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CE 1-4 Ton Per Hour Easy To Use Low Cost Small Size Beef Cattle Feed Pellet Making Plant For Sale

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The easy to use complete set of 1-4 ton per hour small scale beef cattle feed pellet making plant is the latest outcome in the market of animal feeding products. This is very helpful to the one who operates the plant for manufacturing feed pellets for livestock and ruminant animals. This set of small capacity 1-4tph small size beef cattle feed pelleting plant is easy to use and operate. It is capable of processing different fodder materials to feed multiple farm animals at the same time, and hence will save the time by cutting the period in which the farmers are required to take the cattle for grazing. Don't hesitate to send an inquiry if you want to get more information and cost of 1-4tph cattle feed plant with cheap price.

Also this Small Operating Vehicle for beef cattle feed manufacturing is very easy to hence, also it is getting popular among the farmers who need to save time and make their working efficient.By using this small beef cattle feed pelletizing plant with 1-4 ton capacity, the cattle farmers can easily look out for their other farm activities like, transporting the feedstuff from the farm while feeding the cattle at the same time.

how to make cattle feed in south africa

1.Complete 1-4TPH Beef Cattle Feed Pellet Making Process

The first step of 1-4tph capacity small scale beef cattle feed production is to process the raw materials for cattle feed production into the dry powder. Beef cattle feed making hammer mill and cattle feed mixing machines is used to make a nutritious mixture which has been ground down to powder feed. This powder feed can then be fed into the 1-4t/h ring die ce high quality animal cattle feed pellet milling mahcine and the process of heating and pelletizing can start. The powder is subject to steam which breaks down the inter-molecular bonds of the starch molecules allowing more water to be absorbed. Pressure is then applied to the ingredients and pushed through the pellet die, creating the cattle feed pellets. The pellets are then cut to your desired size and allowed to cool down before they can be fed to the cattle. This can all be achieved with machines which require no special training to operate, just the normal safety precautions need to be followed.

The technology now available in these cattle feed mills allows you to use more varied and feedstuff raw materials than was previously possible. The 1-4tph small capacity beef cattle feed pellet manufacturing plant is now an incredibly efficient way to produce food for your beef cattle no matter the size of your herd.

2.How to set up a 1-4 ton per hour small cattle feed plant for beef cattle farms?(Machinery needed in 1-4tph beef cattle pellet feed making line)

3.Complete 1-4 ton per hour small cattle feed plant cost

Cost to start a 1-4 ton caoacity small farm animal feed pelletizing line plant for beef cattle:10000-120000USD.

small cattle feed machine price

4. How much feed should beef cattle eat every day?

The dry matter intake of beef cattle at different growth stages is 1.5-3%. The changes in daily feed intake are closely related to the variety, season, growth stage, feed category, and feed quality.

First of all, we have to be clear that the larger the feed intake, the faster the cow will grow if it can fully digest. The problem that everyone faces now is that if the intake of concentrated feed is large, indigestion will occur. The digestion of cattle depends on the number and activity of microorganisms in the rumen. Therefore, to raise a cow, the stomach must be raised first, and the stomach must be raised with bacteria.

Here Richi Machinery will share with you a feeding mode with straw or straw as the main roughage:

Fixed amount of concentrate and free intake mode of coarse fodder. The daily concentrated feed is fed at 1.3-1.6% of body weight. The conventional ingredients are basically 1.3%, and the intake of concentrated feed can reach 1.6% if the rumen is well regulated. Then the roughage is freely consumed, so that the maximum growth potential of the beef cattle can be reached.

cattle feed mill around me in north carolina

5. At which stage does beef cattle grow fastest?

The growth cycle of beef cattle has a great relationship with breed and feeding management. Take Simmental cattle house feeding as an example. The growth rate is faster in the age group from birth to 2 years old, and the weight gain rate is more than 2 years old. It will drop significantly, and it will change from long bones and long meat to long fat. In the case of fattening, it is best to sell before the age of 2 years. Otherwise, the weight gain rate will decrease and the feed-to-meat ratio will increase. The increase may decrease, and the breeding cattle will basically stop growing before the age of 3 years.

Cattle farmers should conduct reasonable feeding and management according to the growth characteristics of beef cattle. Yisubao briefly introduces the feeding points of beef cattle at different growth stages.

(1) Calf period

Calf stage refers to unweaned calves under 6 months of age. Most of the nutrients are obtained from breast milk. Therefore, we must strengthen the feeding and management of lactating cows and feed more foods with high protein and calcium content, such as Soybean meal, soybean cake, etc., and ensure sufficient water intake, only in this way can cows produce adequate milk and milk quality can be better. Calves need to be supplemented to a certain extent to reduce the lactation pressure of the cow and promote the development of the calf's gastrointestinal tract. Generally, supplementary feeding is mainly based on fine feed and high-quality forage and green hay.

(2) Shelf period

After the calf is weaned to seven or eight hundred catties, it is the stage of rapid growth and development of the skeleton. At this stage, it is best to adopt the feeding mode of free-range stocking, and also need to pay attention to the supplement of calcium and phosphorus. It is also possible to choose the straight-line fattening mode regardless of stages. If you choose straight-line fattening, you also need to pay attention to the supplement of protein, carbohydrates and other nutrients at this stage.

(4) Fattening period

The fattening period can be divided into the early fattening period and the late fattening period. The early stage is 700~1100 kg. This stage is mainly for long meat, which needs more protein feed. The later period is 1100 kg until the slaughter period is mainly long fat. Mainly, need to feed more concentrates, especially concentrates with high energy.

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