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What to do if there is a lot of powder in the straw pellet machine

2020-03-02 Back to List

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When processing pellets with a straw pellet making machine, sometimes it is found that a lot of powder will come out with the pellets, and there will be even more serious situations. This situation shows that there is a problem inside the straw wood pellet press machine, which will not only affect the quality of the pellets, but also affect the output. Let's analyze this failure carefully.

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1. The operation is unreasonable. May feed too much, causing the machine to malfunction. It may also be a defect in the design of the straw pelletizer itself that results in gaps. If there is powder due to the above two reasons, the solution is to stop feeding, then open the machine and clean the material. In addition, you must choose a high quality straw wood pellet equipment. The design of the fuel pellet making machine of Richi Machinery is very strict, and there will not be many powders.

2. The machine is aging, and the speed of the host becomes slower, which makes some materials not processed due to different frequencies. This phenomenon appears in some old straw briquetting machines, and now the new straw pellet machines have eliminated this phenomenon. In addition, the current manufacturing process has also been greatly improved, and this problem will not occur with new equipment in the past two years.

3. The pelleting system is malfunctioning. This is something we don't want to see, but this problem often occurs with granulators used by many small farms. This requires the selection of high quality granulator pellet machine. Most of the failures are due to the dirty materials and hard objects causing damage to the granulator pellet machine. In addition, bearing problems can also cause problems.

In order to suppress good straw pellets, ultimately, it is necessary to choose a reasonable design equipment, which is the fundamental. If you have more questions, welcome to contact Richi Machinery online or email!

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