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How To Successfully Set Up A Low Investment High Return Wood Pellet Line?

2020-08-10 Back to List

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How to successfully set up a low investment high return wood pellet line?It is not easy to invest a high quality wood pellet production plant. RICHI try to compactly and comprehensively introduce that how to successfully invest a biomass wood pellet line according to the experience from these more than 20 years.

5 ton per hour agriculture waste biomass wood pellet line

1.The wood pellet production plant projects RICHI have set up are all over the world:

Biomass wood pellet line 10tph in Mexico

High return 5 tph wood pellet line in Austria

Canada 2t/h customized biomass wood pellet line project

1-1.5 t/h new design wood pellet plant in Iceland

Netherlands 2t/h wood pellet line with ce

Brazil 1-2t/h best price wood pellet mill plant


hot selling in Turkey wood pellet line 5 ton per hour

2.Three essential conditions to make money:

(1)Abundant raw material

(2)Excellent equipment

(3)Plenty of capital

If you want to invest this wood pellet production plant to make money, these three conditions are essential. Money cannot be earned without abundant raw material, because it takes a lot to make money. Bad equipment cannot stable the production, the simplest production line needs corresponding power set, the main engine and conveying equipment. Let alone the big production line. The more the equipments are set, the more complicated.

3.The investment can be divided into 3 steps:

A.pre-preparation stage

(1)The feature in this stage is that knowing nothing at all about this biomass pellets industry, or smattering it, or hearing of it, seeing it at friends , or having waste to deal with.

(2) What should be done at this stage?

What needs to be done at this stage are: the inspection of raw material, plant, and electricity, investment budget, the sale market.

① Investment budget. The reason why it is at the first place is the high entry barrier of this industry, the smallest complete wood pellet production plant needs more than 100 thousand RMB, without that much money budget, it is suggested to inspect another project. That which is said to be done with 50 or 60 thousand, is such a false.

②Raw material inspection. There are many raw material to be made wood pellets such as, the corn straw, wood chips, acacia, pine, bamboo saw dust, rice husk, furniture factory scrapes, building templates. The key points for raw material inspection are types, size, moisture and quantity.

③Plant. Preliminary inspection is to check how large the plant can be proceed.

④Electricity. Make sure the power that the transformer can bear, the smallest power of the pellet plant is 77kw which can not be born by some transformers. And that the unit of the transformer is KVA should be paid attention.

Learn more about wood pellet production process:

China professional wood pellet line for pine waste

B. Equipment inspection stage

①After the inspection of raw material, plant, and electricity, the pelletizer equipment is going to be inspected.

②The equipment is decided by the raw material. The equipments are different according to different materials and production process. Looking for several plants and explaining the conditions to get plans freely.

③Select the reliable factory. Look for more and visit the fields. Carry the material for the test if its necessary.

④Don't be greedy for cheap price machine. With buying good equipments, the price difference can be earned back very soon. Otherwise the bad equipments may lose money.

C.Production and sale stage

①All the things have been done to make money, but something has to be paid attention.

②Learn the operation methods of the equipment seriously. All the standard factories have training after-sale, choose the smart and studious people to learn the training, because it turned out that there is a huge difference between the users those who can use and who can not. With the same equipment, the output is 3 tons per hour by those who is can use without trouble, and the output is several hundreds kilograms per hour by those who cannot with the equipment may be broken.

③Pay attention to the fire! More than one plant broke out because of fire. What a pity !

④Pay attention to production safety.

RICHI has been focusing on the wood pellet production plant with rich experience for 25 years. You will be fruitful by talking with our professionals!

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