How to set up a complete biomass wood pellet production line for fuels energy plant?


Biomass wood fuels energy pellet plant is also named biomass wood pellet mill production line, it can be customized according to the customer needs. There are different types of biomass fuel wood pellet production lines, small scale, middle scale and large scale. No matter what the scale of the biomass pellet plant is, their components includes the two parts: main machine and auxiliary machines.

machine for wood pellet line 10-20 ton per hour

1.What equipment needed to make wood pellets?

The main machine is biomass fuel wood pellet machine that is used to produced pellets, and the auxiliary machines can be chose according to the actual needs, like log splitter, peeling machine, good quality wood chips pellet machine for pellet plant, high quality wood hammer mill, professional manufactured wood dryer for pellet plant, wood pellet cooling machine and packing machine. Not all the auxiliary machines should be used in the biomass wood pellet mill production line.

The pellets produced by the wood pellet mill plant can be used for different ways, such as electric generation, cooking, heating, etc.

2.What are needed to start a biomass wood pellet plant?

It is not easy to build a biomass pellet production line for wood pellets. You need to prepare and inspect a lot of things.What are needed to start a wood pellet plant?Here is some little tips for you to reference:

(1)Funds. Fund is a very important factor. Before building your biomass pellet plant, you need to prepare enough money. If you can't collect all of the funds, you can find another way, like joint venture.

(2)Raw materials. You need to make sure the types of the raw materials, the source and the amount of the raw materials. It is to make sure that the materials won't break off during the production.Common biomass raw materials are rice husk,efb,bamboo,Palm Leaves ,peanut shell,corn straw,rice bran,palm fiber,hemp,hops,alfalfa,sunflower seed husk,etc.

(3)Place. The place decides the installation position of the biomass wood pellet line. The convenient degree of the place can give great help to the whole production, like the electric situation, transportation condition, etc.

(4)Market. The pellets produced by wood pellet plant are usually for sale. So it is important to make a market research. The over supply and short supply are disadvantageous to the producers.

(5)Labors. You need to make sure the needed labor number and the labor salaries, etc. The above tips are the preparing problems before building the renewable energy wood pellet plant.

3.And the following tips are about the wood pellet plants manufacturers:

(1)Supplier. Choosing a good wood pellet plants manufacturer can increase the rate that you buy a good quality biomass pellet plant machine.

(2)Machine quality. This is the priority among priorities. Whether you can gain profits depends on the quality of the machine that you choose.

(3)After sale service. This is related to the vital interests of the purchaser, for the after sale service can help the customers to solve many unnecessary problems and help them to save a lot of costs.

There are many other aspects that are needed to be considered. Finding a complete biomass wood pellet plant manufacturer who is thoughtful in every aspect is very hard, but there is exactly the manufacturer like that.

Richi Machinery is such a company, we will customize the professional factory directly offered biomass wood pellet production line for our customer and help them to finish the building of complete wood pellet production line for biomass fuel making pellet, and we will do the best. All-around service greatly helps the customer. Trust from customers is our power to go forward, while the service is our promise to the customer!

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