Effects of feed processing technology on feed safety


The main factors that affect feed safety are feed raw material quality, feed raw material safe storage, control of the quantity of various additives in formula, control of artificial additives in processing, reasonable design of feed processing technology and appropriate selection of parameters, management of post-processing feed storage management and so on.Only by strictly controlling each link of the processing process can the safe feed be produced.

feed pellet processing line

1. Control of raw materials and safe storage feed raw materials are the first control point of safe feed production. Some plant feed raw materials are damaged by diseases and insects during the growth process, and a large number of pesticides are used for prevention and control, resulting in the pesticide residues of grain products exceeding the standard.In addition, industrial production by the discharge of waste water, waste gas to feed material pollution is also quite serious.

At present, due to the limitation of testing equipment, most feed producers have not tested pesticide residues and industrial pollution raw materials, which is a hidden danger of safe feed production, and feed producers should pay enough attention to it.Feed raw material moisture is the key to safe storage, especially some newly harvested plant raw materials, water is generally not up to the standard of safe storage, the storage process of raw materials easily contaminated by mold to produce a large number of mycotoxin, the production of feed quality deterioration.

Therefore, it is the most effective and positive method to improve the storage conditions of raw materials and control the moisture of feed materials (the safe moisture is less than 12%) to reduce the contamination of mold as much as possible.Many raw materials cannot be treated quite dry for economic reasons.It is an effective measure to use fungicide to control mildew, but fungicide cannot remove mycotoxin in raw materials, so it is necessary to take control measures of mildew as early as possible before the occurrence of mold contamination.

At present, due to the shortage of feed raw material supply, the adulteration of feed raw material is very serious, and the adulteration of feed raw material brings trouble to the production of safe feed.Therefore, in the receipt of raw materials to pass a strict test, to confirm whether the quality standards, firmly put an end to unqualified raw materials into the factory.

Most of the raw materials in the feed are corn, usually stored in the vertical silo, especially the steel silo, because the temperature difference between day and night is greater easy to cause the storage of raw material moisture evaporation and water vapor condensation, so that close to the wall of the vertical silo part of the raw material water content is high, such as long-term storage easy to cause the raw material mildew.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the management of the raw materials in the silo.

2.The cleaning of raw materials in the feed processing, people often pay attention to the cleaning of large impurities and magnetic impurities in the feed raw materials to ensure the safety of feed processing equipment, while the cleaning of small and medium-sized impurities in feed is often ignored.These small impurities are complex ingredients, is the breeding place for a variety of harmful microorganisms, when the moisture and temperature in the raw material suitable for its growth, the nutrition of the raw material is its medium, so that its rapid growth produces a large number of harmful substances, posing a threat to the safety of feed.Therefore, the small impurities in the feed production should also be removed to facilitate the safety of the feed, to ensure the quality of the product.

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