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How to choose a fodder mixing machine for an animal pellet feed plant

2020-01-21 Back to List

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fodder mixing machine

In general, a good quality feed mixer needs to meet the following requirements:

1.High mixing uniformity, no dead angle, less material residue;

2. Short mixing time, high production efficiency, and matching with the entire unit (including connection and power matching);

3. The structure is simple and sturdy, the door switch is flexible, and the operation is convenient, which is convenient for testing, sampling and cleaning;

4. There are suitable power packages, which can work normally under full load;

5. On the premise of ensuring the quality of mixing, the energy consumption is low.

Mixer models can be divided into many types according to different classification methods, mainly including horizontal, vertical, horizontal paddle, drum, left and right, planetary, rotary container, V, double cone, etc., there are Intermittent working type and continuous working type. The product manufacturing level of different mixer manufacturers will definitely have advantages and disadvantages. When choosing a mixer, customers should choose a high-quality and high-efficiency mixer according to their own production needs.

Different types of feed mixing machine have different mixing methods. Different types of mixers should be selected according to different mixing objects and the mixing goals (effects) required by the producers themselves. The paddle mixer is difficult to mix the powder evenly, but when the molasses needs to be added to the feed, and the addition amount is as high as 30% to 40%, it is quite suitable to use this mixer for mixing; and the double cone Type mixer and V-type mixer are more suitable for mixing materials with better fluidity and poorer fluidity, respectively. If the pellet size between the materials to be mixed is close, a vertical mixer should be used, and if the pellet size difference between the materials to be mixed is large, a horizontal mixer (and a rotary container mixer cannot be used); If the residual amount is required, a horizontal or rotary container mixer should be selected.

In addition, if the mixing requirements are high, a rotary container type mixer should be selected, but its production capacity is generally low; and for general mixing requirements, vertical, horizontal or continuous mixers can be used. The production capacity is relatively high.

The level of mixing efficiency, the length of the mixing time, and the speed of the mixing speed are mainly determined by the type of the mixer and the manufacturing accuracy of the equipment itself. In general, the time required for a horizontal mixer to mix uniformly is relatively short, and the time required for a vertical mixer is longer. Of course, the length of the mixing time depends on other factors such as the type of raw materials and their physical characteristics.

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