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10 tons per hour cattle cow manure organic fertilizer pellet production line equipment plan

2022-11-25 Back to List

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1. Making 10 tons per hour organic fertilizer pellets from cow dung

There are many types of cow dung, and the use of cow dung is mainly seen from the way it is treated. Generally, cow dung in large farms will be treated, not cow dung released from steaks, such as solid-liquid separation after washing, such as using litter such as sand, soil, etc. as litter, such as bacterial residue as litter.

In addition, the manure of beef cattle is different from that of dairy cows. The manure of dairy cows has higher organic matter and nutrients, and the organic matter of beef cattle is lower. Pure dairy cow manure is a very good raw material as organic fertilizer and microbial fertilizer carrier. Because of its moderate carbon-nitrogen ratio between 20 and 35, it first needs to control the moisture between 50-65. The fermenting bacteria are generally withered grass and wood. Mold, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus oryzae are better combined. After 30 days of aerobic fermentation, they can be fermented and decomposed well. After the moisture is controlled, the nutrition and other technical indicators can be used as commercial organic fertilizer and microbial fertilizer.

2.10 tons of cow feces organic fertilizer pellet plant equipment plan (For cow feces organic fertilizer pellet production plant)

(1) Fermentation equipment

Number Name Quantity Power(KW)
1 Distribution conveyor 2 3
2 Accessories machine 4 2.2
3 Heat exchange coil 2 3
4 Electric reciprocating pump 4 15
5 Pre-fermentation device 1 /
6 Three-combined anaerobic fermentation device 1 /
7 Mixed warehouse 1 /
8 Rake turning machine 2 7.5
9 Water sealing can 1 /
10 Flame arrester 1 /
11 Exhaust fan 1 3
12 Biogas boiler 1 30

(2) Granulation equipment

Number Model Quantity
1 Belt conveyor 1#500 type 2
2 Belt conveyor 2#500 type 4
3 Belt conveyor 3#500 type 2
4 cow manure organic fertilizer crushing machine 4
5 cattle manure organic fertilizer pellet mill machine 2
6 Biomass dryer for cow manure φ1.5X15m 1
7 Dryer feeding and discharging device 1
8 Organic fertilizer mixer φ1.8 2
9 Bucket elevator 1
10 Cow manure pellet cooler φ1.2X10m 1
11 Cooling machine inlet and outlet device 1
12 Grading screener machine 12
13 Finished product warehouse 1
14 Dry exhaust fan 1
15 Cooling fan 1
16 Elbows, ducts, reducers, chimneys 1
17 Packing machine 1
18 Electric control cabinet 1

3. If you want to process small scale cattle manure organic fertilizer pellets by yourself (For small cattle cow farm organic fertilizer pellet production)

Mix cow dung with wet weeds, turf and soil, and stack them for about a month.

Pile together and ferment naturally. Material ratio. 1.5 tons of cow manure (about 2.5 tons of fresh manure) plus 1 kg of fertilizer starter, and rice bran (or bran, corn flour and other substitutes) in a ratio of 1:5, and then evenly sprinkle into the cow The dung pile, mix evenly. It is best to add crop straw, rice straw, mushroom residue, etc. to adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio. The moisture of the fermented materials should be controlled at 60% to 65%. Too high or too low is not conducive to fermentation, too little water, slow fermentation; too much water will cause poor ventilation, slow heating, and produce odor. Judgment method for water content: hold a handful of materials tightly, see the watermark on the fingers but not drip, it is advisable to disperse after landing.

The composition of cow manure urine is similar to pig manure urine, mainly cellulose, hemicellulose, protein and its decomposition products and various inorganic salts. Cattle is a ruminant animal. After repeated chewing, its feces are fine and dense. In addition, there is a lot of drinking water. The water content in the feces is high. The air is not easy to circulate. The organic matter in the feces is difficult to decompose and decomposes slowly. It is a cold organic fertilizer. Unripe cow manure has low fertilizer efficiency, but after fermentation, it can improve fertilizer efficiency. The application of cow dung urine can make the soil loose, easy to cultivate, and has good effects on improving clay. According to the national organic fertilizer quality classification standard, cow dung belongs to the third grade with medium nutrient content.

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