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The effect of feed pellet quality on poultry production process

2019-11-18 Back to List

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The way to ensure the quality of poultry production is to improve the quality of feed pellet. The way to improve the quality of feed pellet is a good feed pellet mill.

Henan Richi Machinery CO.,LTD was founded in 1995, is an integrated solution provider of plants, equipment and service, headquartered in Zhengzhou,Henan province,China. After almost 20 years' development,Richi has grown into a global technology partner for plant,equipment and services in feed manufacturing, storage,environment protection,biomass processing,steel structure,steel structure construction and industrial automation.

Feed pellet quality has a significant impact on feed intake and production performance. Therefore, it is shocking that many feed mills may only need a small amount of additional costs, and even without increasing costs can significantly improve the value of feed. And in fact, many times, to improve production efficiency helps to reduce the cost of feed.

1, Powder content of pellet feed

Although the vast majority of commercial broiler feed will be made of granular materials, but the particle durability is a big difference, the rate may be as high as 50%. An Weijie company (Aviagen) preliminarily detect under extreme conditions and actual production feed powder containing rate, used in Western Europe type wheat feed, corn feed use in Asia, the establishment of modern broiler production performance and feed with the relationship between the rate of powder.

Two experiments all showed that the feed rate of the feed can significantly affect the production performance of broilers, weight loss of 20%, FCR may increase by 7%. Then, an Weijie company to calculate the particle quality adverse effects on economic benefits by using the test data in asia. The results showed that the feed rate was reduced to 0%, the average weight per feather increased by 412 G.

In order to understand the weight value and an Weijie according to calculate per kg live weight price $0.71, the additional increase weight can make every feather chicken income of $0.29. It was found that the potential value of feed containing powder ratio decreased by 10% was the live weight of every feather chicken increased by $0.03, which has not been considered for FCR.

We know particles to increase durability is an effective method to reduce the rate of powder, and we can by adjusting the feed formula, using the raw material of wheat, barley, canola and other bond, add binder particles and improve the production of pellet feed technology method to improve the pellet durability index.

2, Four steps of pellet feed production

The four steps in the production of pellets (crushing, mixing, pressing, and cooling and drying) can be improved. Fine and uniform feed ingredients can ensure the uniformity of the mixture, increase the amount of steam absorption, improve the digestibility of feed.

Crush more fine and uniform particles, the better the quality of the granulation, faster, lower energy consumption.

As well as crushing, modulation can also significantly affect the physical properties of the particles. The steam used in the modulation process destroys the structure of the starch. This process has also increased the plasticity of the protein, softening the fiber. Increasing the modulation time and temperature would increase the degree of starch in the diet (Fig. 2). When the feed particles are passed through the ring die, the feed particles can be pressed together tightly and adhered to each other. From this point of view, it is obvious that the value of high efficiency grinding measures. For example, the majority of poultry companies reveal that the addition of Maxi-Mil increases the degree of starch paste by 23%, which has a better durability and a lower powder content.

The moisture content in the conditioner can be transferred to the feed particles.

Recent studies have found that the surface activity of Maxi-Mil reduces the surface tension of the water, so that the water can penetrate into the feed particles more quickly, and greatly improve the quality of the feed pellet.

As the grinding and pelleting quenching and tempering, having effects on grain quality.

Best crushing workers will after quenching and tempering properly feed delivery to granulation, enable them to have the forming of opportunity rather than hard pressed into pellets. Therefore, in order to avoid in the ring mold friction heat. Excessive friction will produce hard and brittle particles, will damage the nutritional value and utilization of feed.

The choice of raw materials will affect the quality of the pellet and the cost of the feed. Different materials have different granulation characteristics of different conditions, need to and achieve the best starch gelatinization degree. However, the crushing measures will make workers better grinding to control the quality of the products -- for example, adding Maxi-Mil can let them by adding a and not very expensive component package will be able to obtain high-quality, high nutritional value of pellet feed.

3, Feed value optimization

In Anitox, our Maxi-Mil feed technology personnel and nutritionists have been in an effort to understand and manage the water. And through the granulation process enable to optimize the value of the feed, is also committed to a better understanding of the feed quality improvement effect on chicken production performance.

For example, we know, in the formula according to the recommended project add our liquid mildew and will not reduce the final feed nutrient levels and composition nor the palatability produced adverse effects. This is very important, because research has shown that adding liquid mildew can reduce the energy consumption in the production of feed, pellet feed production cost can be reduced.

Independent research about liquid mildew confirmed the improved broiler body weight gain, body weight and FCR. This may be because the pellet quality is improved, and in brood and during the growth of broilers can have access to the source in the organic acid liquid mildew.

The author's advice to the breeding producers is to consult your feed producers, and they are how to monitor the pellet quality in order to ensure that the pellet feed is still intact from the feed mill to the feed trough. After all, the answer to this question will affect whether you can play the greatest genetic potential of the chicken group.

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