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Many customers will respond that when purchasing feed pellet machines, the sales prices of different animal feed pellet machine manufacturers will be different, and sometimes there will be big differences, and even the same feed from the same manufacturer granulators, prices also differ at different times. Why is this?

chicken cattle goat  feed pellet machine

 Why does the price of feed pellet machines keep floating? Let's talk about this problem below, hoping to help friends in the feed processing industry.First, the production technology and process characteristics of animal boiler cattel chiken poltry live stock feed pellet machine. Generally, if the technology is more advanced or the processing technology is more advanced, it will naturally lead to higher costs. And relatively speaking, the application of new processes and technologies will make the product performance more outstanding, so the price will be higher.

Of course, sometimes even two devices with the same specifications will be marked with different prices when they are sold. This situation is mostly because the materials used in the two feed processing machines are different. If the materials used in the equipment are more advanced, the production cost will definitely be higher, so the sales price will naturally be higher. In addition, part of the reason is caused by fluctuations in the market for the raw materials used in the equipment. If the price of steel in the market fluctuates, the price of feed pellet machines will also fluctuate. This is because most frames and structures, platforms, etc. of feed machinery are made of steel. If the prices of raw materials keep changing, it will inevitably lead to the rise and fall of product prices.

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