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The advantages of feed pellets instead of common feed


Henan Richi Machinery CO.,LTD was founded in 1995, is an integrated solution provider of plants, equipment and service, headquartered in Zhengzhou,Henan province,China. After almost 20 years' development,Richi has grown into a global technology partner for plant,equipment and services in feed manufacturing, storage,environment protection,biomass processing,steel structure,steel structure construction and industrial automation.

The advantages of pellet feed are numerous: you will be able to have a kind of feed pellet that is easy to handle and measure, thus making feeding time so much easier on the horse owner. In addition to taking the guess work out of feeding the animals, you will also be assured of the quality of the pelleted feed which is consisted throughout while textured feeds are not. Since the nutritional makeup of the feed is the same throughout, you will be able to properly plan your animal’s nutritious regimen and also execute it with the same level of consistency day in and day out. This also prevents picky eaters from only ingesting the portions of the textured feeds they enjoy while leaving behind that which they will rather not eat.

Taste is also a factor that manufacturers have taken into consideration, and horse owners have found that even horses with an affirmed sweet tooth for the molasses bound feed will eagerly eat the pellets. Furthermore, if your horses’ nutritional needs change, you will be able to adjust the feed accordingly and it may be done quickly and easily. Once again the uniformity of the pelleted feed is its very strong point, in that each pellet contains the amino acids, lysine, minerals and also vitamins that the animal needs. The price tag is also a most advantageous feature. Take for example the fact that the pellets are completely digestible you will not find any of them in your horse’s manure, thus having wasted your money. Instead, you will save money since the feed is not wasted. In addition to the foregoing, since pellets are specially formulated to store easily, they will not spoil like other feeds, and even changing temperatures have no influence on the appearance, taste, and structure of the pellets. Shelf lives range from one month to about a month and one half, giving you more time than textured feed before needing to replace the feed.

Every so often horse owners run across a new kind of feed pellet that they may eye with suspicion or at least with a “wait and see attitude.” While it is good not to jump on the latest feed bandwagon in an effort to either save time or money, or simply to follow up on the latest equine diet fad, it is important to understand that some of these newfangled ideas are actually quite advantageous.

Yet some horse owners are hesitant to feed pellets simply because they look differently. Others allege that pellets are the cause of colic, but this has been disproven since colic is the result of insufficient roughage ingestion – remember that half of a horse’s daily food intake needs to be roughage! Do not allow your animal to bolt its feed to prevent choking, and place the pelleted feed in a proper feeding vessel. As you can see, there is no real scientific reason for not at least offering your horse pellet feed to see if it likes and if you, too, will enjoy the convenience of this feed.

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