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Double shaft paddle mixer machine for animal poultry chicken feed mill production

2020-09-02 Back to List

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The double-shaft paddle mixer is a very popular animal feed mixing machine at present. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a poultry chicken feed mixer, cattle feed mixer, pigs fodder mixer machine, fish feed mixing machine in chicken poultry feed mills, cattle feed mill plant, aquatic fish feed mill production line, etc.

Double shaft paddle mixer machine forchicken poultry feedproduction line

1. The principle of the double shaft paddle horizontal feed mixer

The double-shaft paddle feed mixing machine for chicken poultry feed mill plant is mainly composed of a body, a rotor, a discharge mechanism, a transmission part and a control part. The machine body is a double trough shape with a w-shaped cross section. There are two feed openings on the top of the machine body, and a discharge opening at the bottom of the two troughs. The rotor of the machine is composed of two shafts installed side by side and rotating in opposite directions and blades installed on them.

Each group of blades has two blades, and the blades are generally installed on the shaft at a 45 angle. The blade groups on the two shafts are staggered, and the wheelbase is less than the sum of the lengths of the two blades. When the rotor is running, the ends of the corresponding blades on the two shafts form a cross overlap in the central part of the body, but they will not collide with each other. When the mixer is working, the materials in the machine show a multi-directional compound movement state:

(1) Convective mixing along the rotor axis;

(2) Shear mixing, that is, due to the velocity gradient distribution in the materials, shear surfaces are formed in the materials, so that the materials collide and slide with each other, thereby forming shear mixing;

(3) Special diffusion and mixing. In the central area of ​​the body, that is, the overlapping area formed by the rotation of the two rotors in opposite directions, the material in this area is affected by the rotating blades more than in other areas due to the relative movement of the two rotors. Times more. It is characterized by light and gentle mixing, low friction, no segregation of the mixture, and no damage to the original physical state of the material. This kind of mixer is mainly used for the addition of molasses and the mixing of mineral trace elements, with high mixing uniformity.

2. Parameters of double-shaft paddle 500kg/batch animal feed mixer


Material quality:carbon steel


Mixed weight:500kg/batch

3. Application of double-shaft paddle 500kg/batch feed mixing machine

(1)Full poultry feed mill plant

(2)Customized livestock feed mill plant

(3)Turnkey ruminant feed pellet line

(4)premix Feed Production Line

(5)Advanced chicken animal feed mill equipment plant

(6)Cattle feed mill processing plant

(7)Good quality pig feed mill

(8)Sheep feed mill turnkey plant

(9)aqua feed mill plant

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