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Factory Price Of 110KW 10 Ton Per Hour Capacity Ring Die Poultry Feed Pellet Machine For Poultry Feed Plant

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10T/H ring die poultry chicken feed pellet making machine widely used in large and medium poultry chicken feed processing plants, large livestock farms, large poultry chicken farms. Ring die type poultry feed pelleting machine belongs to poultry feed equipment. The feed pellet mill for poultry feed mill factory directly pressed corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, rice husk, and other crushing materials into pellets.

1.Factory Price Of 110KW 10 Ton Per Hour Capacity Ring Die Poultry Feed Pellet Machine For Poultry Feed Plant



Capacity:10 Ton Per Hour Capacity

10TPH Ring Die Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine Price:30000USD-40000USD.

2.Why choose 10 ton capacity ring die poultry feed pellet mill for poultry feed manufacturing plant?

10 Ton Per Hour Capacity 110KW Ring Die Poultry Feed Pelletizer Machine is the main poultry feed production equipment to make poultry pellet feed, its performance determines the feed processing yield to a large extent, occupies a very important position in the poultry feed production process. 10 Ton per hour 110kw horizontal ring die poultry feed pelleting machine is a kind of large capacity machinery, often with a variety of large and medium-sized pellet units used together. A large scale automatic 10tph poultry chicken feed pellet production line is matched with the ring die feed pellet machine. You can choose different models according to your needs.

This high quality ce poultry feed pellet milling machine feed mouth is small, its type of settings often equipped with uniform feeder or forced feeder. According to the different feed quality requirements of users, you can choose to add a conditioner. The conditioner is usually connected to the boiler for use together, the steam generated by the boiler can make the feed fully mature, and can also supplement the moisture content inside the feed. The need for all the mature feed will generally choose a ring die animal poultry chicken broiler feed pellet machine.

China manufacturer poultry feed plant machine 10 ton per hour

3.Features Of 10TPH Ring Die Pellet Mill For Poultry Feed

(1)Simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor area, and low noise.

(2)Poultry powder feed and grass meal can be pelleted without adding or a little liquid. Therefore, the moisture content of the granular feed is the moisture content of materials before pelletization, which is more convenient for storage.

(3)It can obtain higher economic benefits than mixed powder feed.

(4)Dry material processing, the production of feed pellets with high hardness, smooth surface, internal maturation, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

(5)Particle formation process can make the trypsin resistance factor in grains, beans denaturing effect, reduce the adverse effect on digestion, can kill various parasitic eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reduce a variety of insects and digestive system diseases.

4.Working principle of 10tph ring die good performance electric poultry chicken feed pellet mill machine

(1)Feeding way: this animal feed machine adopts mechanically forced feeding, high speed rotating centrifugal distribution into the pelleting chamber, through the scraper to distribute the material.

(2)Pressure: in the die with the same diameter, the diameter of the ring die is limited by the diameter of the ring die, so the pressure is limited.

(3)Discharging way: the ring die is of high rotating speed, and the damage rate is high when the material is discharged.

(4)Pressure wheel adjustment: ring die pellet machine is to use the middle of the pressure wheel eccentric wheel on the two screws to adjust the pressure.

Chinese professional manufacturer poultry animal feed making machines 10tph

5.Advantages of ce verified poultry pellet mill machine 10 ton per hour

(1)Higher productivity than flat die pellet machine and low energy consumption.

(2)Good transmission performance, stable operation, and low noise.

(3)Long service life, the production of smooth, high-quality feed particles.

(4)Novel and compact structure, safe and reliable, low failure rate.

6.Tips of using 10T/H ce approved poultry feed compress pellet making machine 

When the user uses the 10t/h ce certificate poultry food animal feed pellet mills, there may be some factors that cause problems in the poultry feed line production process. There are some tips for customers to increase the pellet hardness of 10t/h ring die boiler chicken poultry feed making machine.

(1)First Check The Ring Die Poultry Feed Mill Equipment With 10TPH Capacity

If it is a new 10t/h poultry feed pellet processing equipment, first of all, think about whether it has been wet or oil run-in. This is the focus of many new users easy to forget, if you ignore this problem, it is easy to cause machine stuffy, particle blockage, no material situation. If it's not new, check a few things.

①Heating temperature and pressure of the equipment.

②Raw materials.

③The compression ratio of the mold.

④The gap between the press roller and the die plate.

Manufacture Suppy for Animal Chicken Cattle Feed Production Line

(2)The Reason Of 10t/h Poultry Feed Pelleting Machine Pellet Not Forming

①Moisture control: The moisture content of the raw material should control at about 13%. The current requirement for the moisture content of the finished particles is generally 8%. Because of the hardness of the raw materials, the specific value should obtain based on the actual production of the user. The recommended moisture range is between 10% and 20%. It should adjust flexibly depending on the raw materials.

②Raw material problems: different raw materials such as straw, sawdust, and rice husk have different properties, different fiber structures, and different molding easiness. For more difficult materials, the mixing ratio of various ingredients will also affect the molding rate.

③The compression ratio of the mold does not match the characteristics of the raw material: if the compression ratio not adjusted, the particle quality will decrease. This requires users to find experience in the actual production process. Only in this way can the quality of the particles be better grasped and improved work efficiency.

④Adjusting the gap between the pressing wheel and the grinding tool: Generally, the gap between the pressing wheel and the grinding tool controlled to 0.1 ~ 0.3mm. If the gap is too large, the pressure insufficient and cannot extrude. If the clearance is too small, the backlogged particle density and smoothness may be better. But it will increase the friction of the mold pressure wheel, reduce the life of the abrasive tool and affect the pelletizer output.

chicken cattle pig feed pellet machine making machine price

7.How to choose the right 110kw factory price animal poultry chicken feed mill pelletizer equipment

When choosing a 10t/h szlh420 poultry feed making equipment, you should choose a model that has a slightly higher output value than yourself. Since the use of the machine will inevitably appear the appearance of mold wear on the machine, and then the output value will decline. Therefore, choosing a model with a slightly higher output value can ensure that the complete the work on time.

Richi Machinery as a professional poultry feed manufacturing equipment manufacturer, in order to meet the requirement of customers, we not only provide a complete set of poultry feed pellet production line but also provide a single poultry feed machine in the process of making poultry feed pellets.Hope this article can help you, if you want to build your own automatic poultry feed plant, please contact RICHI.

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