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How to make suckling pig teach slot feed pellets? What should be paid attention to during processing

2020-06-20 Back to List

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Creep feed, that is, the lure feed given in advance to make the piglets learn and adapt to eating solid feed, the best feeding time for teach slot feed is 7-10 days after birth-7-10 days after weaning, it is a kind of highly nutritious and highly immune feed for suckling pigs, which has high nutritional value and is more expensive than other stages of feed. Even if the feed is expensive, many farmers are still happy to feed piglets.

suckling pig teach slot feed pellets

So how to make suckling pig feed pellets?

1. Suckling pig feed production process

(1)Material Receive System

Easy to operate,every inlet has one impulse dust collector,keep environment clean,protect workers healthy.Main machine:pig feed raw material cleaning machine.

(2)Crushing System

Pre-cleaner clean raw material ,then after magnet separator,storage bin and feeder,material goes into crusher to become powder.Main machine:hammer mill pig feed grinder.

hammer mill crusher

(3)Batching & Mixing System

After crushing,original powder and some premix will be weighed in batching scale according to proportional,then go down to mixer to reach uniformity.Main machine:pig feed mixer.

(4)Pelleting System

After using high temperature steam to make raw material curing, the materials will be made to pellet through pellet press machine. Main machine:good performance pig feed pellet mill machine.

suckling pig teach slot feed pellets

(5)Cooling System

Then the pig pellets will be cooled down by pellet cooler machine.Main machine:Cooling machine

(6)Packing System

The finish product contain pellet of normal size,smaller size and bigger size.By use grading sieve,we can get normal size pellet.Main machine:bagging machine

(7)Plant Control system

PLC is designed as per the requirement of the customer. It can also control automation level.

2. Quality control during processing of suckling pig feed

To create a good product, in addition to fine formula, fine equipment, fine craftsmanship and raw materials, the ingenuity of the production process determines whether the product goes to excellence. A small part of the workers in the production process may determine the final quality of the product, especially pellet feed. For example, granulator's operation literacy, material flow rate, steam addition, small material feeding, head and tail material monitoring, etc.

(1) Cleaning of production lines and equipment

The teaching material has very strict requirements on the cleanliness of the production line. To make the teaching material like a strict attitude towards baby milk powder, the physiological characteristics of suckling pigs require an independent production line in the production process to prevent cross-contamination and must be completed after the production. Clean the inside and outside of the device. If there are no conditions, the cleaning of the production line and the equipment must be cleaned up. Residues and contaminants on the equipment cannot be brought into the product. After the production is completed, all equipment must be cleaned and opened.

(2) Strict evaluation and screening of raw materials

a. Freshness: Only good raw materials can make good products. Strictly control the freshness of the products and select high-quality raw materials. In addition to the physical properties of the materials, the taste is also a very important indicator.

b. Hygienic index of raw materials: The raw materials used in the creep feeds must meet the national hygienic standards.

c. Inventory period: The inventory period of raw materials used for creep feeds should be strictly controlled to ensure the potency and freshness of the products used.

d. The feeder must have a certain amount of freehand inspection of the raw materials used to creep feed, and reject the raw materials that do not meet the requirements during the feeding process.

(3 Monitoring and measurement at the production site.

a. Quality control of raw materials in the warehouse: in principle, how much is used and how much is used, and raw materials that have not been used in the warehouse must be strictly monitored, and those that do not meet the standards cannot be used.

b. The accuracy of the formula: to ensure the accuracy of the formula, the raw materials added manually should be weighed accurately, the weight of the core material should be reviewed, and the weight cannot be put into use.

c. Mixing uniformity: The coefficient of variation of the mixing uniformity of the mixer should be less than 5% to ensure the uniformity of the material. Install a buffer device on the production line to prevent the production line from being graded, resulting in a decrease in product uniformity. When the core material is put in, it should be put in the middle of the big material into the mixer to ensure that the core material completely enters the mixer and mixes evenly.

d. Crushed pig feed pellet size: The crushed pellet size will affect the digestion and absorption rate of suckling pigs. According to the requirements, check the crushed pellet size and use 0.8-1.0 sieve powder.

e. Granulation temperature: the primary granulation temperature is 100 degrees Celsius, the secondary granulation temperature is controlled at about 60 degrees Celsius, and the conditioning time is extended as long as possible to ensure the maturity and gelatinization of the product.

f. Hardness: The hardness of the pig feed pellets is controlled at about 10N, the pellets swell in water at about 5S, and there should be no hard core after completely dissolved in water.

3.Some precautions for feeding with trough feed

Many farmers start to feed the feeding trough after weaning, and use the creep feed as suckling pig feed. Such feeding can not achieve any effect. The stress of the piglet after weaning is still very large. If the piglet does not eat, diarrhea, more serious may cause the piglet to die because of diarrhea. Here are some suggestions based on the application of the pig farm:

(1) The standard for feeding success is that 20-day-old suckling pigs can actively feed. In this way, the digestive system of suckling pigs can be fully exercised to reduce the stress after weaning.

(2) Suckling pigs must learn to drink water before eating. Suckling pigs will not have any objection to the feed due to the dry mouth of the feed and difficulty swallowing, etc., only when they learn to drink water.

(3) The larger suckling pigs in the same litter are not easy to feed, because the milk is enough to eat, so the best feeding material is better than the milk of the sow. In order to obtain larger weaning weight for smaller suckling pigs, supplementary feeding can be forced from time to time. Pigs generally imitate behaviors. One pig learns to eat, and the others learn to follow.

(4) Make sure to feed a small amount of feeding materials, so that the feed is fresh and the suckling pigs will love it. Feed the larger piglets or sows leftovers in the trough for more than 4 hours.

(5) In the process of suckling, suckling pigs can be converted into porridge-like material with warm water and placed on the nipple of the sow, which will help the suckling pigs eat the feed faster.

(6) The round, red trough is easier to attract suckling pigs. The feed trough is best placed next to the head of the sow at the bed. This will help suckling pigs learn sow feeding.

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