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How to increase the output of straw pellet making machine

2020-03-02 Back to List

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The best way to increase the output is to have a good straw pellet making machine. However, in addition to this objective factor, there are other ways to increase the output of the straw wood pellet mill machine, and I will share with you here.

straw pellet making machine

1. Control the content of crude fiber material. Coarse fiber is a very important factor in the pelleting process. Too much content will cause poor adhesion and difficult to press molding; too little content is not conducive to pellet molding. Generally it is best to control it at about 5%. The specific numerical value needs to be calculated according to the specific situation of the customer.

2. Add grease. When the straw hay pellet machine is used as a biofuel pellet machine, 0.8% oil and fat must be added to the material. The benefits of adding grease are twofold: (1) Reduces machine wear and improves machine life. (2) The materials are easy to press and shape, which can increase the output. It should be noted that the amount of oil added must be controlled, not too much.

Adding method is generally adding 30% in the mixing and stirring part, spraying 70% in the granulator pellet machine, and controlling the moisture content at about 13%. For biomass pellet fuel, the moisture content of the material must be strictly controlled, which is the prerequisite for the material to be compressed into pellets. If the moisture content is too high, the pellets produced will be very loose.

It can be seen that these points mentioned above are relatively common sense, but it is these standards that ensure the high-yield operation of the good quality straw granulator pellet machine. Even if high-tech is not adopted, customers only need to operate reasonably and meet standard to ensure the normal operation of the machine, the output of the straw wood pellet machine will not be poor.

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