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Common sense of using vibrating screen for 1-100t/h turnkey poultry feed pellet making plant

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We produce vibrating screen sieves of several models for 1-100t/h turnkey chicken feed pellet plant, they are used to remove the dust from the pellet before packing it or before bulk delivery.

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1.Technical characteristics of RICHI vibrating screening machine:

(1)Frame made of alloy section bars, with appropriate dimensions.

(2)Vibrating case made for the correct screening of the product and for the installation of screens their tension devices.

(3)Discharging opening with two different outlets: one for the sieved pellet and one for dust.

(4)Elastic components determined by helical spring that enable the correct functioning of the sieve.

(5)Vibrating unit made of two of vibrating motors with adjustable eccentric mass to change the vibrating movement.

big feed machinery manufacturer poultry mash feed machinery

2. Model selection

Mainly based on the following conditions:

(1) Name, bulk density, viscosity, and temperature of the screened material

(2) Processing volume per hour

(3) Mesh number of screen

(4) The particle size ratio of the material and the required screening accuracy

(5) Acidity and alkalinity of materials (make sure to use 304# stainless steel or 316L stainless steel)

(6) The space size of the vibrating screen placed on the production line site

3. Installation of vibrating screener

(1) Remove the transportation support. Since the base of the screen machine and the screen frame are connected by springs, the upper part of the screen machine is firmly supported by transportation during transportation. After entering the installation site, the transportation support should be removed. It is strictly forbidden to test the machine without taking the transportation support.

(2) The screen machine should be placed on a horizontal foundation during installation. If the foundation is not laid, a vibration-proof rubber sheet should be laid between the workbench and the machine base.

(3) The vibrating motor and the cable in the sieve machine are subjected to severe vibration, and should be connected to a standard ground wire for safety.

4. Trial run

(1) Turn on the power switch and run it for 20-30 minutes. The motor should run counterclockwise in general. If the direction is wrong, please adjust the three-phase power supply.

(2) It should be confirmed that the vibration motor is running within the rated current. At the beginning of operation, especially in low temperature situations, the current will be slightly higher, but within 20-30 minutes, it should be reduced to the rated current value.

(3) The vibrating screen must not have any abnormal sound. If any abnormal sound occurs, it should be shut down quickly for inspection. The abnormal sound is generally caused by the loosening of the fastening part. Especially when it is caused during transportation and assembly after disassembly, pay attention to the fastening of each part. The screen machine has a momentary resonance zone (1-3 seconds) when it starts and stops. At this time, the amplitude and noise will increase significantly, which is a normal phenomenon.

(4) After the dry operation, a small amount of material can be fed into the screen through the feed port, and then slowly increased to the required and can withstand the feeding amount. At this time, the heavy hammer should be carried out according to the discharge situation of the mesh surface Adjust to make the efficiency of the screen machine reach the best condition.

(5) The general materials of this series of screens are not equipped with a bouncing ball device, which can meet the screening requirements. Special materials need to be equipped with a bouncing ball device to be designed and installed separately. At this time, the no-load noise will increase.

5. Adjustment of the phase angle of the upper and lower weights of the motor

(1) Changing the phase angle of the upper and lower heavy hammers can change the movement trajectory and residence time of the online materials. In order to adapt the screening machine to the separation state required by various materials, such as the distribution of materials, the processing capacity, the separation efficiency, the screen passing rate and other changes, it should be adjusted to the best state.

Note: The direction of rotation of the two motors is reverse to each other! Both motors can run inwards or outwards at the same time.

(2) Adjustment of motor phase angle. When the phase angle of the upper and lower weights decreases or increases, its function is to increase or decrease the excitation force of the screen machine. It is to increase or decrease the excitation force according to the number of layers of the user's screen machine and the specific gravity of the material. Adjust the motor The phase angle of the heavy hammer can achieve the best screening effect. The phase angles of the upper and lower motors must be consistent.

(3) The inclination angle of the sieve machine is 4°-10°. Sometimes due to the influence of the material's specific gravity, humidity, stacking inclination angle and other parameters, it is impossible to adjust the above adjustment phases successfully at one time, so users should have sufficient patience to make adjustments to make the screener achieve its due high efficiency.

6. Daily inspection and maintenance

(1) Check carefully whether the fastening bolts of each joint of the screen machine are loose. If it is loose and continue to run, it will damage the screen.

(2) Whether the wiring from the vibration motor to the switch is worn or not, use neoprene vibration-resistant cables when replacing the cables. Operation with missing items is strictly prohibited.

(3) Check the motor for abnormal sound and abnormal heating. The temperature limit of the motor bearing part is 40°C higher than the ambient temperature. If it is abnormal, add lubricating oil or replace the bearing. The decoration of the motor should be carried out by a technician with professional knowledge.

(4) Whether the screen is tensioned and whether the screen surface is damaged. If there is damage, replace the screen in time.

(5) The inside of the screen must be cleaned after each use.

7. Screen replacement

(1) When the screen is found to be damaged and a new screen needs to be replaced, just loosen the external locking handle, you can remove the screen grid, take out the screen frame, remove the rubber seal ring, tighten the bolt, and loosen the screen frame Fastening bolts can replace the damaged screen.

(2) Then change to a new network and reinstall it in reverse order according to 6.1. Note: The net must be flat and firm. The lower bolts of the screen frame must be locked first, and then the upper bolts. The two outer V-groove bolts must be tightened.

8. Equipment maintenance

(1) Always add oil when the equipment is in operation, add oil twice a week.

(2) A minor repair and maintenance should be carried out every three months, and an overhaul should be carried out in 6-12 months. During the overhaul, check the motor, whether the fasteners are loose or not, disassemble the vibrator to clean the bearings and oil seals. replace.

(3) Check the cables regularly (change the motor leads every three months).

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