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Technologies of biomass fuel pellet production from CHINA

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Biomass refers to biological materials or organic materials which is renewable and sustainable and could be used as a fuel source. The energy derived from biomass materials is called biomass energy. Biomass energy as one type of renewable energy has be developed with priorities in China for Chinese government puts increasing efforts to lower dioxide emission.

China factory offered biomass pellet machine

The natural biomass materials cannot be utilized in large scale for the low density and high moisture. The solid biomass fuel production technology makes it possible to convert the natural plant residues into solid fuels which is generally known as pelletizing.

Biomass pellet production technology in China began in 1990s, when the unit capacity was 100- 200 kg/h. While now, with the development of technology, the unit capacity of main pellet production equipment is high up to 1-3 t/h. As for briquetting technology, the briquette production equipment widely used in china is with the capacity of 1 t/h. The small scale briquette manufactures produce about 280,000 tons of briquettes annually, taking more than 90% of the total production. As for industrial use, china has introduced over 20 large scale briquetting production lines from other counties. By 2008, china had constructed 102 biomass production plants all over the country with the total annual production capacity of 200, 000 tons, being 7% of Chinese total production.

China factory offered biomass pellet machine

When it comes to industrial scales production, the total process involves a series of equipment, from the raw material preparation to the packaging of the solid biomass fuel pellets. Generally, the production line is consisted of the following main machines, hammer mill, dryer, conveyer, pelletizing machine, cooler, and bagger, etc. However, the construction of the biomass pellet production line can be different according to the conditions of the raw materials and the individual situations. No matter how different they are, biomass fuel wood pellet mills are necessary for a pellet line.

Ring die biomass pellet machine and flat die pellet machine are most well known two types of pellets making machines, especially the Chinese ring die pellet machines are well-known in the international market. The biomass pellet machine take advantage of the pressure and the heat caused by the mechanical integration of the pellet die and pellet rollers to reform the biomass materials into pellets. Ring die biomass wood pellet machine are usually applied for large scale biomass pellet production while the flat die pellet machines are used for medium and small scale pellet production. The output capability of the flat die pellet mill ranges from around 80 to 1000 kg /h at most while the ring die pellet mill can produce around 0.3 to 4.5 t/h at most.

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