What is the output of the pellet machine?


The output of feed pellet machine is how many commonly, in what scope.Now the mechanical business on the market say their feed pellet machine is high yield high configuration, exactly how high is the output? This matter must ask manufacturer, feed pellet machine has a lot of kinds, model is also much, the output of different model is different, small namely 160 catties to 700 catties, large may be a few tons.It is recommended to think of what you want when buying the feed pellet machine, the output of the machine, performance and various factors determine the output of the machine, in the purchase of the kind of business to say what you want, so as not to buy home unsatisfied.

pellet machine animal feed

After years of rapid development, China's feed industry has occupied a very important position in the national economy.Facing with the complex production situation of China's feed industry, the overall feed output maintained a stable growth and achieved the overall goal of safe and rapid development.The concentration of feed industry is more obvious and the speed of industry integration is further accelerated.In Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, most feed enterprises for the performance of scale, intensive, with a dragon development model for the characteristics.

With the development of China's feed industry, feed enterprises will follow the development trend of the world's feed industry, towards the scale and intensive development.The key is to realize the large-scale production of feed enterprises, to change the development mode of feed enterprises, and to be supported by large feed machinery and equipment.At present, the production of 15 ~ 25 tons of feed machinery equipment is the domestic mainstream market.Internationally, 25-35 tons of equipment is the mainstream product.With the rapid development of the feed industry, large-scale mechanical engineering enterprises have begun to research and develop equipment of 35 ~ 55 tons or even up to 75 tons, which is the development trend of the feed machinery industry.

According to different production volumes, Richi machinery provides customers with different production line solutions:

1-72 ton per hour animal feed pellet production line:https://www.cn-pellet.com/solution/feed-production-line/

1-12 ton per hour fish feed pellet production line:https://www.cn-pellet.com/solution/aquafeed-production-line/

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