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Do you know that poultry chicken feed pellet can be fed to fish?

2020-06-15 Back to List

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Poultry feed pellets such as chicken feed and duck feed not only used to feed livestock and poultry,can also be used for fishing, in fact, chicken feed and duck feed contain substances needed by fish.

What are the substances in chicken poultry feed that fish need? Why do fish eat these feeds? I will answer this question for everyone. Today this article is especially for some fishing enthusiasts.

chicken pellet

1. Fish feeding effect of poultry feed pellets

Chicken poultry feed pellets are all granular baits, and they are all pressed by machine mixing, and the pellets have a common feature, that is, granular baits contain very little water, and will absorb water and continue to expand after entering the water. Until it expands into a ball or lays flat on the bottom of the water, when the pellets absorb water, they will atomize when they expand, and the atomization of the particle bait will lure the fish into the nest.

The chicken poultry feed pellets are uniform in size and moderate, and will continue to atomize after entering the water. The fish will not have a barrier when eating bait, and the atomization of the pellets is relatively slow, and it has a good effect when the fish is retained. After the pellets continue to expand after entering the water It will form a large range of nesting area, this large range of nesting area, the effect of gathering fish is superior.

Many farmed fish species will come into contact with granular bait during the growth process, because granular bait is the food of farmed fish. They are like chickens and ducks, and they grew up by eating pelleted feed when they were young.

The feed pellets will produce movement when entering the water, and because most farmed fish species have developed this habit, the sound of the pellets entering the water is like a signal for regular feeding. After hearing this sound, there are fishes with breeding genes Will gather, so these benefits also exist when using chicken and duck feed.

2. Raw material for poultry chicken feed pellets

Chicken poultry feed pellet is usually used to feed chicks and ducklings as a child. It can provide nutrients for chicks and ducklings, supplement the trace elements needed by the body, resist disease and promote fattening. Since fish also eat chicken and duck feed, it means that the chicken and duck feed contains the substances needed by the fish, which can provide help for its healthy growth. Then let's talk about what substances in chicken and duck feed are needed for fish.

High-quality chicken poultry feed pellet may contain soybeans, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acids, miscellaneous meal, whey powder, fat, meat and bone meal, and grain. Poor quality feed may consist of plant leaves, rhizomes, and stems. We can separate the quality of the feed by smell. The quality of the feed does not have mildew, rancid, ammonia, and burnt smells. High-quality feed tastes good, and inferior feed has a strange smell.

chicken pellet

(1) When a fish eats feed, it chooses ingredients. The ingredients are suitable to provide the ability and healthy growth, so it may eat it.

(2) The high-quality chicken feed contains grain bait ingredients, and the fish eats grain, so after the grain is processed into chicken and duck feed, the pellets will still contain grain ingredients, which does not prevent fish from choosing chicken and duck feed.

(3) Amino acids, fish meal and other substances contained in the feed are also usually lacking in fish. Amino acids are not automatically synthesized by fish and must be provided through edible protein. These two ingredients are chicken and duck feed. The essence of fish.

(4) The high-quality feed has no peculiar smell, but rather a very fragrant flavor, which is very important for fish. The smell emitted in the water is relatively strong, and the fish can easily find the feed through the sense of smell.

3. Economic advantages of feeding fish with poultry feed

Chicken and duck feed is a necessity for raising chicks and ducks. If compared with commercial baits, their cost performance is very high. Taking China as an example, a bag of 80 kg of chicken and duck feed is about 120 yuan, which is very cost-effective. If you buy 80 kg of commercial bait, the difference between them can be ten times that of chicken and duck feed. many. With such a high price-performance ratio, we do not have to be reluctant to make nests when we make nests. After all, if we want to fish more, we need to change food.

The application of chicken and duck pellet bait is now very wide, and more and more anglers often use chicken and duck pellet feed to catch different fish species, whether it is recreational wild fishing or black pit competition.

The chicken poutry pellet feed is very cost-effective, and we use it to fish very well, so most anglers still prefer this kind of bait for fishing.

4、Household small chicken pellet making machine

Of course, the poultry chicken feed pellets for fishing can be purchased directly. However, today I still want to show you how poultry feed is made, because today the feed industry has very good prospects, so investing in feed processing is a good choice. If you invest in a feed factory, you can build a complete feed pellet production line; if it is a farm or farm, you only need to buy a chicken feed pellet mill.

chicken feed pellet mill

The feed pellets produced by Richi's small household poultry feed pellet machine have high hardness, smooth surface and mature inside, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The process of particle formation can make the pancreatin resistance factors in grains and legumes degenerate, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasitic eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various worms and digestive system diseases. Compared with mixed powdered feed, it can obtain higher economic benefits. During the pressing process, high temperature and high pressure are produced, the feed has a rich paste flavor, and the feed texture is hard, which improves the palatability of the feed, is easy to eat, and the conversion rate of nutrient absorption is increased by 300%. It is non-toxic and sterile. Reduced times, easy for long-term storage and transportation.

5.Processing flow of poultry chicken feed by chicken feed plant

chicken feed pellet mill

(1)Raw materials receiving and cleaning section:

The function of cleaning is to clean up impurities in the raw materials, such as large impurities, including ropes, clods, corn cobs and other non-magnetic impurities and magnetic impurities such as iron nails to ensure the quality of the product and the safety of subsequent processing equipment.

(2)Grinding section:

The effect of grinding section is to increase the specific surface area of the feed, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption for the animals, improving materials processing performance.

After impurity-removed, the material enters the grinding bins for grinding. The crushed materials are then transported by a screw conveyor into a bucket elevator and introduced into the batching bin through the distributor. The crushed materials are not only transported by screw conveyor, but also equipped with an auxiliary suction system, which not only saves energy consumption, but also prevents dust from overflowing, lowering the temperature of the materials and improving the grinding efficiency.

(3)Batching & mixing section:

Batching designs formulations according to the nutritional needs of different animals, using specific device to accurately weigh the various ingredients. Mixing is an operation in which various feed ingredients are metered and blended under external forces to form a uniform distribution. This section adopts two batching scale and 18 batching bins, of which the micro ingredients are manually added equipped with check weigher. After batching of material ingredients is completed, they enter the mixer for mixing, and finally the material is output through the conveyor and elevator.

(4)Pelleting section:

The function of pelleting is to make fine crushed, easy flying dust, poor tastiness and difficult-to-ship feed into pellets by the action of heat, moisture and pressure in the granulation process to improve the good tastiness of the feed and reduce the feed-meat rate. Reduce feed waste and reduce environmental pollution. This section need chicken pellet making machine.

(5)Packing section:

The powder and granules in the finished products bins which needs to be packaged will be packed by automatic packing machine, finished products that do not need to be packaged will be taken away by bulk truck.

(6)Auxiliary section:

Chicken feed pellet line is with dust removing system in the packing section for dust removing to improve the working environments.

Oil adding system in the mixing section is to improve the feed tastiness.

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