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Soybean meal is a by-product obtained from soybean oil. About 85% of soybean meal is used for poultry and pig breeding, and a variety of amino acids contained in soybean meal are suitable for nutritional needs of poultry and pigs. Fermented soybean meal uses high-quality soybean meal as the main raw material and is currently the best substitute for fish meal.

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1. Advantages of fermented soybean meal:

① Improve the solubility of soybean meal protein, which is good for digestion;

② Reduced the molecular weight of the protein in soybean meal, some of which have reached the level of small peptides or even amino acids, which can be directly absorbed by animals;

③ Fermented soybean meal has a certain aroma and umami taste, has a certain attractive effect, and has good palatability;

④Some polysaccharide molecules in soybean meal are also decomposed during fermentation, which is also beneficial for animal digestion, especially some flatulence factors, which are also degraded by microorganisms during fermentation, which cannot be achieved by other processes.

2. Characteristics of soybean meal and fermented soybean meal

Soybean meal is a by-product obtained from soybean oil. According to different extraction methods, it can be divided into two types: one-soaked soybean meal and two-soaked soybean meal. Among them, the by-product after extracting soybean oil by the leaching method is one-soaked soybean meal, and the by-product obtained after extracting the oil by squeezing and extracting the oil is referred to as two-soaked soybean meal. During the entire processing process, the control of temperature is extremely important. Too high temperature will affect the protein content, which will directly affect the quality and use of soybean meal. Too low temperature will increase the moisture content of soybean meal, while high moisture content will Affects the quality of soybean meal during storage. The production technology of soaked soybean meal is relatively advanced, with high protein content, and it is the main variety circulating in the domestic spot market.

According to national standards, soybean meal is divided into three grades: first grade soybean meal, second grade soybean meal and third grade soybean meal. From the current situation of the domestic soybean meal spot market, the current annual total domestic soybean meal processing (excluding imported soybean meal) is about 10 million tons, of which about 20% is Grade 1 soybean meal, about 75% is Grade 2 soybean meal, and Grade 3 soybean meal About 5%, the change in the circulation of the three grades of soybean meal is mainly related to the quality of soybeans. From the market demand of different grades of soybean meal, a few large domestic large-scale feed mills use primary soybean meal. Most feed mills currently mainly use secondary soybean meal (protein content 43%). Secondary soybean meal is still the domestic soybean meal consumer market. The mainstream product, tertiary soybean meal has been rarely used.

Soybean meal is generally irregularly fragmented in color from light yellow to light brown and has a roasted soybean flavor. The main components of soybean meal are: 40% to 48% protein, 2.5% to 3.0% lysine, 0.6% to 0.7% tryptophan, and 0.5% to 0.7% methionine.

Fermented soybean meal is fermented soybean meal in order to improve the digestibility of soybean meal and reduce its anti-nutritional factors. Its main ingredients are protein and carbohydrate.

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