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Poultry chicken feed mill plant workers' job rules in the crushing section

2021-03-09 Back to List

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electric corn animal feed grinder for chicken feed

1. Job standards for workers in the crushing section

●Before starting, check the seal of the machines for grinding chicken feed, the fasteners and the sieve holes required by the class;

●Every time you open the operation door of the poultry chicken feed making machine grinding mill, check the breakage of the screen and the wear of the hammer, whether the guide plate is in place, and the rotor is flexible. If you find any problems, deal with it in time;

●Monitor the working conditions of the chicken feed grinder machine and the dust collector, check the gas path of the vertical crusher to ensure the normal operation of the animal poultry chicken feed crusher;

●Every eight hours of operation of the chicken poultry feed hammer mill grinder, the direction of the guide plate must be changed after the corn grinder for chicken feed stops and the direction of the chicken feed grinding machine must be changed in coordination with the control room;

●Clean the feeder trash box at least twice per shift;

●Clean the dust collector bag once a week;

●Clean the poultry chicken feed grinding equipment and ground of the crushing room to ensure that the surface and ground of the equipment are free of dust and stains;

●Operate the animal feed crushing equipment for chicken in strict accordance with the prescribed equipment operating procedures;

●Sanitary tools, sieves and other tools are placed and stored neatly;

●Fill in class records carefully and truthfully, and do a good job of handover.

chicken feed making machine grain grinder farm corn hammer mill for sale

2. Operating procedures for workers in the crushing section

(1) Basic principles of crusher operation

●No matter what the reason is, the machine must be started without load after clearing the materials in the machine;

●The rotation of the chicken feeds grinding hammer mill machine to grind corn for chicken feed must be reversed every day, so that the hammer, hammer plate frame, pin shaft, and screen hole can be evenly worn. The difference between the forward and reverse running time is no more than 8 hours. Corresponding reversal;

●Forward and reverse commutation must be performed after shutdown;

●The hammer shall not be excessively worn, otherwise the double-hole hammer cannot turn around due to insufficient strength and the weight difference between the two sets of hammers exceeds the specified value, which will cause strong vibration. Pay special attention to the hammers on both sides of the rotor. If they are severely worn, the entire set of hammers may not be able to turn around and be replaced completely, resulting in a large waste of hammers.

(2) Preparations before starting up

●Preparation before crushing

①Determine the crush type, crush amount and average crush size;

②According to the raw material moisture, raw material properties and formula requirements, determine the mesh size and the combination of sieves.

③Determine the number of the warehouse to be crushed where the raw materials enter and the number of the batching warehouse where the crushed materials enter;

④Determine the order of crushing materials.

chicken feed making machine grain grinder farm corn hammer mill for sale

●Check work before starting up

①Check whether the sieve specifications are correct, and whether the sieve is intact and installed tightly;

②Check whether the rotor rotates flexibly by hand, and there must be no jamming, bumping, friction, and check whether the hammer is damaged or stuck;

③Whether the guide plate is in place and consistent with the rotation of the rotor;

④Whether the door of the crusher is sealed and the door pressing mechanism is firm;

⑤Whether the feeder magnet is cleaned;

⑥Whether the condensate of the compressed air filter device of the pulse dust collector is removed;

⑦For the vertical shaft grinder, check whether the air passages are connected correctly;

⑧Check the work smashing record sheet.

(3) Start-up principle and production process control

●Starting Principles of Shredding System

①Peripheral equipment first, then main equipment;

②Auxiliary equipment first and then processing equipment;

③Start the equipment sequentially from back to front.

rabbit duck cock hen poultry fodder grinder to make animal feed

●Production process control

①After the chicken poultry feed pulverizer is started, check the pointer of the ammeter. After the pointer of the ammeter changes from the maximum value to the minimum value, let it idle for 1-2 minutes. If there is no abnormality, start feeding;

②If it is an automatic feeder, just start the automatic button; if it is a speed feeder or manual door insertion, gradually increase the speed or increase the door opening according to the main motor current, and try to make the ammeter reading close to the rated current Value;

