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What are the protein mixing processes in a 10 tons per hour broiler chicken feed pellet production plant factory?

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Energy and protein are two important nutrients for broilers, which directly determine the growth rate of broilers and the economic benefits of a 10 ton per hour broiler chicken feed mill. Excessive protein intake will affect digestion and absorption. Under low-energy, high-protein feeding conditions, excess protein will be converted into energy, which will not only waste protein, but also increase the burden on the liver and kidneys. Therefore, in order to ensure the growth of broilers and the physiological characteristics of high feed utilization, food should maintain high energy, high protein levels and appropriate proportions. The protein-energy ratio of broilers in different feeding periods.

10 ton per hour chicken feed broiler making machine price

1. Currently commonly used material distribution processes include manual feeding, volumetric type, warehouse type, multi-warehouse type, and multi-warehouse type.

(1) Manually add ingredients for small feed processing plants and feed processing workshops. This kind of technical equipment investment is low, the product cost is low, because the manual measurement is adopted, the process is manual operation, and the production efficiency is very low, especially after a long time operation, workers are prone to errors.

(2) A volume feeder must be installed under each warehouse wall.

(3) Multiple warehouse scales must group the tested materials according to their physical characteristics or weighing range, and each group must be equipped with a corresponding measuring device.

2. The broiler feed mixing process can be divided into two types: batch mixing and continuous mixing.

(1) Mix various mixture components in batches according to the formula ratio, and batch mixing is suitable for human circulation. This mixing method is easy to change the formula, and there is little mutual mixing between batches. It is a widely used mixing process at present. Because the switch operation is more frequent, so most of the automatic program control.

(2) The continuous mixing method is used to measure the proportion of each feed component to the feed stream containing various components at the same time, and the continuous mixing method is used to form a uniform feed stream. This process has the advantages of good continuity, easy connection with continuous operation processes such as pulverization and granulation, and no need for frequent operations in production. However, in formula exchange, flow adjustment is more troublesome, and there are many continuous conveying and continuous mixing equipment. The material remains, so the mixing problem of the two batches of feed is more serious.

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3.How to make chicken feed for broilers in 10 ton per hour feed manufacturing plant for poultry?

(1)Components of 10tph poultry pellet feed production line broiler chicken

①Materials receiving& pre-cleaning system

②Crushing system

③Batching& mixing system

④Pelletizing& cooling& screening system

⑤Packing& dust collecting system

⑥Oil adding system

⑦MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel

⑧Batching System (Computer controlled)

⑨Cables & Cable Bridge Tube

(2)Broiler chicken feed equipment needed in 10 ton per hour broiler chicken feed mill factory

Name Model QTY
Drum type precleaner SCY63 1
Chicken feed hammer mill grinder SFSP66*80 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMa.36A 1
Permanent magnetic sleeve TCXT20 1
Powder precleaner SCQZ60*50*100 1
Rotary distributor TFPX6 1
Batching scale PLC1.0A 1
Single-shaft mixer SLHJ2A 1
Broiler chicken feed pelleting machine SZLH420 1
Cooling Machine SKLN20x20 1
Pellet Crumbler SSLG15*150 1
Rotary screener SFJH125*2C 1
Automatic Packing machine DCS-50 1
Sewing machine,belt conveyor / 1

(3)How much is 10 ton capacity poultry chicken broiler feed machine line cost?

Complete 10t/h broiler chicken feed manufacturing plant cost is usually between 100000USD-350000USD.

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4. Nutrients in broiler feed

(1) Cereals

Most grains in grain feed can be directly fed to poultry, but most grains are processed to produce a large number of by-products in the process of human food processing. Under normal circumstances, by-products are of little value to human consumption and can be widely used as livestock feed. By-products produced by the grain processing industry can be used as feed for wheat bran produced by the flour processing industry. Rice bran produced by rice bran processing is now called grain processing. By-products, such as wheat bran, wheat bran, rice bran and rice bran. Bran feed is mainly composed of seed coat, gelatin layer and a small amount of endosperm and embryo. The nutritional value of bran feed varies with the processing depth. In general, the crude fiber content in bran feed is higher than the raw material, the crude fiber content is 9%-14%, and the protein content is 9%-14%.

The content of crude ash is higher than that of raw food, the ratio of calcium to phosphorus is not balanced, and the content of phosphorus is very high, generally about 1%. Phosphorus in bran is in the form of phytate, and the utilization rate of monogastric animals is low, group b High vitamin content, especially high vitamin B content.

(2)Wheat bran

Wheat bran is a by-product of the flour industry and a product of wheat flour processing. Different processing techniques have different effects on the nutritional value of bran. The endosperm accounts for 85% of the weight of wheat, 13% of the seed coat and paste layer, and 2% of the wheat germ. In flour production, not all endosperm is transferred to flour, so bran is mainly composed of seed coat and gelatin layer and a small amount of embryo and endosperm. Wheat is processed into high-grade flour (called Fu Flour in Beijing), which can produce 70 kg of flour and 30 kg of wheat bran per 100 kg of wheat. In the production of standard flour, the yield of wheat bran is low, only 19%, and the composition of wheat bran endosperm and germ is less, mainly the seed coat and aleurone layer.

Bran ​​has low nutritional value, accounting for 8.5% 12%, an average of 9%, and nitrogen-free extracts accounting for about 58%. From all kinds of livestock to value-use bran, the worst chickens, pigs, and cattle are better. The crude protein content is generally between 13% and 15%, which is higher than that of wheat. The lysine content is about 0.67% and the methionine content is very low, about 0.11%. B vitamins are rich, because b vitamins mainly exist in the germ and gelatin layer, such as riboflavin content of 3.5mg/kg. The phosphorus content is very high, about 1%. Bran has the characteristics of light weight and large volume, and can be used to adjust the energy concentration in the daily diet. Due to the strong water absorption of bran, if the dry feed contains a lot of bran, it will cause constipation. In the application process, special attention should be paid to the use of eggs in the feed accounting for 3% 5%, 13-20 weeks of age can use 15% 20% in the reserved chicken feed, and egg feed accounts for about 5%.

(3)Rice bran

Rice bran is a mixture of seed coat, gelatin layer and embryo separated from rice when rice is processed into rice. The nutritional value of rice bran depends on the precision of rice bran processing. The more white rice is processed, the higher the yield of wheat bran. Generally speaking, per 100 kg of rice bran is 68 kg. During the production of brown rice, rice bran is 7 kg, rice bran is 7072 kg, and rice bran is 22 kg.

Rice bran contains 11.9% crude ash and 13.7% crude fiber, which is the high-ash crude fiber in energy feed. The protein and fat content of rice bran is higher than that of rice, the crude protein content is 13.8%, and the fat content is 14.4%. Rice bran contains 1255813395 kJ/kg, cattle is 11930 kJ/kg, crude fat contains high unsaturated fatty acids, easy to acid, difficult to store, difficult to store in summer. The content of lysine and riboflavin in rice bran is higher.

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