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Are you still worried about these problems in your ring die chicken feed pelleting machine?

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(Note: The following content is only for Model SZLH250 ring die chicken feed pelletizer machine, other types of chicken feed pelleting machines are all gear drives.)

pellet machine to make pellets for chickens hogs and tails

1. No raw materials enter the granulation room

(1) Possible reasons:

① The modulator is blocked or the feed port is arched;

②Feeding screw conveyor transmission device fails;

③Feeding screw conveyor is blocked.

(2) Solution:

①Clear the conditioner or feed inlet;

②Check the feeding screw conveyor drive device and eliminate the fault;

③Clean the materials on the feeding screw conveyor.

poultry animal pellet mill machine chicken duck pig feed pelletizer new

2. There are raw materials entering the granulation chamber, but no chicken pellets can be pressed

(1) Cause of failure:

①The mold hole is blocked;

②Too much moisture in the raw material;

③The mold roll gap is too large;

④The feeding scraper is severely worn;

⑤The stamper and roller are worn out seriously.

(2) Elimination method:

①Clear the feed in the die hole;

②Control the moisture in raw materials and steam;

③Re-adjust the gap between mold rolls;

④ Replace the scraper and die roller.

3. The chicken feed granulator motor cannot start

(1) Cause of failure:

① There is material accumulation in the granulating room;

②There is a problem with the circuit;

③The travel switch should not touch the control lever on the gate or the gate.

(2) Elimination method:

①Remove accumulated materials;

②Check the circuit and troubleshoot;

③Check the condition of the travel switch.

chicken feeds miil pellets machine brisbane region

4. Noise, severe vibration

(1) Cause of failure:

①The bearing is damaged;

②Serious wear of the ring molding roller;

③The gap between the ring die and the pressure roller is too small;

④There are foreign objects in the conditioner or feeder;

⑤The spindle bearing is too loose.

(2) Elimination method:

①Replace the bearing;

②Replace the mold roll;

③ Properly increase the gap between the mold rolls;

④Clean up foreign objects;

⑤Tighten the nut to reduce the clearance.

5. Unreasonable fluctuation of host load or uneven particle quality

(1) Cause of failure:

①The steam supply of the steam pipe is insufficient or the pressure changes from time to time;

②The raw material transportation is unstable;

③The scraper of the deflection plate is worn out causing uneven feeding.

(2) Elimination method:

①Check the steam pipeline;

②Adjust the feeding speed;

③Replace the deflector scraper.

pellet mill for chicken

6. The ring die chicken feed pellet making machine stops during work

(1) Cause of failure:

①The tension of the V-belt is not enough to make the speed controller move;

②The speed control instrument parameter setting is unreasonable;

③ Part or all of the V-belt is severely worn or broken;

④The main shaft rotates due to overload or impurities stuck between the pressure roller and the ring die, and the travel switch falls off;

⑤The pressure of the hoop is not enough, or the brake disc is slipped with grease, which causes the main shaft to rotate and the travel switch is released;

⑥ The line is faulty.

(2) Elimination method:

①Re-adjust the tension of the V-belt or check the pressure value on the pressure gauge of the hydraulic system. If necessary, reset the pressure value (be careful when adjusting);

②Reset its parameters;

③Install a new set of V-belts, not just a part of them can be replaced;

④Reset the spindle and travel switch;

⑤Reset the hydraulic pressure of the hoop or clean the brake disc;

⑥Check the line.

chicken feed pelletizer

7. The ring die chicken feed pelleting mahcine is often blocked

(1) Cause of failure:

①Uneven distribution of materials worn by the deflection scraper;

②The pressure roller is worn;

③The pressing rollers on one by one are stuck;

④The assembly position of the deflection scraper is wrong;

⑤The feed water content is too high.

(2) Elimination method:

① Replace with a new deflection scraper;

② Replace with a new pressure roller;

③Check the pressure roller;

④ Reassemble the deflection scraper;

⑤Reduce the moisture content.

how to make pelleted chicken feed

8. The temperature rise of the spindle head is too high

(1) Cause of failure:

The spindle bearing clearance is too small.

(2) Elimination method:

Properly loosen the compression nut.

