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Richi machinery is a very professional feed machinery manufacturers, you can customize a full set of feed production line solutions.Of course, we know a lot about feed machinery.But our major is also based on a premise: we know the feed, including feed raw materials, animal breeding, feed formula and other aspects.Because only in this way, we can design, manufacture truly meet the feed mill, farmers demand for feed equipment.Today, for the special raw materials - moldy corn, ruiqi machinery to provide you with some professional processing methods:

corn feed pellet mill machine

Corn is the main raw material of livestock and poultry diet. Long-term feeding of the diet containing mildewy corn will not only harm animals, but also bring hidden dangers to human health.Corn mildew will be contaminated with mycotoxin, a product of mold metabolism.

Dilution: a small amount of mildewed corn is gradually mixed into normal corn for several times.

Water washing: mildewed corn is crushed, 3~4 times of water is added, and then it is stirred and soaked, stirring and changing water twice a day, until the soaked water turns from tawny to colorless. Use as soon as possible after washing.

Deembryo and detoxification: the toxin of mildewing corn mainly distributed in the germ part of corn.First, the corn is ground into small particles of 1.5~4.5 mm, and 5~6 times of water is added. Then, it is stirred. Part of the germ fragments float on the water because of their light density, and then they are removed or dumped with water. Physical adsorption: use minerals that can absorb and capture mycotoxin molecules -- aluminum silicate, zeolite, bentonite, activated carbon, diatomite, etc., or bovine serum albumin, esterified mandew oligosaccharide, etc.

Chemical treatment: use lime water, soda, hydrogen peroxide or supplement with synthetic salt laxatives such as magnesium sulfate.

Supplementary nutrients: sufficient vitamin and folic acid, organic selenium, methionine, etc. are added to alleviate the toxic effect, or the use of organic acid additives, probiotic products such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast, etc. can also help to alleviate the toxicity of mycotoxin, and some enzyme preparations are also conducive to alleviate the harm of mycotoxin.

Heavy pollution of corn processing: corn with serious mildew should be centralized acquisition, special storage, and timely sent to the quality inspection agency for testing. Corn with excessive toxin content can only be sold as industrial grain, not used in food and feed processing. Corn with serious mildew must be destroyed and not used.The above is the treatment measures for mildew contaminated corn, it is recommended that the use of mildew corn in feed is best prohibited, even if it is mildly contaminated corn long-term use will also cause great harm to livestock and poultry and human beings.

If you have questions about your feed raw materials, welcome to consult Richi machinery!

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