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Turnkey high quality 8 tons per hour cow dung solid organic fertilizer pellet processing plant environmental assessment and project report

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Recently, RICHI's high quality 8 tons per hour cow dung solid organic fertilizer pellet processing line project was completed. The environmental impact assessment report and approval department of this project have checked and accepted the project.

1. Basic situation of project construction

The total investment of the 8 tons/hour solid organic fertilizer pellet production project is 7.52 million yuan, with a total land area of ​​7,500m² and a total construction area of ​​4,325m². The project adopts the mixed compost fermentation process to produce solid organic fertilizer from cow dung. The production capacity is 20,000 t/a of cow dung solid organic fertilizer. The current actual production of solid organic fertilizer pellets is 7000t/a. The main raw materials required for the project are livestock manure, domestic sewage treatment plant sludge, plant straw, cakes, etc. The project's products mainly produce farmland fertilizers, tobacco leaf fertilizers and garden fertilizers according to actual orders. The sludge of the domestic sewage treatment plant is only used for the production of garden fertilizers, not as raw materials for the production of farmland fertilizers and tobacco leaf fertilizers. The sludge is provided by Enshi City, and the rest of the raw materials are purchased locally; the pelletizer uses a ring die pelletizer for extrusion pelletization without heating and no boiler.

8 ton per hour complete organic fertilizer pellet plant for sale

2. Project changes

(1) The raw materials of the 8 tons per hour animal cattle manure organic fertilizer pellet project are tobacco stems, straws, etc. and livestock cattle manure; in the actual operation process, the raw materials are changed to livestock manure, sewage treatment plant sludge, and plants according to the organic fertilizers produced for different purposes. Straw, cakes, etc., among which the sludge from the domestic sewage treatment plant is only used for the production of garden fertilizers;

(2) Two raw material warehouses were set up in the EIA project. In the actual construction process, in order to make better use of space, the two raw material warehouses were combined into one.

3. Implementation of environmental protection facilities

(1) Wastewater during the operation of the project is mainly a small amount of production wastewater and employee domestic sewage during the fermentation process. The plant area adopts rain and sewage diversion, rainwater is collected through the drainage pipe (ditch), collected and processed in the sedimentation tank, and then reused in the production process for sprinkling to cool and dust in the plant area; production wastewater is treated in the sedimentation tank and reused for the production process to sprinkle and cool; domestic sewage After collection and treatment in septic tanks, it is used to fertilize the surrounding farmland without discharge. The project has built 10m3 and 100m³ sedimentation tanks to treat rainwater and production wastewater, respectively. The domestic sewage production is 0.7t/d and 210t/a. The project has set up 30m³ septic tanks to meet the needs of sewage discharge.

(2) The noise during the project operation period is mainly the noise of the equipment in the factory and the traffic noise generated by the vehicles entering the 8 tons per hour cow dung solid organic fertilizer factory area. The main measures are the selection of low-noise equipment, sound insulation walls, strengthening of vehicle management, and speed limit and no sound. According to the acceptance monitoring results of Hubei Precision Balance Testing Co., Ltd., the noise value at the boundary of the project can reach the standard limit of "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises" (GB12348-2008), and the project operation has little impact on the surrounding environment .

(3) The air pollutants during the operation period are mainly H₂S, NH₃ and malodors generated in the production process. According to the monitoring results of the unorganized exhaust emission of this project by Hubei Precision Weighing Inspection Co., Ltd., the project H₂S, NH₃ and malodorous The organization's waste gas emission meets the second-level standard limit of the "Odor Pollutant Emission Standard" (GB14554-93), which has a small impact on the environment.

cattle manure organic fertilizer pellet machine

4. The debugging effect of environmental protection facilities and the impact of engineering construction on the environment

According to the site survey combined with the environmental assessment report and the approval opinions of the environmental protection department, the client company has implemented environmental protection measures and countermeasures, and strictly implemented the environmental protection "three simultaneous" system. At the same time, according to the test results, during the normal operation of the project, Recently, the ambient air quality and acoustic environment quality in residential areas are good, and the project construction has little impact on the surrounding environment.