③When pulverizing meal-like raw materials, due to its nature of easy pulverization and large pulverization output, it is necessary to consider whether the discharger and bucket elevator can withstand the output of the pulverizer for chicken feed at full load;

④If you are using a new machine, you should pay attention to the load level below 70%, and then increase the load level after 50-80h;

⑤No matter what kind of feeder should feed evenly, it should not be large and small;

⑥During operation, check the particle size of the crushed materials at any time. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine to check whether the sieve is broken;

⑦It is strictly forbidden to open the operation door during the crushing process;

⑧During the normal chicken poultry feed mill production process, the coupling guard must not be opened to prevent accidents.

⑨If abnormal noise and violent vibration are found during the working process, the feeding should be stopped, the power supply should be cut off, and the rotor should be checked after the rotor is effectively stopped to eliminate the fault;

⑩If the material is changed and crushed, the materials in the machine must be drained and the batching bin can be replaced before the material can be crushed; if the material change time is too long or there is only one bin to be crushed, consider stopping and restarting;

small poultry livestock animal feed mixer grinder

(4) Work after shutdown

●After shutting down, check the grinder and solve the problem in time;

●After shutting down, you must clean up the magnetic impurities on the magnet plate at the entrance of the grinder or on the feeder;

●After shutting down, clean up the equipment and sanitation work around the equipment; (refer to the cleaning standard of the crushing room)

● Pack up tools and materials, and store them at designated locations;

● Carefully fill in the shredding work record and make a good handover work.

(5) Emergency handling

●Sudden power failure and subsequent equipment blockage:

Close the manual insertion door → reset the feeder shredder button → remove the material in the machine → start without load according to the program after the call

●Foreign objects entering the machine, strong vibration, abnormal sound:

Close the feeder→turn off the shredder→check the reason→restart the shredder without load according to the program

3. Relevant working procedures of the crushing process

●The operator of the animal chicken feed mill plant crushing system must be specially trained and qualified;

●The crushing operation door can only be opened after the electric mill grinder machine for chicken poultry feed is effectively shut down;

●The magnetic separator of the feeder can be cleaned only after the grinding machine for chicken feed is effectively shut down;

●The crushing room and its basement should be equipped with dust-proof lighting, and the switch should be outdoors;

●The protective devices carried on the chicken poultry animal feed corn maize grinders, such as travel switches, safety pins, cylinders, etc., must not be removed or replaced with other substitutes. If the protective device fails or is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced quickly;

●There must be a protective cover on the coupling when the machine for grinding maize for chicken feed is running;

●Each equipment of the crushing system should have a good grounding device;

●All cables and wires must pass through protective sleeves.

rabbit duck cock hen poultry fodder grinder to make animal feed

4. Work flow of workers in the crushing section

●Central Control notifies the varieties of crushed raw materials

●Replace the sieve plate of the com chicken feed grinding machine according to the requirements of the central control

●Check the condition of the chicken maize grinding hammer mill equipment (hammer, hammer shaft, etc.)

●Check the sieve

●Notify the central control to start up after installing the sieve

●Check the operation of the hot sale high quality grain corn hammer mill for chicken feed

●Go to the corresponding bin to check whether the crushing particle size is qualified

●Check the crushing particle size and equipment operation in half an hour

●Notify the central control and monitor in time if problems are found

●After the crushing is over, clean up the impurities after the equipment is completely stopped

●Notify the central control after the poultry animal feed grinder equipment is cleaned

5. Matters needing attention in the work of workers in the crushing section

●Pay attention to the operation of the equipment at all times during the crushing process, and the size of the raw material crushing (half an hour).

●It is strictly forbidden to turn on the chicken feed making machine grain grinder before it stops. After the equipment is blocked, the grinder must be emptied before it can be turned on again.

●The safety protection switch of the chicken poultry feed grinder machine must be intact to prevent personnel and equipment from being injured by misoperation.

●Before starting and after stopping, you must keep in touch with the central control at any time to prevent misoperation of the machine that grinds maize corn for chicken poultry feeds.

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