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China factory competitive price 1 ton capacity dry type fish feed extruder price in Saudi Arabia

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1. Saudi Arabia vigorously develops aquaculture

In order to meet the growing demand of Saudi residents for healthy food and further guarantee national food safety, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture of Saudi Arabia plans to achieve an annual output of 600,000 tons of aquatic products by 2030, and expand exports while achieving self-sufficiency. The Saudi National Fisheries Development Project Office is responsible for the specific implementation.

Saudi Arabia's National Fisheries Development Project Office CEO Ali (Ali) said that Saudi aquaculture has increased from 27,000 tons in 2016 to 77,000 tons in 2018. In the past three years, Saudi Arabia has imported an average of more than 200,000 tons of aquatic products each year, about 670 million US dollars. Saudi Arabia has a coastline of 2,800 kilometers and has great potential for the development of marine aquaculture. The office has set up a development fund of US$350 million to fund related projects from 2021 to 2022.

1 ton floating fish feed machine for sale

2. Introduction of RICHI 1t/h dry type extruded floating fish feed machine for Saudi Arabia market

Richi Machinery is a professional floating fish feed making machine manufacturer from China, this article we will introduce the 1 ton capacity dry type floating fish feed pellet extruder machine in detail. The 1t/h floating fish feed pellet processing machine is novel design, high yield and stable operation. The main components are made of special alloy materials after heat treatment.

(1)1 Ton per hour dry type best floating fish mill machine application

1 Ton per hour dry type floating fish feed making machine is corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk and other crushing materials directly press pellets of the feed processing machinery. It is used in various floating fish feed production lines. Due to the adjustable temperature and pressure of dry fish feed manufacturing machine, it can produce floating feed (for upper fish and frog), slow sinking feed (for middle and lower fish) and sinking feed (for shrimp and crab). At the same time can also meet some specific requirements, such as low moisture feed, high fiber feed.

(2)Main features of 1 ton capacity floating fish feed machine in Saudi Arabia

①The main shaft of 1t/h floating pellet fish food machineis of composite structure, and the spare extension shaft can be used for expansion processing of different raw materials. The 1tph fish feed making machine has novel design, compact structure and high production efficiency.

② It can be equipped with automatic feeding system, feeding device for the world's latest switch reluctance speed regulating motor control horizontal transmission screw, the other end and the expansion extruder connection, by adjusting the amount of feed to control the expansion output of the feed, and can effectively prevent the material arch.

③The cutting system, the independent cutting device and the body connection is convenient, fast, variable speed cutting knife head, can easily adjust the cutting knife, can easily adjust the gap between the cutting knife and the template, according to the need to prepare different templates, to ensure the required material diameter and length, the production of different specifications and shapes of products. Easy to use, smooth transmission and low noise.

④Main components are made of special alloy materials through heat treatment, with long service life and low feed cost.

⑤Dry expansion process, the use of self-heating, no need for steam system. Screw design has a strong self-cleaning function, screw groove can be self-purification, so change the formula and product varieties, no need to stop cleaning, extruder screw has a strong pumping effect, material adhesion and diffusion effect is strong, fast speed, product quality is relatively stable.

floating and sinking pellets fish feed plant

(3)Advantages of 1tph best price floating fish feed manufacturing equipment in Saudi Arabia

①The floating fish feed pellet machine has simple structure, small floor space and low noise when used.

②The granulated feed is convenient for feeding and management to prevent feed waste.

③Compared with the powder feed, the pelleted feed formed by the dry fish feed pellet machine has higher benefit and longer storage period.

④Dry fish feed pellet machine in the processing of pellet feed, the high temperature generated can promote the internal ripening of pellet feed, promote the digestion of livestock, reduce the probability of illness.

⑤Reduce water pollution, aquatic expanded feed in the water does not dissolve, does not sink, thus can avoid the feed in the water residual fermentation.

(4)How much is 1 ton per hour capacity fish feed extruder equipment in Saudi Arabia?

Price of 1 ton per hour capacity floating fish feed extruder fit for many kinds of animals is around 20000USD-25000USD,main power 90KW,Dia. of Screw is Φ155MM.

3.Difference between extruded floating fish feed and pellet fish feed

①Using corn, soybean (soybean cake) and other plant wastes as raw materials, the extruded feed with different pellet shapes, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicate structure can be produced by adding them directly into the machine.There is a great difference between extruded feed and traditional pellet feed.