The followings are more info about this 8 tons per hour cow dung solid organic fertilizer pellet manufacturing plant project report:

5.Technical process

(1) Pretreatment process

In the livestock and poultry manure transported into the factory, a special zeolite biological deodorant is connected. The specific method and dosage is to take 2kg/t of special zeolite biological deodorant and 1kg/t of liquid strain according to the quantity of livestock and poultry manure, adopt the method of feeding and inoculating bacteria, and use artificial or auxiliary equipment to remove solid and liquid. The odorant is evenly spread on the surface of livestock and poultry manure, and then it is transferred to the next cleaning procedure.

Use a loader to turn over the deodorized livestock and poultry manure, with manual turning method to remove all debris such as iron wire, bricks, cement blocks, plastic, wood, glass, rags, etc. After the miscellaneous work is completed, it also plays a role in the mixing of bacteria.

(2) Fermentation

Use a forklift to send the cleaned livestock and poultry manure into the fermentation tank, and at the same time crush a certain proportion of auxiliary materials and add them to the fermentation tank to mix and ferment with the livestock and poultry manure. The daily ingredients are 1/8 of the tank length. The accumulation thickness of the fermentation materials in the tank is 80-100cm, and continuous aerobic fermentation is carried out by natural ventilation and oxygen provided by the contact between the materials and the air. The fermentation period is 7-8 days. Under the transportation of the vertical and horizontal traveling mechanism of the turning and throwing machine, the high-speed rotating round rake continuously throws, scatters and produces a certain displacement of the fermentation materials, so that the materials are moved backward in a regular and equidistant manner in the tank. At the end of the tank, the fermented materials are transported away, and the space vacated at the front of the fermentation tank is supplemented with new fermentation materials, thus forming a continuous fermentation process. The fermentation turning process can be fully automated and intelligently controlled, and the moisture content of the organic raw materials after fermentation is generally 20% to 35%.

(3) Pelleting


After fermenting and storing for days, it is crushed, and the fermented organic material is dried, crushed and sieved.

②Composition and mixing

In the production process of a series of special fertilizers, according to different soil conditions and different crops, inorganic nutrients and concentrated organic matter and trace element minerals are added to make the fertilizer contain a variety of nutrients required for plant growth such as nitrogen and phosphorus , Potassium, sodium, manganese, etc., according to the formula, the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and the fermented materials are mixed by computer, and the conveyer is sent to the organic fertilizer pellet granulator machine for granulation.


Because of the production of biological fertilizers, organic matter is the mainstay, the cellulose is high, the molding conditions are poor, and the living bacteria that can make fertilizer are added, the production process is not suitable for high temperature. Disc granulation and drum granulation methods are not suitable for the material preparation method, because these two processes require high pulverization of raw materials, and generally have a water content of about 30%. For this reason, the drying load is large and the effective bacteria The loss is also large, and the ball formation rate is low (about 60% to 70%). During the production process, the dust is very large and the operating environment is very poor, so it is not conducive to the production of organic bio-fertilizer. It should be produced by environmental extrusion method. Environmental extrusion has low requirements for raw material crushing and high forming rate (above 95%). After molding, the particles have low water content, and the drying conformity is very small, which can reduce the effective bacteria flying and lose dust, and the operating environment is better.

The raw materials enter the organic fertilizer pellet mill, and pass in an appropriate amount of steam to bond them into organic fertilizer granules. After pelleting section, the materials are sent to the fertilizer dryer equipment through a belt conveyor for drying. The particle diameter is 3.0-4.0mm, and the granulation rate is greater than 70%.

(4) Drying

In the biological fertilizers production process, not only the water content of the granules after molding generally exceeds the target, and low-temperature drying is required, but also the water content of the organic raw materials after fermentation is about 30% to 40%, and the water content of the granules after granulation is generally 15 Between %~20%, drying is required. Therefore, the drying section is an indispensable and important process in the production of biological fertilizers. It directly affects the output, quality and energy consumption. It is very important to choose the model and specifications of the organic fertilizer dryer reasonably and to control the process conditions.

(5) Cooling

The dried material is sent to the pellet cooler by a belt conveyor for cooling. The cooling process is mainly to use a fan to send natural air into the cooler through a pipe to cool the material. The air direction inside the cooler is countercurrent, passing through the fan and the pipe. The exhaust gas drawn into the settling chamber is treated the same as the drying exhaust gas and then discharged into the atmosphere.

