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How To Make Horse Animal Feed Pellets And 1-20TPH Horse Feed Pellet Production Machine Line For Sale

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Our topic today is"How To Make Animal Feed Pellets For Horse & Introduction of 1-20TPH Horse Feed Pellet Production Machine Line".Horses are herbivorous animals, and their main feed is forage, and they also need to absorb some trace elements. From the perspective of feeding horse nutrition, according to the nutritional content and type of feed, feed is divided into two categories, coarse feed and concentrated feed, which mainly include corn, sorghum, oats, barley, bran, bean cake, peanut cake, corn straw, alfalfa and other raw materials.

In order to make horse live a long, healthy life, and perform best, two most significant nutritional factors to horse are water and forage. Some horses can maintain healthy weight on forage without additional grain or feed, while for some horses especially those in rigorous training programs would need more than that.

RICHI Machinery is a professional animal feed machine line manufacturer.Our animal feed processing line equipment can also be used to produce various animal feeds such as poultry feed pellets, chicken feed pellets, cattle feed pellets, pig feed pellets, sheep feed pellets, and fish feed pellets.

Popular wholesale price horsel plant feed pellet production line

1.Types Of Horse Feed


Grains here mean cereal plants grown, harvested and used as horse feed. Grains can provide nutrients and carbohydrates for horse. For horses, the most common grain is oats which are also easy to digest. Apart from oats, corn, and barley are also popular horse feeds to offer energy and weight. Some people also mix sorghum and wheat with other grains to use as horse feeds.

•Disadvantages of Grains:

As to using grains to feed horse, there is one thing to pay attention, kernels and hulls of sorghum and wheat are too hard for horse to eat and digest, so they should be processed before feeding.

(2)weet feeds

It is also called as textured feed. Sweet feed mainly contains grains (such as oats, barley, corn) and protein, minerals, vitamins with high levels of molasses. Grains contained is wholly or coarsely crushed and plainly visible in the mix. Sweet feed is also chewier than other forms of feed, so with more saliva production it can encourage better horse digestion. With high molasses content, sweet feeds become an ideal choice for those who want to encourage horses to eat more and have an extra boost of energy.

•Disadvantages of Sweet Feeds:

Even though sweet feed is a go-to feed, its high sugar content makes it quite harmful just like sugar for people. People don't let children to have sugary candy for dinner, so is the same for horses. Too much sugar is bad for their teeth and not good for their bodies. sweet feed

(3)Pellet feeds

Pelleted feeds are made by grinding up grains, proteins, vitamins and minerals, then using heat and moisture to form them into pellets. Compared with unprocessed grains, pelleted feeds are uniform and more easy to digest especially for foals, weanlings, and older horses.

•Advantages Of Horse Pellet Feed

①Horse pellet feeds are made of feed that ground into particles formerly, so pellets are much more digestible than whole grains or hay. Which is especially a better choice for very young or old horses, or for horses that have mouth or tooth problem. For those elderly horses that have little or no teeth, pellets can also be soaked into a mush.

②Horses can't sort out feeds in pelleted type. If you have horses that always sort out ingredients to eat and leave the rest, it probably doesn't get the nutrition that is designed to deliver. However with pelleted feed, horses have no choice but to eat the whole pellets. In this way, horses can get balanced nutrition that owners want to deliver.

③Without molasses content, pelleted feeds are easier to store in special weather. Pellets can also remain fresh for a long time because some special ingredients are added to preserve its storage life.

④Horse feed pellets have high density and small size, so they are easy to transport and move around.

⑤Horse feed pellets are also economical, because making horse feeds pellets cost much less than buying feed pellets. Moreover pellets provide more energy with less bulk and readily available.

Livestock Ruminant Animal Poultry Animal Horse Feed Pellet Production Line

2.How To Make Horse Feed Pellets?

1-20TPH horse feed pellet production line manufacturing process:

(1)Raw ingredients have to ground into powder, so one horse feed hammer mill grinder machine is a must for grinding up raw materials. Then ground powder has to be separated by a sieve to make sure powder meet requirements.

