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Latest order of 1-2 t/h small sized pig feed pellet production line for Chinese domestic customer

2020-10-12 Back to List

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Just now,one of our domestic client visited our factory Richi Machinery on October 12, 2020, with the aim to purchase a complete set 1-2 ton per hour small sized pig feed pelletizing production line plant for his pig farm/hoggery.

This customer bought the feed processing machine mainly for making pig food, and some for other poutry and livestock animals. Except for feeding his own pigs in the piggery, the rest pig pellet feed will be sold to other local pig farms.

The customer carefully checked our 1-2 ton per hour pig feed pellet making machine, and made the feed pellets in person under the instruction of our engineers. He was very satisfied with the performances of our pig feed mill machines and signed the purchase contract with RICHI immediately.The 1-2 ton per hour customized pig feed mill plant he brought include a szlh250 1-2tph small ring die pig feed pellet milling machine and a pig feed grinder,pig feed mixing machine,pig pellet cooler and other auxiliary equipment.

mobile animal pig poultry cattle feed mill plant line with simple design

1.Buy From Professional Pig Feed Mill Machine Manufacturer

Richi Machinery not only provide our customer the high quality livestock and poultry feed mill machine at cheap price, but also offer the technical supports about how to make the most suitable and nutrient pellet feed for their animals, such as pigs/hogs, chicken, duck, goose, cattle, goat, rabbit and more.

Want to get customized pig feed processing business plan?

Need more details on 1-2t/h small scale pig feed line investment and production cost?

Need help on pig feed equipment selection and pig feed production process design?

If you are interested in pig feed processing or start your own feed processing business, or to make the high quality feed for other kinds of poultry and livestock animals, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately,inquire about the price and cost online. Richi Machinery are professional! Waiting for your verification!

2. Are pigs fed pellets? Or powder?

Presumably, many pig farmers want to know whether it is weaning piglets, nursery pigs, and fattening pigs. Pig feed is usually composed of protein feed, energy feed, roughage, green feed, silage, mineral feed and feed additives. It can be divided into categories: complete feed, concentrated feed and premix. Usually, customers buy pig feed production lines to produce full-price feed. Today, we will talk about which feed is suitable for pigs from the perspective of complete feed.

(1) Processing of pig feed

Pig pellet feed needs to be prepared by steam, and has pelletizing and cooling sections. The process is relatively complicated. Compared with pig powder feed, the pig pellet feed with the same formula has slightly higher processing costs. The price difference between the two feeds is mainly manifested in the transportation cost. According to the Chinese market, the price difference between the pig pellet feed and the pig powder feed is about 0.5 yuan per kilogram.

(2) Pig feed conversion

The experimental data shows that: under the condition of ad libitum intake, there is no significant difference in feed intake between pelleted feed and powdered feed for pigs, but the daily gain of pellet feed and the ratio of feed to meat are better than those of powdered feed. , Zhongzhu, Big Pig is the same.

(3) Why are pig feed pellets better than pig powder feed?

①Reduce feed waste, reduce dust, and increase feed intake;

②Prevent picky eaters. Various raw materials can be pelleted to prevent piglets from picky eaters, especially for young animals and drug-added feed;

③Prevent the re-separation of raw materials, prevent re-separation during feed operation and transportation, especially for drug-added feed;

④Save the time and energy consumption required for feeding;

⑤ It can prevent pathogenic microorganisms;

⑥Improve the feed conversion rate. The gelatinization of starch can be improved by moisture, heat and pressure, and the utilization rate of nutrients can be improved;

⑦Easy to operate, reducing packaging, transportation or storage space;

⑧ Improve the palatability of feed.

However, everyone needs to pay attention: if you need to add microecological feed additives to your feed, you can consider using powdered feed. At the same time, if the weaned piglets are allowed to choose on their own, they may prefer to eat powder, because the taste of powder is softer than pellets. If you are processing powdered feed, you generally only need to buy a hot selling pig feed grinder mixer machine.

Finally, what is the choice of pig pellets for your farm? Or pig powder? Do you have a spectrum in your mind?

automatic chicken feed processing line plant for sale

3. Size requirements for pig feed pellets

Pig feed pellet diameter range: piglet 1-6mm, fattening pig 8mm, adult sow 12mm, the length of pellet feed is generally 1-1.5 times of its diameter.

[More info about pig feed]

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(4)small sized pig feed pellet making plant 5 ton per hour

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