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How to choose 2-3t/h wood pellet manufacturing machine for making biomass fuel pellets in Canada?

2021-01-09 Back to List

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A smart Canada buyer is someone who researches each and everything before making a purchase. So, when it comes to buying a "new technology 2-3 ton per hour wood pellet mill", the research is a prerequisite. Here are some aspects that you need to consider before making a purchase.

wood sawdust pellet making machine for sale

1.Introduction of hot products 2-3t/h biomass wood pelleting machine on the market

Model:MZLH520 Ring Die Wood Pellet Mill

Capacity of wood sawdust pellet:2000-2500 KG/H

Size : 3000*1260*1860 MM

Anti-caking Feeder Power:2.2KW

Forced Feed Power :0.75 KW

Power: 160KW

Final Pellet :6-12mm

Weight : 4500KG

2.How to buy a factory directly supply good quality 2-3tph wood pellet press machine in Canada?

Knowing Your Aim And Budget: It's the most important aspect that needs to be addressed first. Since buying a 2-3t/h wood sawdust biomass wood pellet mill is different from buying a car or other things, you need to consider following aspects, such as:

(1)The aim of Purchase

Are you thinking of starting a wood pellet production line for making biofuel pellets, or making animal feed pellets or fertilizer pellets? So, give a thought and clear your purpose before buying a 2-3 ton per hour high quality ce wood pellet mill machine.

2 ton per hour professional agricuture biomass wood pellet making machine

(2)The type of Raw Materials:

Depending upon the biomass waste and other Organic wastes like sawdust, peanuts shells, wood shaving and corn straws etc., and the outcome product, you need to plan your purchase.

(Click to know more about how to make pellets from alfalfa straw hay)

So, it's required to do a proper research so that you can buy a 2-3t/h stable performance wood pellet mill machine to make pellets that serves your all purposes. Proper planning of budget will help you to avoid unexpected stress.

(3)Inspecting the 2-3tph wood gtanulator pellet machine

It is necessary to visit the wood pellet making machine manufacturer or supply so that you can get an impression of the manufacturing process and quality of the machine. Visiting the manufacturer not only help you to understand the product but also their work ethics. Make sure to see the working of wood pellet manufacturing equipment in order to confirm the quality and shape of the outcome or the product.

(4)Selecting The Right Type

There are various types of ring die wood pellet press machine available in the market which serves different purposes. With the advancement in technology, today's wood pellet making machines are compact and multi-functional.

Now, we have Horizontal Ring Die Pellet Machine, which is more compact and occupies much lesser space in comparison to flat and horizontal ring die types. It's always necessary to keep your expectations and requirement in the center so that you don't end up in buying a wrong or less efficient machine.

CE 3 tph biomass wood pellet making machine

(5)Pelletizer Machine's Interior Configuration

Interior configuration of the equipment for making wood pellets: Its material, and structure of assembly is an effective way to decide your desired machinery. The balance and vibration-free operations of wood pellet press making machine are necessary to be considered because it's the crux of unmatched performance.

Wood pellet maker machine stability ensures that all the moving parts of the machine are properly arranged. Proper alignment of moving parts leads to no vibration in the wood pelletizer. Due to no vibration, the machine is free from getting damaged readily, which ultimately result in better performance and easy maintenance.

So, It is desired from our end that the above information help you to buy the right wood pellet press machine. For any other concern and queries, Feel free to contact Richi Machinery. We will happy to assist you!

3.How expensive is a 2-3 ton per hour capacity wood pellet mill in Canada?

Cost to build a 2-3 ton capacity wood pelletizer mill machine for energy pellets in Canada is usually around 46000USD.

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