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Why is pellet feed better?

2019-12-29 Back to List

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Pellet is a form of feed, also often mentioned there are powder feed.With the development of animal husbandry, scientific breeding has become a trend. Therefore, pellet feed has become the first choice for feed mills and farms.Here are some of the benefits of pellet feed.

pellet  feed milling

1. It is convenient for storage, packaging and transportation. After molding, the volume of pellet feed is reduced by about 1/3 compared with that of powder feed, which is convenient for storage, packaging and transportation;In the process of storage, the powder feed is easy to be hygroscoped and agglomerate and become mouldy, while the pellet feed has good dispersibility, low hygroscopicity and high storage stability.The phenomenon of automatic classification is avoided in the transportation of finished products.In the process of packaging to reduce the loss of dust and trace components.

2. Sterilization during granulation, some toxic substances or inhibitory factors (such as trypsin inhibitory factors, hemagglutinin, etc.) in feed are destroyed due to thermal action.It also kills 90 percent of salmonella.

3, improve livestock and poultry palatability, increase feed intake due to the high density of pellet feed, volume reduction, high nutrient concentration, so that the animal feed intake is also increased accordingly.

4, facilitate animal digestion and absorption, improve the utilization rate of feed through granulation, improve the physical and chemical properties of some nutrients in the feed, improve the utilization rate of feed, the utilization rate of nutrients is also increased accordingly.

5, to prevent livestock and poultry picky feed, reduce feed waste because of the size of particle feed uniform, comprehensive nutrition, so as to ensure the integrity and full value of the components of the diet, avoid livestock and poultry according to its palatability to choose feed, reduce the loss caused by flying dust into the air, water everywhere.And pellet feed is easy to identify, such as piglet, growth pig, fattening pig pellet feed size is from small to large.

6, economical pellet feed processing is on the basis of powder and an additional process, feed processing costs significantly increased.If only consider the pellet feed directly benefit on improving feed conversion efficiency, and drop it in the storage, packaging, transportation and other aspects of the favorable factors as decided to adopt "safety factor" of pelleting process, so, as long as the pelleting process increases the cost of no more than because of pellet feed to improve the feeding effect and increase the livestock product output, grain feed is a economic benefit, can promote the use.

The estimation formula is as follows: unit animal product price × (feed conversion rate?In the cost formula of > increase per unit pellet, the conversion efficiency refers to the number of animal products produced per unit feed, expressed by the number of animal products/feed consumption ×100%.According to the formula, the increase of processing cost is much lower than the increase of output value of pellet feed. Therefore, pellet feed can obviously improve the weight gain and conversion efficiency of animals, thus good economic benefits can be obtained.

If you are a feed factory or breeding plants, farms want to establish your own pellet feed production line, welcome to contact Richi machinery consulting detailed solutions!

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