②The cost of extruded fish feed will be greatly reduced when the floating fish feed formula is the same. The extruded feed pellets produced by this 1 ton per hour feed extuding machine are neat and smooth in shape. They will not sink when floating on the water for more than 12 hours and will not pollute the water source. The sterilization greatly reduces the occurrence of diseases of aquatic products such as fish and shrimp.

best floating fish mill machine price ce

4.What is the difference between 1t/h floating fish extruder machine and pelleting machine in floating fish feed mill plant?

What is fish feed extruder machine?An floating fish feed extruding machine is a device which pushes or pulls a material through a shaped die to form a continuous length of product with a preset cross section.Pelletizing is the process of compressing or molding a material into the shape of a pellet. A wide range of different materials are pelletized including chemicals, iron ore, animal compound feed, and more.

①Extrusion has several advantages over pelleting

★Buoyancy can be controlled, so floating and slow sinking feeds can be produced;

★Extruded feed is usually capable of carrying higher fat levels than pelleted feed;

★For many species extrusion increases carbohydrate availability;

★Extruded pellets generally have greater physical integrity and produce less fines;

★Wet materials such as fresh minced fish can be readily incorporated into extruded products.

②The differences between 1 ton per hour extruder and 1t/h pelleting machine in the floating feed pelleting:

★Extruder machine does not need the steam boiler.

★The floating fish feed pelelt made by pelleting machine is more smooth and with better quality.

★The capacity of floating fish feed extruder equipment is lower than 1 ton per hour fish feed pelleting machine.

floating fish feed machine for sale in ghana

5.Do you know the binder in aquatic floating fish feed pellet?

Usually, we use the forage, grain to feed pig, cattle, chicken, fish, etc. Then, because the feed pellet easy to transport and storage, more and more people start to produce feed pellet by the pellet mill. Different farmed animals need different nutritive, so the feed pellet produced by different raw material. To improve the quality of feed pellet, especially the aquatic feed, the use of feed pellet binder is becoming widely.

In recent years, because of the binder's important role in aquaculture industry, it gradually becomes a hot area of research, and now the binder can meet the need of various animal. Binder in the aquatic feed pellet is different form livestock feed pellet, binder in livestock is mainly used for improve the molding rate of pellet, reduce pellet dust and protect the environment, so the livestock feed pellet binder is not very important. However, the binder in aquatic feed pellet is much more important than it in the livestock feed pellet. The binder used in aquatic feed pellet is for extend scatter time, prevent the nutriment dissolve-loss in the water, ensure the normal feeding of fish and shrimp.

6.What effect the stability of aquatic feed pellet?

The starch, crude fiber and moisture content of raw material. under the high temperature and high humidity conditions, starch will easy to gelatinization . Crude fiber has low-viscosity, which effect the hardness and molding rate of pellet. The moisture content of raw material effect the quality and output of pellet. Usually, before produce pellet, control the moisture content in the range of 12% to 13%, in the mixing process, add 2% to 3% of water will helpful to improve the stability and hardness of fish feed pellet.

The fineness of the crushing. The fineness of the crushing takes a great influence to the waterproof of feed pellet. If feed pellet is oversize, it will effect the starch, which on the surface of raw material, can't gelatinized completely, then the feed pellet in the water will easy to scatter.

fish floating feed machine in lagos nigeria

7.What feature dose feed pellet binder should have?

(1)Perfect adhesiveness. To ensure the complete nutritive value, reduce pellet dust and prevent feed pellet can't broken transport, the binder should has the perfect degree of adhesion.

(2)Easy to produce, have the feasibility of industrial production. It's better that itself can be the nutrient for animals, none toxic, bad flavor and harmful effect to digestion, internal secretion, nervous physiology, muscle, grow and body color of the animals.

(3)High chemical stability and heat stability, can not generate chemical reaction with else feed component. Hasn't specially requirement to the processing of compound feeds.

8.How to choose floating fish feed pellet binder?

(1)The nutritive value of binder. Most of binder are protein and sugar, can provide a certain of nutritive. Consider the impacts of binder on aquatic animals' growth and survive, if there are too much starch, that will effect the growth of fish.

(2)Use the binder properly. Enough temperature, moisture and time. Fresh raw material, good preserve conditions. Binder always appears self-cross linked reaction, and the higher the temperature the faster the reaction. In addition, the binder is easy to affected with damp, so it should be preserved to the dry and shade place.

(3)Observe the interaction between binder and feed component, see that if the binder can destroy the nutrient composition.

(4)Choose the suitable binder for different farmed animals. Different farmed animals has their own feeding habit, so you should according to the animals' different feeding habit and the binder's different performance to choose the suitable binder. Use binder certainly will increase cost, so that, when there isn't economic benefit, it had better not use the feed pellet binder.

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