Operation and use of poultry chicken fish animal cattle cow feed equipment


Why do failures often occur in feed process production? Some people will say that it is the quality of the feed equipment. Indeed, if you buy a poor-quality machine, frequent failures are foreseeable. However, if you buy feed equipment with guaranteed quality, how does the failure happen? Almost all caused by improper operation. Therefore, it is the responsibility of feed machine manufacturer to provide customers with training and guidance so that customers can maximize the benefits of animal feed pellet production lines.

 Widely used ring die pellet production line

1. Before operating the equipment, the operator should check the equipment.

(1) Whether there are foreign objects falling into the equipment; whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether there is any stuck or bumped phenomenon; whether the connecting parts are firm; whether there are powder leakage, air leakage, oil leakage and other phenomena. If there is a fault, it should be eliminated in time.

(2) Whether there is lubricating oil in each gear; whether the tension of the transmission belt is appropriate; whether the hammer blade of the grinder, the die of the granulator and the pressure roller need to be replaced; whether the specifications of the sieve meet the requirements.

2. The personnel in the control room should master the daily production schedule and the storage capacity of the main and auxiliary materials in order to schedule production.

3. Operation sequence

(1) Close the main power switch first, and then put each system switch to the working position.

(2) Turn on the audio signal switch to notify the staff to enter the work position.

(3) After completing all preparations, the on-duty personnel in the control room determines the storage number of each material, divides the three-way valves into corresponding positions, first activates the dust removal fan, and then turns on the switches in the order of processing technology.

(4) The personnel on duty in the control room should pay attention to observe the various signal lights on the analog screen at all times. If the batching bin sends an empty or full bin signal, it should notify the relevant loading personnel in time to operate the bin gate.

(5) The staff should call out the required material formula according to the production arrangement, and correctly use the computer and its auxiliary devices.

(6) When operating the feeding device of the pulverizer and granulator, ensure that the main motor operates at the rated current and does not cause clogging.

(7) Various trace elements, vitamins, etc., are fed quantitatively from the additive inlet of the mixer. Each batch of material mixed by the mixer is fed once, and the input time is the time when each batch of material is mixed. Give the input signal and invest in time.

When the equipment leaves the factory, Richi Machinery will provide operation instructions for each equipment and provide one-to-one training guidance. This service will run through the entire life cycle of the complete feed pellet production line.

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