The cooled materials are screened, and the large-particle materials are crushed together with the sieved powder into the return belt and conveyed to the granulator for re-granulation, and the finished products are packed in the automatic packaging system.

6.Parameters of equipments needed in professional cattle manure organic fertilizer pelleting plant with an output of 8 tons per hour

The main technical indicators of cow dung organic fertilizer pellets are as follows:

•Conditions for fecal fermentation

Number name Allowable range Remarks
1 Organic matter 50%~70% best at 65%
2 C/N 30:1~35:1 After being decomposed, 15:1~20:1
3 PH   6~8 best 6.5~7
4 Fermentation time 7d~8d  
5 Fermentation temperature 50~60℃  

•Conditions for fecal fermentation

Number name Standard
1 Organic matter content (%) Qualified product≥35,First-class product≥45,Superior product≥55
2 Total nutrient content (%) ≥5.0
3 Moisture content (%) ≤20
4 PH 5.5~8.0
5 Particle size :powder (less than 0.5mm),pellet(2.5-6.0mm) powder≥90%,pellet≥70%

7. Source of raw materials for organic fertilizer production

The main organic fertilizer pellet making raw materials produced by the project are manure of livestock such as dairy cows, beef cattle, etc. The manure mainly comes from scattered households and some large-scale farms around the enterprise.

Number Manure Type Source Farming scale (head)  Manure production (t/a)
1 Beef manure Xihua Farmers 2100 15330
2 Beef manure Horse Gorge Farmers 2000 14600
3 Beef manure Ankou farmers 2300 16790
4 Beef manure Donghua Farmers 2100 15330
5 Beef manure Hongyuan Company 2000 14600
6 Cow manure Donghua Farm 1200 8760
7 Sheep dung Donghua Farmers 1200 1140
8 Sheep dung Xihua Farmers 2000 1900
9 Chicken manure Donghua Farm 85000 4657
Total       93107

8. Material consumption quota

The 8 tons per hour cow dung solid organic fertilizer pellet making line project uses manure such as cow manure to process organic fertilizer, and consumes quota for manure, electricity, and water.

Number Name Daily consumption Annual consumption
1 Livestock manure 360t/d 90000t/a
2 Straw and other attached fillers 8.5t/d 2125t/a
3 leavening agent 0.33t/d 82.5t/a
4 Packaging and others 3500 87.5(Ten thousand/a)
5 water 0.02 tons/ton·year 600
6 Electricity 11.0 degrees/ton·year 330000
7 fuel 0.015 tons/ton·year 450

9. Cattle animal manure solid organic fertilizer processing equipments selection

This 8 tons per hour complete cow dung solid organic fertilizer pellet production factory project is equipped with organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, screening treatment equipment, organic fertilizer pellet making machine and packaging equipment, excrement and finished product transportation vehicles, and public auxiliary equipment.

Number Machine Name Quantity Model
1 Organic fertilizer crushing machine 1 LP60   11kw
2 Conveyor 8 DT500   2.2kw
3 Mixer machine 2  
4 Organic fertilizer pellet milling equipment for cow manure 1 ZD30-49kw
5 Rotary dryer for cow manure 1 Φ1.5×12m
6 fan 1 Φ1.2×8×2.5m
Finished product warehouse
1 4-72N08C   22kw
8 Fermentation turning machine 1  
9 Light rail 1 GS12X25  5.5kw
10 Four warehouse batching machine 1  
11 Lifting belt conveyor 1 15#
12 Laboratory equipment 1  
Finished product transporter
14 Forklift 2  
15 Manure collection truck 2  
16 Raw material loader 1  
17 Forklift 1  

10. Construction plan

The construction of this 8 t/h cattle cow dung solid fertilizer pellet processing line project is mainly composed of organic fertilizer fermentation workshop, screening and granulation workshop finished product warehouse, comprehensive office, staff canteen and quality inspection laboratory.

Number Building name Structure type Area(㎡)
1 Organic fertilizer production workshop Bent structure 942
2 Organic fertilizer fermentation workshop Bent structure 450
3 Excrement dump Bent structure 525
4 Finished product library Portal steel frame 987
5 Raw material stacking workshop Masonry structure 840
6 warehouse Portal steel frame 81
Masonry structure 63
8 General Office Masonry structure 172

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