Does the material to be mixed affect the animal livestock poultry feed mixing Machine?


The materials to be mixed certainly affect the animal feed mixer machine. The closer the main physical characteristics of the materials to be mixed, the smaller the separation tendency, the easier it is to be mixed uniformly, the better the mixing effect, and the shorter the time required to achieve uniform mixing. The physical characteristics mainly include the pellet size, shape, bulk density, surface roughness, flow characteristics, adhesion, moisture content, fat content, and pH of the material. Particles with high moisture content are easy to agglomerate or agglomerate, are not easy to be dispersed uniformly, and the mixing effect is difficult to be satisfactory. Therefore, it is generally required to control the moisture content of the material to be mixed to not exceed 12%. Without affecting the required effect of the formula, if necessary, an appropriate amount of silica, precipitated calcium carbonate, etc. can be added to help improve the mixing effect.

Livestock Feed Mixer

Some additives in feed need to be pre-mixed with a carrier (or diluent) before being added to the mixer to make an additive pre-mix, and then added to the mixer and mixed with other components in a certain order. Additives that need to be diluted are generally finer in pellet size, so a carrier with a particle size and density close to that is selected. Suitable carriers include commonly used feed ingredients such as soybean, wheat bran, defatted rice bran, etc. Generally, materials with fine particle size, no dust, and affinity for the active ingredients in the additives are selected as diluents (or carriers). Choosing neutral materials will help maintain the stability of vitamins and other active ingredients.

Learn about the mixer machine on Richi Machinery Feed Production Line:

single roller double rotary belt mixer(capacity : 250kg)

high efficiency feed mixer(capacity : 1500kg)

single roller double paddle mixer(capacity : 500kg)

small vertical feed mixer(capacity : 500kg)

stainless steel feed mixer(capacity : 1000kg)

twin-shaft paddle mixer(capacity : 500kg)

animal feed mixing machine(capacity : 2000kg)

single shaft screw mixing machine(capacity : 1000kg)

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