Which kind of pig feed is best?Pellet feed, powder feed or powder plus water feed?


1, powder feed dry feed: in this method, if the powder is relatively thin, it will make the pig feed intake is affected, and the fine feed will not digest well.If the powder is coarse, the utilization rate of the feed will be affected.

2, wet powder feed feeding this method is water and material mixing together, from the surface, the pig feed intake increased, but dry matter feed intake decreased, not suitable for scientific breeding.

pig pellet milling

3, fermentation heating cooked feed such as some feed such as cottonseed cake, vegetable cake because of containing some toxic and harmful substances, must be heated cooked to remove.During the process of heating and cooking, toxic and harmful substances or anti-nutrient factors are removed, but at the same time, the titer of nutrients is destroyed and the utilization rate of nutrients is reduced.This process also increases production costs and labor intensity.

4, pellet feed from the above several can be seen, pellet feed is the best choice.The high nutrient concentration and comprehensive nutrition of pellet feed ensure the unity and full value of diet components and avoid the picky eating of pigs.And in the process of machining, conditioning, due to the damaged grain aleurone layer of cell wall, release effective ingredients, easier to pig of digestion and absorption, starch gelatinization, improves the utilization of energy in the feed, the feed conversion rate, daily gain, high economic benefit, especially in the digestive tract of weaned piglets play an important role in disease prevention.Therefore, pellet feed is the most promising kind of molding feed, especially suitable for pigs and chickens.

In fact, in previous years in China, only some broilers and piglets were given pellet feed, while cattle, sheep, layers and fattening pigs were not given pellet feed.Promotion is not open because China's feed industry started late, small feeding scale, high power costs.However, with the development of aquaculture in recent years, pellet feed for fish has also developed rapidly, and other herbage blocks, for example, have also developed in pastoral areas, which have received good economic and social benefits.It can be expected that there will be more development in the production of pelleted or pressed feed.

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