What impact does feed moisture have on pellets other than pellet machine?


Everyone knows that the quality of the animal feed pellet mill machine directly affects the quality of the feed pellets. But the quality of feed pellets is also affected by other factors, such as feed moisture.

feed pelleting machine

Due to significant seasonal differences in feed moisture, this difference leads to seasonal changes in feed production and feed pellet quality. There is a significant correlation between feed moisture content and pelleting efficiency. Moisture in feed can reduce dust during feed crushing and mixing. Gelatinization of feed starch is the primary factor affecting the quality of feed pellets. The process of starch gelatinization can be divided into three stages:

(1) In the reversible water absorption phase, water enters the amorphous part of the starch granules, and the volume slightly expands. At this time, the particles can be recovered by cooling and drying, and the birefringence phenomenon remains unchanged.

(2) In the irreversible water absorption phase, as the temperature rises, water enters the starch microcrystalline space, irreversibly absorbs a large amount of water, and the phenomenon of birefringence gradually blurs and even disappears.

(3) The starch granules finally disintegrate, and all the starch molecules enter the solution. From the above process, it can be seen that proper moisture is beneficial to the penetration of hot steam into the inside of the feed pellets and improve the starch gelatinization rate. Too low moisture in the feed will affect the starch gelatinization and the quality of the pellets.

The meal rate of pellet feed will increase significantly, and customer related complaints will increase. Feed mills mainly improve the pellet quality by increasing the compression ratio of the ring die, but the unit energy consumption and production efficiency will obviously decrease. Maintaining proper moisture in the feed can increase the durability of the feed pellets and reduce the flour content.

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