The classification of ood quality wood pellet mill machine


The classification of the hot selling good quality wood pellet mill sawdust pellet machine can be different based on different the standards.According to the mechanical working principles, biomass wood pellet mill machine can be classified into ring die pellet mills and the flat die pellet mill. The ring die pellet mills compress the feed stokes distributed over the inner surface of a rotating die ahead of each roller into trough the die holes to form pellets.

biomass fuel wood pellet mill

While the flat die pellet mills also can be further classified into two types, the roller-driving one which has a stationary die and the die-rotating type which has the stationary rollers. The feed stock are squeezed into the pellet die holes by the pressures caused by the interaction of the rollers and die.

Based on the capacity of the biomass wood sawdust pellet mills, there are small scaled pellet mills and large scaled pellet mills. The small scaled pellets mills (mostly flat die pellet mill) with the capacity of 50- 400 kg/h are usually preferred by small pellet producer and users such as households, offices, schools, etc. The large scale pellets mills are usually concerned with the pellet mill project. The large scale pellet mills (mostly ring die pellet mill) used for large pellet projects can produce at least 1- 2 tons pellet per hour per unit. In most cases, several ring die pellet mills are combined to reach higher capacity, even 20 t/h. When it comes to large pellet production, besides pellet mill, other supporting equipments are necessary, like hammer mill, dryer, cooling system, etc.

While in terms of the power sources, there are electrical pellet press machine pellet mills, diesel pellet mills, gasoline pellet mills and PTO pellet mills (the tractor pellet mills).

When the raw materials are concerned, some pellet mills are specially designed for a given material, such as the wood pellet mill, feed pellet mill, grass pellet mills, bamboo pellet mill, even plastic pellet mill, etc. The different among these pellet machines are mainly lies compression ratio.

Hot selling wood pellet mill making machine recommended:

Wood sawdust pellet mill(2.5-4t/h)


Wood fuel pellet making machine(1-1.2t/h)


Wood pellet mill(0.5-0.7t/h)


biomass wood pellet mill(0.3-0.4t/h)


Products Recommended
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Feed Pellet Mill Capacity : 5-7T/H
Power : 55KW
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Power : 75KW
Pellet Feed Crumbler
Pellet Feed Crumbler Capacity : 3-8T/H
Power : -
SZLH Triple-layer Conditioner Pellet Mill
SZLH Triple-layer Conditioner Pellet Mill Capacity : 8-12T/H
Power : 110KW
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3-5T/H Animal Powder Feed Production Line+1T/H Grass Pellet Processing Line Country : Uzbekistan
Capacity: 4-6T/H
The 10T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line+5T/H Premix Feed Line In Uzbekistan
The 10T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Line+5T/H Premix Feed Line In Uzbekistan Country : Uzbekistan
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