Alfalfa pellet making machine for sale


1.Alfalfa pellet benifits

(1)Alfalfa pellets as feed

As "Queen of Forage", not only chiken,alfalfa can also be used to feed cattle, horses, sheep and etc., because of its high protein, calcium and vitamins content. Moreover, alfalfa can be used as fertilizer or for heating when it is made into alfalfa pellets. Alfalfa is usually made into pellets by alfalfa pellet mill due to the following advantages.

(2)Alfalfa pellets as organic fertilizer

Alfalfa pellets are an exclcan also be used as an organic fertilizer in the garden or some other places. Due to high nitrogen source about 5%, alfalfa pellets can be a good excellent nitrogen source. Besides, alfalfa contains trace minerals and triacontanol, a naturally occurring plant growth promoter, which makes alfalfa pellets a good fertilizer, which can will be effectively improve the growth and yield of many crops.

(3)Alfalfa pellets as Pellets fuel

Dried alfalfa can be a good source for pellet fuel production. When alfalfa used for fuel pellets production, it is usually mixed with other biomass materials, such as, wood, grass, waste papers, etc. In that way, they can be fully burned, leave less ash and release less smoke which is cost-effective and environmental friendly.

chicken alfalfa Feed Processing Machines

How to make alfalfa pellets?Alfalfa lucerne pellet making machine for making chicken cattle sheep goat feed is good choice.Choose the alfalfa lucerne grass straw hay pellet mill based on your requirements. The other factor you should consider is the alfalfa pellet mill manufacturer; choose the CE ISO approved alfalfa pellet machine is reasonable due to their reliable quality, good service and so on.Richi is such a manufacturer of alfalfa pellet granulator that you can believe in and it can fully meet your needs.

Alfalfa lucerne grass pellet making machine for sale:

Alfalfa Pellet Mill Machine SZLH.508 www.cn-pellet.com/product/animal-feed-pellet-mill.html

Alfalfa Pellet Making Machine SZLH420 www.cn-pellet.com/product/feed-pellet-making-machine.html

Alfalfa Feed Pellet Machine SZLH320 www.cn-pellet.com/product/livestock-feed-pellet-machine.html

Alfalfa Pellet Machine SZLH250www.cn-pellet.com/product/animal-feed-pellet-machine.html

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