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Processing of grass grain feed for livestock and poultry

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Grass pellet feed is suitable for all kinds of poultry and livestock.But what need to explain is, the composition that says here grass pellet feed is not only grass, still can have maize, sorghum, mineral, vitamin to wait.In fact, a lot of the current feed formula has not added grass, but the fact is, grass nutrition is very rich, especially the spring and summer grass.Although the yield of feed pellet containing grass is relatively low, corn, sorghum, oats, bran, minerals and so on can be added to improve the utilization rate.

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First, the benefits of grass particles

1.The growth and utilization of forage grass are greatly affected by the season.Winter forage yellow, containing less nutrients, livestock lack of grass to eat;Warm season forage grass growth, rich nutrition, grass more than livestock can not eat.Therefore, in order to make full use of warm season forage grass, mowing, drying, crushing, processing into grass grain preservation, can feed livestock and poultry in winter.

2.High feed conversion rate.In winter, livestock and poultry are supplemented with grass pellet, and more meat, eggs and milk can be obtained from less forage grass.

3.Small volume.Grass grain feed is only about 1/4 of the volume of raw hay, easy to store and transport, less dust is beneficial to human and animal health;Feeding convenience, can simplify the feeding procedures, for the realization of intensive, mechanized animal husbandry production to create conditions.

4.Increase palatability and improve forage grass quality.Such as sweet clover has a special smell of coumarin, livestock more or less do not like to eat, but into grass particles, it becomes a strong palatability, high nutritional value of forage grass.

5.Expanding feed sources.Such as golden pheasant, you if quinoa, wood, and so on, its branches rough and hard, after crushing into grass particles, livestock into the feed.Other crops such as by-products, husks, straw and various leaves processed into grass particles can be used to feed livestock and poultry.

Second,processing technology of grass pelleting

1. The key technology for processing grass granules is to adjust the water content of raw materials.

2, grass grain processing is usually used in the pellet equipment.In the Pelleting process, the grass powder is stirred and squeezed. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the particles just out of the sieve hole reaches about 80℃. When the particles are cooled from high temperature to room temperature, the water content is generally reduced by 3% ~ 5%, so the water content of the cooled grass particles is not more than 11% ~ 13%.Because water content is very low, suitable for long-term storage without moldy deterioration.

3, grass grain processing can be in accordance with the nutritional requirements of a variety of livestock and poultry, the preparation of grass grain containing different nutrients.The particle size can be adjusted the distance between the press roller and the ring die, according to the requirements of processing.

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