What machinery and equipment are needed to raise chickens


Poultry farming such as chickens and ducks requires some mechanical equipment. It is undeniable that many people are still in artificial breeding and artificial feeding, but with the development of countries around the world, mechanized replacement of artificial is an irreversible trend. In fact, if the chicken is raised for profit, it will actually be willing to use mechanical equipment to improve the breeding efficiency. There are a lot of equipment needed for raising chickens, including feeding machinery, egg collecting machinery, etc., but for customers with less investment budget, feed processing machinery is the most necessary for them than other equipment because they You need to buy finished feed again, but make a one-time investment and buy feed machinery, so that you can be self-sufficient and greatly save the cost of raising chickens. The following is a detailed description of what chicken equipment is available for everyone:

Chicken Feed Pellet Mill Plant

1. Chicken feed equipment: It is used to process chicken feed, including chicken feed hammer mill crushing machine and chicken feed mixer. If feeding chickens, these two are enough for processing powder, but if feeding medium and large chickens , You need poultry chicken pellet making machine, cooler, etc. If the invested chicken feed production line has a large output, the surplus feed can be sold under the premise of self-sufficiency, which requires a feed packing machine. Some people may also question the difference between artificial feed and mechanically processed feed. In fact, the difference is very large, so I won't say more here. Welcome to contact us directly. View the solution of chicken feed production line:https://www.cn-pellet.com/solution/feed-production-line/chicken-feed-equipment.html

Chicken Feed Pellet Mill Plant

2. Feeding machine The feeding amount of caged chickens in different ages of chickens is different. The feeding size of the feeding machine is adjustable. The uniform feeding device is used to spread the feed to the trough to achieve automatic and uniform feeding. The feeding machine avoids the scattering caused by manual feeding and saves feed and labor.

3. Manure removal machinery The more commonly used manure scraping machinery and manure removal methods are as follows: Manure scraping board, mainly used in cage house, mainly composed of motor, reducer, scraper, wire rope, steering switch, etc. Conveyor belt, the material of the belt is generally nylon canvas or rubber products, which requires a certain strength and toughness, and does not absorb water or deform. There are several types of self-propelled manure scraper, such as self-propelled manure scraper, manure pusher, and battery car with manure scraper. Concentrated manure removal method is mainly suitable for high bed linen cage or high bed net free-range breeding.

4. Drinking fountains Chicken drinking fountains mainly include the following types: Sink drinking fountains, whether flat or caged, sink drinking fountains are widely used. The cross-section of the sink is U-shaped or V-shaped, with a width of 45 mm to 65 mm and a height of 60 mm. The length is similar to the length of the chicken coop. It is usually made of galvanized iron plate or hard plastic.

5. Egg-collecting machinery Mechanized egg-collecting is to transfer the eggs from the chicken house through the transmission system of the machine, and to classify, code and pack the eggs in a centralized manner. There are two commonly used mechanized egg collection methods: one is that the staff operates the battery cart or trolley, runs between the chicken cages, picks the eggs into the egg tray, and sends them to the cleaning and packaging workshop after picking; another The eggs are transported to the egg collection room with a conveyor belt. The mechanical structure system includes motors, gears, chains, egg chutes, temperature and humidity adjustment devices, disinfection machinery, exhaust machinery, etc.

The above equipment is very comprehensive, but not all chicken farmers need it, which should be determined according to their own actual situation, investment budget and other factors. If you are not sure which equipment you need, please contact Richi Machinery, we will provide you with a complete set of chicken feed pellet mill plant solution.

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