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Equipment for animal chicken cattle pig shrimp feed pelleting section

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Pelleting can be called the most important process in the feed production line.This is not to say that other processes are not important, but if the customer wants to process feed particles, the pelletizer is necessary, but other sections can be skipped.Of course, this situation is relatively rare, which is decided according to the actual budget of the customer and the area of the project.For example, some customers' raw materials are powder, so there is no need for a crusher;Under the condition of manpower, the customer also does not need the mixer, it can be mixed manually;Then the pellet mill is used for pelleting.The subsequent cooling phase is simply set aside to wait for the particles to cool, so no cooling machine is required.This is, of course, an extreme case.Generally speaking, it is recommended to configure a more complete feed pellet production line. If the budget is less, Richi machinery can customize the low-matching production line for you on the premise of guaranteeing the pellet quality and production efficiency.The detailed pelleting process is as follows:

animal chicken cattle pig shrimp feed pellet machine

1. The tempering process is the most important link in the pelletizing process, and the quality of the tempering directly determines the quality of pellet feed.Purpose: to make a kind of powder feed with certain moisture and temperature, which is good for pelleting.

2. Pelletizing process is that the material in the feeding area is not subject to external forces and is in the consolidation state of raw powder.As the die roll rotates, the material enters the compression zone.In this area, the material is squeezed by the die roll, and the relative movement occurs between the powder. With the advance of the material, the extrusion pressure gradually increases, and the movement speed is accelerated, and a certain connection is generated between the materials.After the material enters the extrusion area, the extrusion pressure increases sharply, the powder is further arranged, the contact surface is further increased, resulting in a good connection.When the extrusion pressure continues to increase, exceeding the friction of the material plug in the die hole, the material with a certain density and relay is squeezed into the die hole.In the die hole, after a certain time after extrusion, the formation of pellet feed.

3. Cooling process in the pelletizing process, due to the introduction of high temperature and high humidity of steam, and at the same time the material is squeezed to produce a lot of heat, so that the pellet feed, when just coming out of the pelletizing machine, has a water content of 16%~18%, and the temperature is as high as 75~85℃.Under this condition, pellet feed is easy to deform and break, storage will also produce bonding and mildew phenomenon, must make its moisture to below 14%, lower temperature than air temperature 8℃ higher than below, this needs to cool.Different cooling technology, the cooling process of granular feed is different, but the cooling process of granular feed is both evaporative cooling process, but also the transfer process of heat and moisture.

4, crushing process in the pellet machine production process, in order to save power, increase output, improve the quality, is often the first material into a certain size of particles, and then according to the particle size used in livestock and poultry feeding crusher into qualified products.The cooled material enters the crusher through the valve, and then the material flows stably and evenly into a pair of rollers with different rotating speed, inward reverse rotation and different tooth rows, which are crushed by the shear and extrusion of the rollers.

5, grading process pellet feed after the crushing process, will produce a part of the powder coagulation and other materials that do not meet the requirements, so the pellet feed after the crushing need to be sifted into neat particles, uniform size products.The material enters the grading screen, the grading screen keeps vibrating, the products that meet the requirements enter the silo for weighing and packaging, and the products that do not meet the requirements are returned to the pelleting mechanism.

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