straw, rice straw, etc. should be added during fermentation. Mushroom residues are fermented together. According to the carbon to nitrogen ratio of 30, the horse manure: wheat straw = 4:1

(3) Adjust the moisture of horse manure. In the process of fermenting organic fertilizer, whether the moisture content is appropriate is very important. It should not be too high or too low. It should be kept at 60-65%. Judgment method: hold a handful of the material tightly, see the watermark but not drip between your fingers, It is advisable to be able to disperse on the ground.

(4) Horse manure builds piles. When making a fermentation pile, you don't need to make it too small or too short. Too small will affect the fermentation. Generally, the height is about 1.5 meters, the width is about 2 meters, and the length is more than 2-4 meters. The fermentation effect is better.

(5) Mix well over the same period. Organic fertilizer starters are oxygen-consuming microorganisms, so during the fermentation process, oxygen supply measures should be increased, and it is advisable to mix well, turn frequently, and ventilate, otherwise it will affect the fermentation effect of materials due to anaerobic fermentation.

(6) Fermentation is complete. Generally, the temperature will rise to 50-60℃ after the horse dung is accumulated for 48 hours, and it can reach 65℃ or more on the third day. It is turned over once at this high temperature. Under normal circumstances, it will appear 2-3 times during the fermentation process. At high temperature above 65℃, the starter can be completed by turning it to 2-3 times, and the fermentation can be completed in about a week.

After the horse manure is fermented with the starter of Haowang Agricultural Machinery Fertilizer, the fertilizer efficiency is better, the use is safer and more convenient, and the utilization rate of organic fertilizer can be improved. Not only horse manure can be fermented with organic fertilizer, but also various animal manures, straws, fallen leaves, bark, sawdust, etc. can be fermented with organic fertilizers. The fermentation method is basically the same. No matter what material is used to ferment the organic fertilizer, the moisture content must be controlled well, otherwise it will fall short.

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