Effect of feed moisture on aquatic feed pellet


It is very simple:aquatic feed is different from general livestock and poultry feed. It is fed into the water to feed fish and shrimp. Therefore, the aquatic pellet feed itself is peculiar. But does the moisture in the feed affect the pellets themselves?

Aquatic Catfish Feed Pellet Machine

Aquatic feed has high requirements on the water dissolving time. If the water dissolving time of the feed is short after feeding, the fish will not be able to eat completely, which will cause serious waste of feed and the feed coefficient will be high. The water dissolution time of the feed has a direct relationship with the gelatinization degree of starch. The best binder in aquatic feed is secondary flour. The degree of gelatinization of the secondary powder has a direct impact on the water solubility time of the feed. In terms of the process, water participation is required, but fish feed is mainly composed of protein feeds such as soybean meal, fish meal, cotton meal, and vegetable meal, which have very low moisture content.

Starch gelatinization is difficult. In the production process, ring compression pelleting with high compression ratio is needed (know the fish feed pellet mahcine), so the power cost and machinery cost for fish feed production are high. Properly increasing the water content in fish feed can increase the gelatinization degree of starch and effectively increase the water dissolution time of the feed. (Learn about aquafeed production equipment)

There is a direct relationship between the quality of feed pellets and feed moisture, but the moisture content of feed ingredients has obvious seasonal changes. How to improve the quality of feed in the season when the moisture of feed ingredients is low and the temperature is a concern for every feed company problem.

The focus of the problem is the moisture content of the feed in the mixer, so some feed mills want to increase the moisture of the finished product by spraying water in the mixer, but this is very dangerous because the additional water is free water, which is present in On the surface of the feed, tiny water droplets are formed. When the temperature is high, water will be emitted, and water droplets will form on the inner film of the feed bag, which will cause local mold of the feed. This is also the main reason for feed mold in high temperature season one. The growth of mold causes an increase in feed mycotoxins, which directly affects animal performance. Therefore, it is of great significance to find a product that can effectively increase the moisture of the pellet feed and prevent the feed from mildewing.

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