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EPC contract of 1 ton per hour small capacity beech wood sawdust pellet plant

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1.What is EPC?

EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) means that the company is entrusted by the owner to carry out the whole process or several stages of the contract for the design, procurement, construction, and trial operation of the construction project according to the contract. Usually, the company is responsible for the quality, safety, cost and schedule of the contracted projects under the conditions of the lump sum contract. We also often call EPC wood pelletizing plant as "Turnkey wood pelleting plant".

how expensive is a wood pellet mill plant 1 ton per hour

2.EPC contract of 1 ton per hour complete beech wood pellet production line

Several contract structure forms of EPC general contracting model in practice.

Under the EPC general contracting model, the general contractor is responsible for the entire construction project, but it does not mean that the general contractor must complete the entire construction project himself. Except for the work that the general contractor clearly stipulates that the general contractor must complete the work, the general contractor can take the form of professional subcontracting for the rest of the work. In practice, general contractors often subcontract equipment procurement (manufacturing), construction, and installation work to professionals based on their rich project management experience, different scales, types and owner requirements of the project Subcontractor. Therefore, under the EPC general contracting model, the contract structure usually takes the following forms:

(1) Turnkey general contract;

(2) Design-Procurement General Contracting (E-P);

(3) Procurement-General Contracting for Construction (P-C);

(4) Design-Construction General Contracting (D-B);

The most common are the two forms (1) and (4).

①Turnkey general contracting refers to the general contracting of design, procurement, and construction. The general contractor ultimately submits a project that meets the use functions and meets the conditions of use to the customer. This model is a typical EPC general contracting model.

②The general contracting of design and construction refers to the general contracting enterprise undertaking the design and construction of the project in accordance with the contract, and is fully responsible for the quality, safety, construction period, and cost of the contracted project. In this mode, the purchase of building materials and construction equipment involved in the construction project is completed by the customer.

③The general contracting of construction and transfer means that the general contractor with investment and financing ability is entrusted by the owner to realize the general contract of the whole process of survey, design, procurement, construction and trial operation of the project in accordance with the contract; at the same time, the project The general contractor shall bear all the investment of the project. After the project is completed and accepted and delivered for use, the client shall pay the general contract price to the general contractor of the project.

cost to build a 1tph wood pellet processing plant

3.Business plan of turnkey 1000kg/h beech wood pellet line with ce

(1)What is needed to start a ce wood pellet manufacturing plant with 1 ton capacity?

Wood pellet line machinery name Model Power(KW)
industrial electric beech wood chippers
JLBX-215 45
Buffer bin 2m³ /
waste beech wood hammer mill crusher SFSP 66*60 55
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36b /
U-Screw conveyor TLSSU30 3
ce biomass sawdust rotary dryer ф1200*120000 /
1 ton capacity beech wood pellet mill equipment  MZLH420  90
Cooling machine SKLN11*11 1.5
Vibrating screener TDZS63 0.18
Packing machine DCS-50 1.5

(2)1 Ton per hour complete beech wood sawdust pellet production line turnkey price

Cost to start a ce turnkey 1tph beech wood sawdust pelletizing line project is usually between 160000USD-350000USD.

4.Why Make Biomass Wood Pellets from Beech Wood Waste?

Beech wood is used in the production of many useful products. The sawdust obtained during the processing of this beech wood is used to make beech wood pellets which are a great renewable energy resource. Beech wood has 12% moisture content which is considered normal for wood pellets production so you will not have to spend your time drying it for a longer period. Drying the wood is also very easy as it is its nature to shrink rapidly. Choosing beech wood as the raw material of wood pellet manufacturing business also saves investment cost. That is why using it in the production of wood pellets is a great choice one must consider.

wood pellet plant investment cost

5.How To Make Wood Pellets For Beech Wood by A 1TPH Biomass Wood Pellet Making Plant?

Setting up a complete small commercial 1 ton production capacity beech wood pelleting plant would be a great choice for people who is considering to make beech wood pellets for business purposes since it has the complete wood pellet production process and the production output is relatively large and the quality of final pellets are good. Below is the basic process flow of 1t/h wood pellet pressing plant and main equipment for 1 ton per hour beech wood pellet processing.

(1)Cleaning the Raw Material

You can either buy the crushed beech wood (in the sawdust form) from the market or get the whole wood to crush it in your 1 ton per hour beech wood pellet mill factory. Before processing the beech wood, it is highly important to clean it properly so that there is no impurity to cause hindrance in the beech wood pellet line production process.

(2)Crushing the Beech Wood

After cleaning the raw material, it is crushed with the help of a high efficiency ce beech wood hammer mill machine. The wood sawdust hammer mill crusher puts force on the material, crushes it, and converts it into particles of small size. To make sure that the raw material passes easily through the holes of the ring die beech wood pellet making machine, it is important to grind it completely.

(3)Mixing of Beech Wood Sawdust

If you want to add more ingredients such as binders etc. then add them and mix the whole mixture thoroughly. Beech wood naturally has binders in it so, generally, there is no need to add artificial binder.

(4)Beech Wood Pellet Making

Ring die ce good stability wood pellet mill is used in this step. Processed beech wood that is in the crushed form will be fed into the wood pelletizer machine. Dies and rollers will put excessive pressure on the raw material and will press it until it starts coming out of the holes of the die in the form of cylindrical log pellets. These pellets will be cut with the blades into a suitable size.

(5)Cooling and Sieving

Pellets are not packed directly after coming out of the 1 ton per hour beech wood sawdust pellet maker machine. The force of friction in the pellet production machine increases the temperature. So, pellets are first cooled and sieved as well. Sieving is done to remove dust and raw material particles from the pellets. Some pellets may also break while coming out. They are also sieved, collected, and sent back in the machine to be processed again.


Once, the beech wood pellets get cooled, they are stored in bags and sent in the market to be sold.

6.Some 1t/h low investment high return wood pellet line project RICHI has done:

(1)1tph China professional wood pellet line for pine waste In Indonesia

(2)Factory supply 1 ton per hour customized biomass wood pellet line project In Iceland

(3)Hot selling 1 ton per hour wood pellet line In Congo

(4)1 Ton per hour turn-key biomass pellet plant In TAIWAN

(5)1 Ton per hour renewable energy wood pellet plant project In Brazil

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