(2)Horse animal feed mixer is needed to mix processed raw materials. During these processes, vitamins, protein, minerals are added to raise the nutritional value of feed pellets.

(3)Mixed materials are fed into a horse feed pellet mill machine to be extruded into pellets under high temperature and high pressure.

(4)As the pellets to be extruded has high temperature, so pellets cooler is a necessary to cool the heat.

(5)Next pellets package machine can be adopted if you have bagging requirements.

•Tips To Pay Attention:

Wheat and rice barn are not suitable to be regarded as major part of your horse's diet because they may cause mineral imbalances. Besides, such things like tomatoes, acorns, cauliflowers, kale, cabbage are also can not fed to your horses.

3.1-20TPH horse animal feed pellet processing plant cost

Cost of establishing a 1-20 ton per hour capacity horse feed pellet making plant is usually between 15000USD-100000USD.

4.The 1-20t/h best price pelletizing equipments for producing horse feeds

What is the most important equipment in the 1-20 ton capacity horse feed pellet manufacturng line? It is 1-20tph automatic good quality horse feed pelletizer.Animal horse feed pelleting machine belongs to horse feed equipment, which is an animal horse feed production machine with corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, etc. as raw materials and directly pressed into pellets after crushing raw materials. According to the different capacity, ring die horse feed pellet machine is divided into SZLH250 horse feed pellet mill,SZLH320 horse feed pelletizer.SZLH350 horse feed pelletizing machine,SZLH420 horse feed pellet equipment,SZLH508 horse feed pellet press. Generally,ce high quality ring die horse feed pellet making machine applicable to large, medium and small scale horse feed pellet prodcution plants. The method of feeding is forced feeding.

In addition, the larger scale of the horse farm will choose to mix some fine feed in the feed as a supplement. If the amount of refined feed in the formula is too much and the degree of maturation is large, the ring die type animal feed pelleting machine for horse can be used to determine the degree of maturation of the feed by increasing the number of conditioners.

animal feed cattle sheep feed pellet production line for sale

5.Why choose 1-20t/h good performance horse feed pellet mill machine with ring die

(1)Horse pellet press machine production of feed particles, comprehensive nutrition.

(2)Increased feeding rate and decreased incidence.

(3)Granulated horse feed can also assist livestock to grind teeth and increase rumen function.

(4)Different livestock corresponding to different specifications of horse pellet feed.

6.The feature of 1-20tph horse animal pellet milling machine

(1)Simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor area and low noise.

(2)Powder feed and straw powder can be pelleted without adding or a little liquid, so the moisture content of granular feed is basically the moisture content of the material before granulation, which is more convenient for storage.

(3)Chicken, duck, fish, etc., can obtain higher economic benefits than mixed powder feed.

(4)Dry material processing, the production of feed particles with high hardness, smooth surface, internal maturation, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

(5)The pellet formation process can denature the pancreatic enzymes in grains and legumes, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various insect eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various insects and digestive diseases.

7.Working principle of szlh series 1-20tph ring die pellet mill for horse feed making

(1)After the crushing table starts, it will idle for 2 to 3 minutes, and start feeding after there is no abnormal phenomenon.

(2)Work to pay attention to the running conditions of horse feed pellet machine, feed to the average, in case of blocking stuffy car, do not overload for a long time.If there is vibration, noise, bearing and machine temperature over high, spraying materials to the outside, should immediately stop check, clean up the trouble ahead can continue to work.

(3)The crushed materials should be carefully checked, to avoid copper, iron, stone and other hard objects into the crushing room to form an accident.

(4)Operators do not wear gloves, feeding should stand on the side of the biomass pellet machine, in order to prevent the impact of debris rebound to the face.

(5)Long-term operation, should be fixed on the cement base. If often change open working place, horse pellet making machine and electric motor should be installed on the machine base that makes with angle iron.

animal feed pellet plant ring die feed pellet production line

8.How To Improve Production Efficiency Of 1-20TPH Ring Die Horse Feed Pellet Milling Machines

With the increasing use of 1-20tph horse feed pelleting machine, high-efficiency pellet making machine can ensure a dominant position in production and increase profits. So it is important to learn how to improve the production efficiency of RICHI 1-20t/h capacity ce verified horse feed pelleting machine. The following will introduce how to improve the production efficiency of 1-20tph horse feed pellet equipment in detail.

