How to select the right feed pellet mill for yourself


According to the breeding object take different feed pellet mill, such as fish, chicken, rabbit, sheep and other, including fish, chicken pellets, concentrate more, in particle diameter equal, generally used in the relatively thick "disk mode", rabbit and sheep pellet to use "thin" "the mold disc. This is because the "fine" feed more pressing, less resistance, less power consumption. In general, the proportion of grass powder is 50% or 60% of the total material in the rabbit and sheep, and the grass powder is pressed and extruded in the hole of the mould plate.

According to the provisions of the relevant standards of the Ministry of agriculture to choose. Per hour of electrical production should not be less than 40 kg (particle diameter of 4 - 6 mm, flat mode). The user in the selection, to look at the label manufacturers on the nameplate. The appearance of the granular material should be smooth, the hardness is moderate, the crushing rate should be less than 4%, the feed water content should be less than 10%.

Pellet feed in the pressing process, particle temperature is 60 DEG C, the curable unrivaled, most should not exceed 80 degrees centigrade, otherwise in the granulation process by adding a variety of trace elements will suffer a loss. Had better choose "done, do a" grain feed machine, because of the pellets produced by the machine, do not need to bake, exposure and dry to the indoor temperature can be bagging feed used, storage

Products Recommended
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Power : 90KW
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Feed Pellet Processing Machine Capacity : 8-12T/H
Power : 110KW
Automatic Bagging System
Automatic Bagging System Capacity : 6-8 BAGS/MIN
Power : 3KW
Ruminant Feed Pellet Machine
Ruminant Feed Pellet Machine Capacity : 3-4T/H
Power : 37KW
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