9. Safety pin cut off

(1) Cause of failure:

Hard foreign matter enters the granulating chamber.

(2) Elimination method:

Remove foreign objects and replace safety pins.

10. The motor current difference is too large

(1) Cause of failure:

① The V-belt of the second motor is not tensioned;

②The balance fine-tuning of the second motor is uneven;

③The quality of the ammeter.

(2) Elimination method:

①Tighten the belt or replace the belt;

② Level the motor;

③Replace or adjust the ammeter.

2mm 3mm 6mm 8mm farm animal pellet chicken feed pellet duck mill machine

11. Smoke from the chicken poultry feed pellet granulator mill

(1) Cause of failure:

①The scraper is worn, so that a hard material layer is formed between the pressure roller and the rotor support plate;

②The V-belt tension is not enough;

③The hard materials are piled up between the supporting plates behind the pressing roller to form a hard material layer.

(2) Elimination method:

① Install a new scraper;

②Tighten the V-belt;

③Remove hard materials and lubricate the main bearing until the grease emerges from the back of the rear support plate.

12. Every time the chicken feed pellet press rotates, a ticking sound is heard

(1) Cause of failure:

There are metal impurities in the ring die.

(2) Elimination method:

Check the inner surface of the ring die and remove metal impurities.

13. V-belt slips when fully loaded or slightly overloaded

(1) Cause of failure:

① The tension of the V-belt is not enough;

②The length of the V-belt in the same group is inconsistent;

③The V-belt is stained with grease;

④ The position of the V-belt is incorrect;

⑤The shape of the V-belt is wrong.

(2) Elimination method:

①Tighten the V-belt as required;

② Replace the entire set of belts of the same brand;

③Clean the V-belt and pulley;

④ Correct the motor and intermediate pulley;

⑤ Use qualified V-belts.

chicken feed pellet maker machine sale

14. The output of the pellet manufacturing mahcine for chicken feed is insufficient, and the main motor is fully loaded

(1) Cause of failure:

① Due to excessive addition of steam (only refers to materials that are particularly sensitive to temperature and humidity);

②Because the ring die is too thick;

③Due to poor steam quality and high water content;

④The material is not sufficiently quenched and tempered;

⑤The gap between the pressure roller and the ring die is too large;

⑥Excessive wear of pressure roller and ring die;

⑦The formula is not good or the crushing particle size is too large

(2) Elimination method:

①Small steam should be added;

②The thickness of the ring die suitable for the material should be used;

③The gas supply system should be readjusted;

④Increase the amount of steam added or extend the conditioning time;

⑤Re-adjust the gap;

⑥Replace the pressure roller and ring die;

⑦Adjust the formula or replace the sieve with small aperture.

15. The ring die breaks after being worn to a certain extent

(1) Cause of failure:

① There are foreign bodies in the laminated film;

②A ring die that is too thin is used;

③There is a problem with the fixing of the ring die.

(2) Elimination method:

① The cleaning of materials should be improved;

②Use thicker ring dies with stepped holes;

③Check whether the drive rim of the ring die and the fastening bolts are locked, and replace the drive rim if necessary.

automatic fish shrimp poultry bird chicken dog feed pellet making machine electric small feed extruder processing machinery

16. The roller bearing is easy to damage

(1) Cause of failure:

① There is a hard foreign body in the material;

②The gap between the pressure roller and the ring die is too large;

③Using improper grease;

④The lubricating grease of the pressure roller is added too little;

⑤Use the damaged bearing end cover and sealing ring;

⑥Used roller bearings of poor quality produced by other manufacturers.

(2) Elimination method:

①Improve material cleaning;

② Correctly adjust the gap between the pressure roller and the ring die;

③Use grease according to regulations;

④Add enough grease as required;

⑤ Replace the bearing end cover and sealing ring.

17. Timing belt is damaged

(1) Cause of failure:

①The timing belt runs off;

②The timing belt is too tight or too loose;

③Enter grease or dust;

④ Use timing belts from non-designated manufacturers;

⑤The timing belt is aging normally.

(2) Elimination method:

①Re-adjust the timing belt;

②Clean up grease or dust and take precautions;

③Replace with a new synchronous belt.

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