(1)Choosing a suitable ce certificate 1-20t/h livestock feed pellet mill for horse feed

①Appropriate pre-treatment of materials and improvement optimization of processing equipment can effectively improve the productivity of ring die horse feed pelletizing machine.

②Evenly feeding can make the pelletization of the pellet making machine smoother and keep the horse pellet machine running at high speed. You can purchase a feeder when you buy the machine, which is convenient and labor-saving.

③Choose the appropriate template mold, some users use the aperture is too small, often there is a phenomenon of low yield or even no discharge. When purchasing the pellet machine, according to the purpose of use, carefully ask the sales staff should equip with an aperture template.

④Keep the 1-20t/h ring die ce horse feed pellet making machine clean. Users often do not pay attention to keep the feed pellet machine clean during use, which speeds up the life of the pellet making machine to make horse feed. So pay attention to keep the machine clean.

⑤Regularly keep the granules lubricated, regularly add butter and add lubricant. Regular cleaning of the template, generally with butter to improve the efficiency of the machine.

(2)Ring die factors of 1-20tph hot sale animal horse feed processing pellet machine

The opening ratio of the ring die surface directly affects the production efficiency of the horse feeding pellet mill machine. Theoretically, the larger the opening ratio of the surface of the ring mold, the higher the productivity of the horse feed pellet equipment, but the size of the opening ratio also directly affects the ease of machining and the strength of the ring die.

Therefore, in the case of ensuring that the ring die has sufficient strength and easy processing, the opening ratio of the ring mold increased as much as possible. The ratio of the die hole depth to the hole diameter of the ring die has a great influence on the quality and efficiency of the pelletization, and when the aspect ratio is increased, the productivity is lowered. The overall quenching of the pellet making machine does not reduce the smoothness of the ring die hole, which is essential for ensuring the production efficiency of the 1-20tph horse feed machine for pellets.

There is no strict positive-to-reverse relationship between the productivity of the 1-20tph horse feed pellet mill machine and the rotational speed of the ring die. The optimum rotational speed range of the ring die corresponds to the highest productivity.

(3)Roller Factor Of 1-20PH Horse Feed Line Pellet Machine

①The pressure roller shell is worn and needs to replace in time.

②The new pressure roller and the old ring die will cause low output. The new ring mold should equip with a new pressure roller shell for pelletization so that the overall contact gap between the pressure roller and the ring die is uniform, and the purpose of uniform wear achieved. The wear of the blade affected the conditioner, which affects the quenching and tempering. The mixing effect of the material and the absorption of steam are poor. The material of the conditioner not softened, which affects the particle powdering rate and output.

③Adjust the gap between the template and the pressure roller. Appropriate pressure can make the aging degree of the pellets and the compactness achieve a good effect. The feed pellets have a pressure regulating screws, and the pressure screws on both sides adjusted and balanced.

1-20TPH horse feed pellet processing equipment using large-diameter ring die and pressure roller can increase productivity because the diameter of the pressure roller directly affects the material intake angle when the pellet is pressed. The structural parameters of the ring die and the pressure roller have a great influence on the production efficiency of the feed pellet machine. The ratio of the number of pressure rollers to the diameter of the die roller has a mutually restricting relationship. Therefore, the increase in the number of pressure rollers does not necessarily effectively improve production efficiency.

⑤The roll gap also affects the production efficiency of the 1-20tph pellet mill for horse feed. When the roll gap is too large, the material slips and the productivity decreases. When the gap is too small, the extrusion temperature increased the powder temperature, and the water evaporates faster. The dry junction blocks the die hole and the productivity also lowered.

As a professional animal feed pellet machine plant manufacturer, in order to meet the requirements of customers, RICHI not only provide a single machine but also provide 1-20tph complete horse feed pellet production line.Hope this article can help you know more horse feed processing machinery, if you want to build your own hot selling automatic 1-20tph animal horse feed pellet producing line, please contact Richi Machine.

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