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Project proposal for fully automatic 25t/h poultry chicken feed mill plant and its functions

2021-03-30 Back to List

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What Richi Machinery wants to share with you today is a 25t/h poultry chicken feed mill plant project report we have done. The client company was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 1 million yuan and is mainly engaged in the production and sales of poultry and chicken feed. As the power plant's steam is no longer available, it cannot meet the current product quality requirements of the plant. Therefore, in order to improve product quality, reduce pollutant emissions, and improve clean production efficiency, because the power plant can no longer supply steam and cannot meet the current product quality requirements of the plant, the customer proposed " 25t/h chicken poultry feed production line technical transformation project".

chicken pig pellet feed production plant project 25tph

1. 25T/H Chicken Poultry Feed Making Plant Project Overview

Area (square meters): 21840

Green area (square meters): 500

Total investment (ten thousand yuan): 300

Production date: February 2020

2. The main construction content and scale of the 25 tons capacity automatic chicken feed making project

The total construction area of ​​the 25tph china chicken poultry feed mill project is 4300 m². The main construction contents are production workshops, warehouses, offices and other facilities.

Serial number Name Area Remarks
Structural work Production workshop 1500 m² Relying on the original
Auxiliary engineering Office and other supporting facilities 500 m² Relying on the original
Storage and Transportation Engineering Warehouse 2300 m² Relying on the original
Public works Water supply Self-provided well supply Relying on the original
Powered by Local grid supply Relying on the original
Environmental Engineering Exhaust

Dust: Set up negative pressure and air collecting hood collection device + bag dust collector + 15m high exhaust pipe to discharge outside

Boiler exhaust gas: low nitrogen combustion + exhaust gas recirculation + 8m high exhaust tube

Canteen oil fume exhaust gas: install a set of oil fume purifier, and discharge it through a special flue after treatment

Add 1 natural gas boiler
Waste water After being treated in a septic tank, it is used for farmland fertilization. Relying on the original
Noise Set up measures such as foundation shock absorption and sound insulation. Relying on the original
Solid waste Set up general temporary storage room. Relying on the original

3. The main production equipment after the technical transformation of the automatic 25t/h chicken feed production line project

Serial number Chicken feed equipment Model QTY
1 High-efficiency chicken feed mixer Volume: 1000KG/time, uniformity ≤7% 2
2 Chicken feed grinder machine TDSDFS110 2
3 Bucket elevator TDTG61/29 2
4 Batching scale Weighing range 0-1000KG±1KG 1
5 Cooler / 1
6 Ring die chicken feed pellet making machine Production capacity 12/h 2
7 Dust collector Handling air volume 4500-6450m3/h, filtering area 25m2 5
8 Cylindrical cleaning screener / 1
9 Gas steam boiler 2t/h 1

4. Complete 25t/h poultry chicken feed mill plant and its functions:

This 25tph chicken feed production project is mainly engaged in the production of feed. The production process mainly includes preliminary screening, crushing, batching, mixing, granulating, cooling, finished products, etc., which are briefly described as follows:

(1) Preliminary cleaning and screening: the purchased raw materials are preliminarily cleaned and sieved, such as stones, mud and other debris. This process will generate dust, solid waste, and noise. It is equipped with an air collecting hood and a pulse-type bag filter for exhaust and dust removal;

(2) Crushing: Crushing is an operation that uses mechanical methods to overcome the cohesive force of solid materials and crush them. Raw material crushing is one of the main processes in feed processing, and it is an important factor affecting feed quality, output, power consumption and processing costs. The crushing process of this project is equipped with an air collecting hood and a pulse-type bag filter for air extraction and dust removal;

(3) Ingredients: The process of measuring raw materials in a certain proportion. The metering process of this project is automatically controlled by the computer, and the crushed raw materials are distributed according to the proportion set by the system;

(4) Mixing: the process of fully mixing the raw materials for chicken feed. The mixing process of this 25t/h chicken feed plant project is operated in a closed chicken feed mixer;

(5) Granulation: Granulation is the use of heat, moisture, and pressure to make powder into chicken pellets feed of a certain shape and size. The purpose of pelleting is to compact a single raw material or a compound mixture through mechanical action that is finely divided, dust-prone, poorly palatable, and difficult to ship feed and extrude it out of the die hole to form a pelletized feed. The steam required for the pelleting process of this project comes from the boiler, and the pressure gauge, temperature detector, steam regulating valve and other devices are used to control the steam input during the granulation process;

(6) Cooling: use a cooler to cool the pellets;

(7) Finished product: Put the finished product into the packaging bag and pack it into storage.

