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The Reason That Chooses Poultry Animal Feed Production Machine To Process Feed Pellets

2020-12-15 Back to List

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Now poultry animals fed with feed pellets, and feed producing also has special animal feed processing machinery. Richi Machinery is a China poultry feed pellet making machine manufacturer. The following is the analysis of Richi Machinery from a scientific point of view, what are the advantages of processing poultry chicken feed with animal feed pelleting machine, and these are also the reasons for attracting users.

1-3TPH poultry farming equipment poultry feeds

1.Why Choose Poultry Animal Feed Pellet Mill Machine To Make Poultry Chicken Feed Pellets?

Using an animal feed pellet processing machinery to make poultry chicken feed pellets, their formula nutrition is very comprehensive. Which can avoid animals picky eating. Since the animal poultry chicken dusk goose feed is basically pellet, it can be kept uniform in each process, thereby reducing unnecessary losses and saving transportation costs.

During the processing of poultry feed pellets, due to the effects of moisture, temperature, and pressure, a series of reactions will occur in the feed, which helps digestion. Coupled with the good fluidity of the poultry pellet feed, there is little adhesion, which is one of the reasons for attracting customers. The feed processed by animal poultry pellet feed production machine is not as susceptible to grading as powder, so it is not easy to dust, and the environmental pollution relatively reduced. Which is in line with the concept of environmentally friendly production.

2.The Advantages Of Feed Made By CE Poultry Chicken Feed Pelletizing Machine

(1) Improving the poultry digestibility.

(2) In the poultry feed production process, due to the combined effects of moisture, temperature, and pressure. The starch is gelatinized and the enzyme activity is enhanced, so that the animals digest the feed more quickly and improve the feed conversion rate.

(3) Preventing animals from picky eating, ensure a good nutritional formula, and reduce feed loss.

(4) Sterilization reduces the activity of microorganisms. High temperature steam conditioning and granulation can kill salmonella in poultry animal feed.

(5) Avoiding automatic grading of feed ingredients and reducing environmental pollution.

(6) Increasing animal feed intake and reducing waste of feeding.

(7) Animals are easy to accept when changing the poultry feed formula.

(8) Reducing the hanging material, agglomeration, and dust in the warehouse.

On the whole, poultry feed pellet maker is an ideal chicken poultry feed mill equipment, and it should be used well. If you want to build your own high quality complete chicken poultry feed pellet making plant, welcome to visit our 1-100 ton per hour animal feed pellet manufacturing plant for various animal feeds.

Animal Poultry Chicken Fish feed Processing Equipment

3.How To Use The CE ISO Approved Poultry Chicken Feed Pellet Processing Machine Properly?

Proper use of ring die poultry feed pelletizer machine can increase material utilization and increase revenue.

(1)Reducing The Poultry Power Consumption Of Poultry Feed Mill Equipment Of Pelletization

In the production process of poultry animal feed pelletizer, a large amount of electric energy is inevitably consumed. At the same time, it will generate a lot of power consumption costs. In order to save costs and reduce power consumption, we must take some effective measures in light of the actual situation. First of all, before the production of feed machinery, it is necessary to prepare in advance, and the production process must well-connect, and the time is compact and reasonable.

It should note that during the operation of the pellet mill for poultry feed, the staff should shorten the production preparation time. And the idling of the equipment as much as possible to avoid the waste of manpower, electricity, fuel, and time costs.

(2)Meeting The Production Standards

To achieve such production standards, management and supervision also needed to minimize power consumption. In addition to this, it is also necessary to minimize poultry feed making machinery downtime and repair time. That is to say, in actual production, for different production requirements, suitable feed machinery should select for production and processing. This can also reduce power consumption to a certain extent.

animal feed making machine cattle poultry feed grinding and mixing machine for sale

(3)Make Sure The Poultry Feed Maker Machine Is Safe In The Use

(1)First of all, in order to avoid accidents in the transportation, loading, and unloading of the feed machinery. It is necessary to check whether the bolts and nuts of all parts are loose before use. Whether the flat teeth, the scallops, and the spindle nut are loose or not, and tighten them in time. Then turn the pulley by hand to check the machine for collisions. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the poultry feed mill factory equipment can maintain flexible operation. If there is any debris in the machine, it must clean up. It generally requires to let the equipment run dry for a while before confirming that there is no abnormal problem before normal production can begin.

(2)Secondly, in the process of operating the good performance poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine, we must pay attention to strictly control the cleanliness of the materials. If there is any debris in the materials, it is necessary to clean them up. It is strictly forbidden to enter the machine with iron and stone, so as to avoid injury to the feed pellet mill for poultry. In addition, the receiving cloth bag should have a length of more than 4 meters and a diameter of 0.6 meters. The cloth should not too dense. It should discharge in time to ensure that the bag has sufficient air permeability.

(3)Third, during the operation of the poultry feed pellet mill equipment, it is also necessary to strictly control the feeding. It should note that the feeding should keep even, pay attention to the degree of power load, and avoid being caught. The amount of the plate adjuster can use to crush the pellets. It should note that when the wear of one corner affects the working efficiency, the hammer can turn on the reverse side (the four groups adjusted together at the same time to avoid causing the rotor to unbalance). The replacement hammer should replace completely.

4.Proper Use Of The Poultry Feed Production Equipment

Proper use of poultry feed processing equipment closely related to the quality and efficiency of the poultry feed line production process. That is to say, the correct operation can appropriately extend the service life of the poultry chicken feed pellet making machine. As a user, in daily use, we should take care to maintain equipment and ensure safe production.

In addition, before using the poultry chicken feed pellet production line equipment every day, the lubrication should check, the appropriate amount of lubricant should add in advance, and the bearing condition should check regularly. The burr side should mound on the screen when installing the screen. According to the fineness of the pulverized material, sieves of different diameter sieve holes selected. In addition, the rational design of the animal feed pelleting machine for poultry feed and the choice of parameters must also be reasonable.

Richi Machinery as a professional animal feed production line factory has the advantages of advanced structure, reliable performance, low energy consumption, and stable operation. Provide each customer with intimate pre-sales and after-sales professional services, from product introduction to poultry feed production site and customer feed pelletizing equipment worksite visit.

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