5. The raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption after the technical transformation of the 25t/h chicken poultry feed manufacturing plant project

(1) Calcium hydrogen phosphate: It is a white monoclinic crystalline powder, odorless and tasteless. It is easily soluble in dilute hydrochloric acid, dilute nitric acid and acetic acid, slightly soluble in water (100°C, 0.025%), and insoluble in ethanol. It usually exists in the form of dihydrate (its chemical formula is CaHPO4·2H2O), which is stable in the air. When heated to 75℃, it will lose crystal water and become anhydrous, and it will become pyrophosphate at high temperature. It can be used as food and feed additives to supplement the phosphorus and calcium elements in poultry and livestock feed.

(2) Methionine: white flake crystal or crystalline powder. Has a special smell. Slightly sweet. Melting point: 280~281℃ (decomposition) (L body); 281℃ (racemic body), acidity and alkalinity: the pH value of 10% aqueous solution is 5.6-6.1. Stability: Stable to heat and air. It is unstable to strong acids and can cause demethylation. Solubility: soluble in (3.3g/100ml, 25℃), dilute acid and dilute alkali. Very slightly soluble in 95% ethanol, extremely insoluble in absolute ethanol, and almost insoluble in ether. Relative density (water = 1): 1.340 (racemate). It is restricted amino acids in plant foods such as oats, rye, rice, corn, wheat, peanut flour, soybeans, potatoes, spinach, etc., and is added to the above foods to improve the balance of amino acids.

6. Public works

(1) Water supply and drainage

This project does not use water for production. Fresh water is mainly domestic water. It is supplied by the factory's own well. The waste water produced is domestic sewage. After treatment with the original septic tank in the factory, it is cleaned regularly and used for farmland fertilization without being discharged.

(2) Power supply project

Relying on the National Grid of Yanji Town, it can meet the electricity demand of this project.

(3) Gas supply

The natural gas used for the production of this project is purchased from the gas company, which can meet the production needs of the project.

7. Production shift system and labor quota

The 25 tons per hour chicken poultry feed making plant project has a labor force of 30 people, all of whom are nearby villagers, who do not live in the chicken feed factory area. The annual working days are 300 days, and each shift works for 8 hours.

8. Feasibility analysis of site environment

(1) Social environment

①The location advantage is obvious, the transportation is very convenient, the market coverage is very large, and the prospect is broad;

②The local government attaches great importance to investment projects, and the investment environment is good;

③The project has complete water, electricity and communication facilities;

④The project site is far away from water sources and cultural relics.

(2) Environmental impact

The pollutants generated during the operation period of the 25 tons per hour animal chicken feed processing plnat project are mainly wastewater, solid waste, exhaust gas and noise.

①The domestic wastewater produced by the project can be used for comprehensive utilization,

②The solid waste shall be collected and processed in time without causing pollution to the surrounding environment.

③After taking measures, noise emission can be achieved at the plant boundary.

④The exhaust gas of the project will be discharged up to the standard after the treatment measures are taken, and will not cause significant impact on the atmospheric environment.

(3) The rationality of the layout of 25t/h chicken poultry animal feed plant

It can be seen from the floor plan of the project that the project floor plan is characterized by compact floor plan, obvious functional divisions, smooth process flow, and no cross flow of people and goods. It is convenient to manage, save investment, and save land.

The office space of the project is located in the southwest of the workshop, and the raw material warehouse is located in the south of the workshop. The office and production areas are separated. The layout is reasonable and the impact on the surroundings is reduced. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental protection, the layout plan of the general plan of the project is basically reasonable.

9. Brief analysis of clean production

The project adopts more advanced production technology and equipment, and its clean production measures are specifically manifested as follows:

(1) Adopt clean production technology; the construction project has advanced technology, uses electric energy, and consumes less energy and material per unit product.

(2) The product of this project is feed, which has little impact on the external environment during use.

(3) Pollutants are discharged up to standards.

The domestic wastewater of this 25tph chicken feed production project is comprehensively used and not discharged; the waste gas will not have an adverse impact on the local atmospheric environment after the treatment measures are taken; noise has no obvious impact on the acoustic environment around the factory area; all solid wastes are reasonably disposed; Reduce energy consumption and avoid accidental discharge of pollutants.

Based on the above analysis, the clean production level of the 25t/h high quality chicken feed mill factory project is at the advanced level in China.

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